Membershyp: Sell Subscriptions For Premium Social Media

Membershyp: Sell Adult Snapchat Subscriptions

Adult Models: Sell Kik / Instagram Subscriptions

Membershyp is a platform designed for selling subscription access for Kik and Whatsapp. Models are able to set their own pricing, complete with different duration packages. Membershyp takes care of all the billing and informs models when a new subscription has been added or removed. Here’s all the details on Membershyp.


How Much Membershyp Models Make

Membershyp models can make anywhere from 70-90%. Getting the 90% payout is easy. You simply need to link your Twitter to the platform to get the bump up to 90%.

Models need to make a withdraw request and the payout will be delivered within 14 days. The payout methods are Paxum and Payoneer. Minimum Payout is $40. There’s also a $2 transaction fee for each withdraw.


Membershyp Features

Here’s a list of the main Membershyp features, as well as descriptions of those features:


Set Your Own Price

Models are able to set their own prices for subscriptions. The minimum subscription fee is $5 (for both weekly or monthly). There is no maximum dollar amount, although if you’re not priced reasonably, there will be less people subscribing to the accounts.


Sell Different Durations At Different Rates

With Membershyp, you can sell different pricing packages. Choose between weekly, monthly, 3-month, 6-month and annual pricing plans. Set different prices for each package to incentive your customers to buy bigger packages.


Profile Page and Directory Listings

Membershyp gives you a profile page where you’re able to upload photos and write a bio / description. Your profile page will also include the form for purchasing the different packages. All models selling subscriptions on Membershyp will also be added to the model directory. This will get you increased exposure and more sales.


Membershyp Notifies Models Of New Subscriptions / Cancellations

Membershyp sends models notifications whenever a new customer purchases a social media subscription. This lets the models know to add the new customer on social. Membershyp handles the initial billing and all the monthly rebills. If a customer fails to pay for their subscription, Membershyp notifies the model so that the former customer can be removed.


Start Selling Subscriptions On Membershyp Today!

Ready to get started with Membershyp? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. For independent sellers, 90% is the highest payout percentage in the industry. Make money selling all your adult subscriptions with Membershyp.

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