ModelCentro Passes 1,000 Models Partnered With MCProfits


MCProfits: Over 1,000 Models For Affiliates To Promote

MCProfits: Over 1,000 Models For Affiliates To Promote

MCProfits, the official affiliate program for ModelCentro and FanCentro, has announced that they’ve now got over 1,000 performers within their network. This is a mixture of both ModelCentro sites and FanCentro influencers. ModelCentro is a website-building platform for adult stars. Models can get their websites built 100% free and without any technical knowledge required. FanCentro is a platform for monetizing social media followings through Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions.


How MCProfits Revolutionizes Camland Affiliate Marketing

Camming, clip sites and indie-model solo sites are very lucrative for affiliates. There is one major issue when it comes to promoting these type of programs; none of the programs offers promotional content. Without that, it’s impossible to build out affiliate sites or promote via social media. This has led to controversial acts, such as affiliates using camming model profile content as affiliate promotional content.

With MCProfits, performers are able to opt-into promotion and they have full control over the promotional content being uploaded. This provides affiliates with the content they need to effectively promote the model and affiliate program, while ensuring that the performer maintains control over the promotional content being used.


How Performers Can Get Promoted Through MCProfits

If you’re a performer wanting to get promoted through MCProfits, there’s two different ways. If you’re running a ModelCentro website, there’s a certain criteria as far as the amount of content that must be available on the site, and the amount of promotional content offered. Alternatively, models can run their own affiliate program through their ModelCentro site, but they won’t be featured on MCProfits.

If you’re selling social media subscription on FanCentro, you simply need to be offering either a premium Snapchat or Instagram subscription. There’s no promotional content requirements. This makes FanCentro the easiest way to get into MCProfits. If you’ve also got a ModelCentro site, both options will be prsented to MCProfits affiliates.

It’s important to note that any new sales an affiliate refers will earn them a commission. This will mean a lower commission for you. The benefit of affiliate promotion is that you’ll get sales that wouldn’t otherwise have occurred. The drawback is that the affiliate earns the commission. Affiliate marketing is setup to where the affiliates will only get paid when they drive sales. For that reason, there’s no real liability to running an affiliate program, unless those are sales you would have otherwise been able to get.


Start Promoting The MCProfits Affiliate Program

If you’re an affiliate marketer wanting to promote MCProfits, you can signup here. MCProfits is the official affiliate program of ModelCentro and FanCentro. As mentioned above, MCProfits now has over 1,000 models available for promotion. MCProfits is also one of the few affiliate programs out there that allows webmasters to promote private Snapchat or Instagram. Great percentages, promotional content and tons of other great features.

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