ModelNet: Models / Streaming Tech For Building A Camming Site


ModelNet: Build Your Camming Site and Tap Into Models

ModelNet is more than just a technology solution for building your own camming site. They’ve put a very unique twist on it. ModelNet allows webmasters, studios and camming site owners to feature their models on other sites, as well as featuring other models on their site.

This innovative feature mitigates one of the largest issues when it comes to starting a camming site; How do you get started with zero models and zero customers? With ModelNet, you can deploy your own site and immediately tap into their network of models.


How Much Does ModelNet Cost?

The ModelNet software has two pricing options. You can either pay a low monthly subscription, or a 1-time payment. ModelNet also has several pricing / service tiers. The bottom tiers restrict the number of models allowed, while the top tiers allow for more/unlimited models, responsive design and a couple other features.

ModelNet Monthly Pricing

ModelNet One-Time Pricing


ModelNet For Webmasters / Camming Site Owners

If you’re looking into building a camming site, one of the biggest challenges is getting the initial models registered on your site. ModelNet has found a unique way to address that issue. ModelNet webmasters can display other ModelNet models directly on their sites. This feature works on  revshare model explained below:

ModelNet Revshare


ModelNet Whitelabels Also Available

If you don’t want to run a camming site, you can also take advantage of the ModelNet whitelabel. With the whitelabel, all you need is a domain name. You’re able to customize the look and feel of your version of ModelNet, including what type of models are displayed on the site. Webmasters make 30% of all revenue generated from the whitelabeled version. Far less than running a camming site with the software, but there’s almost no overhead in getting started.

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Android / IOS App For Models

There’s also an Android / IOS app that works with all ModelNet sites. The Camazee app allows models to stream directly from their mobile device. The mobile app also syncs with the chat system. Any messages sent to the model during camming or while the model is offline gets delivered directly to the mobile app. This makes it easier for them to keep up with their fans, even when offline.


Also Feature Camazee Models On Your Site

ModelNet also integrates with Camazee. Camazee is their live-streaming platform for solo models. The chat functionality behaves just the same as ModelNet sites. The individual models embed the chatroom into their personal websites, or share a link for their customers to access the chat. Qualified Camazee models can opt into being featured on the rest of the ModelNet network.

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Get Started With ModelNet Today!

Ready to get started? Get the ModelNet streaming software today! ModelNet makes it easy to deploy your very own camming site. Make money featuring your models on their network of sites, or use other site’s models to quickly ramp up the model count while you recruit your own in-house models. Get started with your very own webcam business now!

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