Meiya Tokyo USA: F2C Adult Webcam Model Agency

Meiya Tokyo USA

Meiya Tokyo USA: Become An F2C Adult Webcam Model

Meiya Tokyo USA is an adult webcam modeling agency working with F2C Live. F2C Live is one of the most popular Japanese camming sites. There’s tons of advantages to gaining access to the Japanese market. Japanese customers pay more for camming shows than Western customers. The market is also less competitive and they find white girls to be exotic.

Meiya Tokyo USA is the ONLY F2C Live camming agency accepting non-Japanese models. Non-Japanese models can’t sign up to F2C Live independently. If you want to take advantage of the lucrative income, Meiya Tokyo USA is the agency for you!


Only Webcam Agency Working With F2C Models In USA

FC2 live is not supporting non-Japanese models to perform pay per minutes group chat right now. Only way to work for FC2 live is through an agency. Meiya Tokyo USA is the only webcam model agency that supports non-Japanese models. If you want to work on the very popular and profitable camming site, but you’re not Japanese, Meiya Tokyo can get you performing on the site!


How Much Money Do Meiya Tokyo USA Camgirls Make?

Models receive points from viewers. Points are the equivalent of tokens or credits on other camming sites. 1 point is equal to 1 Yen. Meiya Tokyo USA models earn 50% of all the the earnings. F2C gets a 30% cut, and Meiya Tokyo gets a 20% cut. Keep in mind, that the exchange rate fluctuates. So what the Yen is trading on against the USD will determine how much money you receive as well.

Payments are made via direct deposit, Payoneer or Western Union.

Earnings are all performance-based. You get as much out of working as you put into it. There’s also other factors that affect earnings, such as the type of performances you’re doing, the quality of your internet, equipment and broadcast and the attractiveness of the performer.



Japanese Men Pay More For Shows Than Western customers

Japanese men pay more for camming shows than Western customers. The Japanese are in the top 3 countries as far as total spending on adult entertainment. The only country that beats Japan in spending per capita is Korea. Conveniently, there is a ban on adult entertainment in Korea, so all those people are spending their money on the Japanese sites. By working on F2C, you gain access to all the top-spenders in the world. Here’s an example of what F2C models are making:

F2C Model Income


Non-Japanese Performers Less Likely To be Recognized In Real Life

If privacy is a concern to you, working on Japanese camming sites will help provide a level of privacy. Over 90% of F2C’s traffic is from Japan. With popular Western camming sites, USA is most likely the top traffic source. That means you’re more likely to be recognized by someone you know camming on other cam networks than you would be on F2C Live.

Even if you’re using regional blocking capabilities, they’re not perfect. If someone is using a proxy server to hide their IP, they can bypass those blocking features completely. Also, if someone travels outside of the blocked region, they’ll be able to acccess to your chatroom and shows.

Performing for a foreign audience is one of the most effective methods to keep you from being discovered by someone you know.


Meiya Tokyo Camgirls Make More Off F2C Than traditional Camming Sites

Many of Meiya Tokyo USA’s models have switched to F2C from traditional camming sites. Most of these models have seen greater success on F2C than on their former camming sites. This is because F2C pays out a higher percentage than most of the Western-dominate camming sites. It’s also because Eastern customers spend more money in general. F2C is also less competitive than many of the other camming sites, meaning you’ll have a busier chatroom.


Working In Multiple Time Zones During The Different Peak Hours

The other advantage of working on F2C is access to different time zones. Different time zones will have different peak hours. This is usually later on in the evening or at night. If you’re performing on F2C in addition to Western sites, you’re able to hit the Japanese peak hours , AND the American peak hours. This means busier chatrooms all day.


Services Meiya Tokyo USA Offers Their Models

Meiya Tokyo USA offers their models very valuable services, especially when dealing with a foreign marketplace. Services range from translation to promotion. Here’s the main services that Meiya Tokyo USA offers their models.



Promotion in the Japanese market is different than in Western cultures. Japanese think differently and have different appeals. There’s also the language barrier. In order to know how to most effectively promote your shows in Japan, you have to have some knowledge or consultation on how to best go about it. Meiya Tokyo USA knows the culture and how to drive traffic for your performances.



Meiya Tokyo helps you break the language barrier. They provide translation services that will help you connect with the Japanese audience. The translation services apply to both chat performances, promotion and other aspects of operating in a foreign marketplace. Meiya Tokyo will also help you translate your profile and design it in a way that is catchy and appealing to the Japanese audience.



Japan has a completely different culture than the Western World. Certain things that are common in the Western World might be offensive to the Japanese audience. Meiya Tokyo knows the Japanese culture and will work with you to understand these cultural differences. What is considered sexy in Japan is also different than what is considered sexy in the Western World. Becoming knowledgeable about the local culture will help you in your performances and other interactions.


Become A Meiya Tokyo USA Webcam Model Today!

Ready to get started? Apply at Meiya Tokyo USA now! Get started performing on F2C Live and gaining access to the Japanese markets. F2C models have had a track record with making more money than they would on traditional sites. Meiya Tokyo USA provides all the support and services for Western models to succeed in the Japanese marketplace, even with the language barrier! Start performing on F2C Live today!

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