CloudFlare Suspends Switter Hosting – A4 Forced To Migrate

CloudFlare Suspends Switter’s Hosting (SESTA) Switter, the sex-worker friendly social media site that was created due to the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA), has had their services suspended by CloudFlare.

Switter: Sex-Worker Friendly Twitter Alternative

Switter: Social Media For Pornstars and Camgirls Switter is a new social media site that launched right around the same time services started banning adult because of SESTA. The goal

Camgirls: How To Get A Twitter Shadow Ban Removed

Twitter: FOSTA, Shadow-Bans, Switter and Adult Advertising There has recently been a lot of commotion in the community in regards to FOSTA/SESTA and how they will impact the ability of

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How To Sell Adult Instagram Subscriptions Instagram isn’t only a valuable marketing tool. It’s also possible to make money off premium Instagram subscriptions. There’s even networks out there designed specifically

Adult Models: Selling Social Media Subscriptions

Make Money Off Social Media Subscriptions Social media isn’t just a great marketing tool, it’s possible to monetize the networks directly. Selling access to social media is a great way

Camgirls: Make Money Off Private Instagram by Aerie_SM

Instagram Is The New Private Snapchat Alternative Running a private Instagram is the new popular subscription to sell, thanks to Snapchat cracking down on adult performers. Running an adult Instagram

Facebook Marketing For Camgirls / Pornstars

Facebook Marketing For Pornstars / Cam Models Facebook is a large network and can be a very valuable marketing tool. Unfortunately, Facebook also isn’t very adult-friendly. Outside of that, there

Building A Website For A Webcam Model (Easy and Free!)

Web Development For Camgirls and Adult Stars There’s many reasons why an adult performer would want to operate their own website. Running a website is a great promotional tool. It

Snapchat Updates Terms: No More Adult Promotion by Aerie_SM

Snapchat Has Officially Banned Adult Industry Promotion Snapchat has officially sealed its fate in the adult industry. Straight from their community guidelines reads their first rule (Adult Content is the

Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips By Kickstagram

Disclosure: This is a gust post submitted by Kickstagram   The Real Effects of Increasing your Instagram Following Whether you are looking to increase your following to boost your traffic,