ModelNet: Build An Adult Camming Site


ModelNet: CMS For Adult Webcam Sites

ModelNet is a CMS for deploying adult webcam sites quickly and easily. The solution is affordable and comes with all the features you’d expect, right out of the box. ModelNet also includes a feature that allows webmasters to feature their models on other ModelNet partner sites and other models on their site. This solves the problem of launching a camming site with zero models and zero customers. Here’s all the details on the ModelNet platform.


ModelNet Pricing / Packages

There are two ModelNet licenses available: Lifetime and Monthly. Here’s the comparison of the two packages:

Lifetime License:

  • Pricing:
    $3,995 with ModelNet Hosting
    $4,995 Without ModelNet Hosting
  • WebRTC Based Streaming
  • Multiple Domains Support
  • Responsive Templates
  • Installing the Software to a Web-Server
  • Editable Source Code
  • First year Free Support & Bugfixes
  • First year Free Updates
  • Hosting Service on a Web-Server
  • Live Video Streaming Hosting

Monthly License:

  • Pricing:
    One-Time: $95
  • WebRTC Based Streaming
  • Multiple Domains Support
  • Responsive Templates
  • Installing the Software to a Web-Server
  • Editable Source Code
  • Free Support & Bugfixes
  • Free Updates for the whole Period on Lease
  • Hosting Service on a Web-Server
  • Live Video Streaming Hosting


ModelNet Hosting Packages

ModelNet offers dedicated server hosting in Europe and the US. The server platform systems based on the Xeon processor. This is far more effective and stable system that classic desktop processor (Core 2 Quad, i5/i7, etc). ModelNet uses only ECC Registered memory to prevent from any hardware faults and to guarantee stable hardware.

Package: Startup* Standard Enhanced Premium
Pricing: $99/mo $179/mo $249/mo $399/mo
Processor: Xeon E3-1270 Xeon E3-1270 Xeon E5-2620v3 2 × E5-2620v3
Cores: 4 4 6 2 × 6 = 12
RAM: DDR3 16Gb DDR3 16Gb DDR4 32Gb DDR4 64Gb
Storage: 500Gb 2×1Tb 2×2Tb(SATA2) 2×4Tb(SATA2)
LAN: 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
Included Domains: 1 10 30 Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Estimated Connections: 20-100 100-250 250-800 800-2000
Streaming Hosting** Free +$49/mo +$49/mo +$49/mo

* Startup semi-dedicated hosting is perfect for a new projects.
** Dedicated server require additional video streaming hosting service.

ModelNet can install an independent copy of a video streaming server on your hardware for $1000.


ModelNet Model Sharing: Providers and Consumers

One of the top ModelNet features is the ability to feature your models on other ModelNet partner sites, and feature their models on your site. This solves the issue of deploying a camming site that’s a complete ghost town. Once your ModelNet site is launched, the ability to feature other models will make your site active with performers. By featuring your models on other partner sites, they’re able to generate sales  while building up traffic and members on your site.


For Model Providers:

Modelnet allows you to share your models with all the partners sites. The Provider of a model receives 70% commission for all paid chats on the Consumer’s websites. On his own website the Provider gets all the money spent by the customers.

  • You get 70% of all the paid chat sessions of your models
  • In case you attract new customers to your own models you get 100% of all the paid chat and tips.


For Model Consumers:

By purchasing the software you become a part of the ModelNet webcam network. By using ModelNet models you can significantly increase the variety of models on your website, moreover sometimes models from ModelNet appear to be even more profitable than your own models.

  • Your profit is 20% of all paid chats and tips on your website.
  • As a site owner, you can endlessly increase the paid chat cost and get more profit from your customers.
  • 10% from all the paid chats and tips goes to ModelNet.
  • 70% from all the paid chats and tips goes to the model provider.


Main ModelNet Features

Site Administrator Features

Detailed Stats

Accurate statistics are available in a real-time mode. Accurate analysis will help you to increase your income and let you focus your efforts on increasing profits.

  • Detailed statistics on models / webmasters / studios income
  • Customer spending statistics
  • Regional income statistics
  • Domain income statistics
  • Studios income detailed statistics


Money Management

You can easily keep track of the distribution of funds between the customers, models and webmasters as well as carry out and accept payments, and make refunds.

  • Payment management for models / webmasters / studios
  • Account refill services management
  • Paid subscriptions management
  • Profile management for customers / models / webmasters / studios
  • Refund options
  • Paid chat rooms and tips cost management


ModelNet Management

ModelNet allows webcam websites to be Consumers and Providers at the same time. The money you earned as a Provider you can spend as a Consumer.

  • Check earnings / expenditure statistics for Providers and Consumers
  • Manage other website models on your own site
  • Manage your own models shared in ModelNet
  • Increase the paid chat prices for ModelNet models for your customers
  • Receive the payments in the way that is convenient for you
  • Make a refund for the unsuccessful chats
  • Fully moderated content
  • Full content moderation option on the website will allow you to successfully monitor the quality of the content and the services rendered.


Moderate Private Chats

  • View the chat history and private correspondence
  • Moderate photos and videos uploaded by the model
  • Set up the “stop words” for your chats
  • Block the unwanted visitors


Lots of Domains

You don’t have to limit yourself by creating only one website, because you are able to add any number of domain names, and any number of templates for your sites.

  • Multiple domains support
  • Multiple templates in different domains support
  • Creating your own templates support
  • SEO management for the successful promotion in the search engines


Promotion Tools

The ModelNet software has a large number of built-in promotion opportunities which will help you to increase your customer base and attract your own models.

  • Built-in affiliate program
  • Extra income for the attracted customers and models
  • Promotional banners for webmasters
  • Promotional coupons
  • Regular customers discounts


Additional Settings

  • Detailed configuration will allow you to create the unique features for your website.
  • Model categories
  • Video stream quality management
  • Ban on watching videos without registration
  • Webmasters and models payout management
  • Spending limits for customers
  • Anti-Fraud Protection

Customer / Member Features

Live Video Chat

A full range of online video chats with the high quality broadcast video is available for your customers.

  • Free Online Video & Live Streaming Resources
  • Paid group sessions for multiple customers with the ability to pay by the minute or by the ticket
  • Private paid chats for a single customer
  • Voyeur chat for the paid video chats for an extra charge



Responsive and convenient design allows your customers to use your website on a desktop or a laptop, as well as on tablets and mobile devices.

  • Registration and profile control
  • Login with Facebook
  • Watch video on mobile devices
  • Multi Language System
  • Email updates and notifications



After depositing money to the account the customer receives credits which they can use to tip and to pay for the paid chats and shows. If you are using ModelNet as a Consumer or as a Provider then 1 credit equals $1.

  • Deposit via credit card, bank transfer, BitPay or any other payment system
  • List of built-in payment systems: PayPal, CCBill, Epoch, Zombaio, Verotel, If you would like to use another payment
  • gateway for payment processing, ModelNet developers are able to integrate almost anyone on your website.
  • Arrange a paid subscription
  • Make cash gifts
  • Receive referral fees for other attracted customers
  • Check money spending history


Website Usage

In addition to the video chat your customers will have all the necessary features to conveniently use your website.

  • Check photo and video galleries
  • Check models profile
  • Model search
  • Send private messages
  • Save favorite models
  • Put the model rating

Model Features

Account Management

The model has the ability to fully manage the content of her account: photo, video management, online video chats and an ability to use cam2cam.

  • Registration and Profile Management
  • Profile with a detailed description of the model
  • Live broadcasts video and audio
  • Private / Free photo and video galleries
  • Broadcasting from a mobile phone or tablet based on the android or iOS
  • Multi Language System


Earning Opportunities

  • Models receive a percentage of every dollar billed in your chat
  • Models get an extra income with tips
  • Payments are sent through the method of your choice: bank account, Paypal, check etc
  • Models can also bring in new customers and receive referral fees
  • Models can charge for private messages
  • Models can check the history of earnings and funds withdrawn
  • Models can see the detailed statistics on all types of chat rooms and the number of money earned
  • Models can control the cost of the paid chat



ModelNet understands how important it is for the model to protect the privacy on the Internet. Their software has everything necessary to provide the desired level of security.

  • Models can choose to set up geographic restrictions to hide your profile from people in certain locations by the Country, State, City, a Zip code or even an IP
  • Models are protected by the law in compliance with United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257
  • Models can send private messages to the customers
  • Models can set up your own calendar of convenient broadcasting time

Affiliate / Webmaster Features

Earning Opportunities

ModelNet allows you to thoroughly customize your affiliate program scheme. You can set up and adjust the cash payments to your webmasters, whereas webmasters have a wide range of tools for determining the most advantageous source of income.

  • Payments for all the paid chats and all types of attracted models and customers
  • Second level of income for the attracted webmasters
  • Payments for the registration of models and customers
  • Detailed statistics on the payments over the time interval
  • Detailed information on all the paid chat rooms and tips
  • History of payments


Whitelabels / Site Clones

Webmasters have the ability not only to send the traffic to your site, but also to create their own clone website, customize it according to their needs and generate income from this site.

  • Creating a clone site
  • SEO website management
  • Design settings management
  • Multiple domains support
  • Multilanguage support


Promotion Tools

Administration of the site may facilitate the webmasters by giving them different tools for promotion.

  • Static banners
  • Promotional texts and articles
  • Interactive banners
  • Sliders and popups

Studio Features

Detailed Stats

The studio manager can check all the statistics for their models only.

  • Detailed statistics on models / webmasters / studios income
  • Studios income detailed statistics
  • Private chats moderation
  • Chat history and private correspondence view
  • Moderation of photos and videos uploaded by the model


Management Opportunities

Studio managers can manage their own models to adjust their content and prices for the chats.

  • View and manage models / webmasters / affiliates studios profiles
  • Make refunds to their models’ customers
  • Regulate prices for paid chat rooms and tips
  • Make money payment orders
  • Check history of payments


Camazee / ModelNet Integration

ModelNet also integrates with Camazee, a product from the same company developed for indie models. Camazee chatrooms can be embedded into an indie model website. All Camazee indie models also have the ability to be broadcasted on ModelNet partner sites, and ModelNet consumers have the ability to feature Camazee models on their sites.

Learn More: Camazee – Add Adult Webcam Chat To Model Websites


ModelNet Affiliate Program

ModelNet also offers an affiliate program. If you know someone who is interested in starting their own camming site, you can earn a commission for referring them to ModelNet. ModelNet affiliates will earn 5% of all purchases made by the companies / entrepreneurs they refer.


Build Your ModelNet Camming Site

Ready to build your ModelNet camming site? Get started now! ModelNet is a turnkey CMS that makes it insanely easy to deploy your very own webcam site. All the features you’d expect on a camming site are available right out of the box. The ModelNet CMS is fully documented and can be customized as needed. ModelNet supports accounts for models, members, affiliates and studios, with all the features needed for each.

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