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ManyVids MV Tube: Ethical Adult Tube Site

Popular clip site ManyVids has announced a new feature to their site; MV Tube. MV Tube is a free tube platform built directly into ManyVids. ManyVids advertises it as being an “Ethical Tube Site” that does not profit from pirated content. MV Tube provides increased exposure to MV Stars, and also offers paid views and paid downloads. Here’s all the details.


MV Tube Will Feature Free Video Content

MV Tube will feature free video content from MV Stars on the site. When uploading, models will have the option to include it in MV Tube by setting the price to free. Any videos that have already been uploaded as freebie content was automatically added to MV Tube.


MV Tube Pays A $0.67 CPM

MV Tube pays a 67 cent CPM. This means for every thousand views, models will receive 67 cents. Unlike other tube sites that base their advertising revshare off current bids, ManyVids is completely static, thus more predictable and wont fluctuate. Although ManyVids is offering a similar CPM as other tube sites, the content will still be ad-free. The 67 cent CPM is coming out of ManyVids own revenue.


Make Money From Paid Downloads

In addition to the paid views, it’s also possible to monetize the new MV Tube through paid downloads as well. When uploading content to MV Tube, models are able to indicate whether or not the videos will be available for download or free streaming only. If MV Stars select the download option, they’re able to indicate whether or not the videos will be downloadable for free, or for a fee. This is another way to directly monetize the new tube platform.


ManyVids Promises An Ethical Pirate-Free Tube

ManyVids is branding the new venture as an “Ethical Tube Site”. While other tube sites follow the pirate model to monetize other people’s content, MV Tube is going to be pirate-free and without all the pesky ads. All vids uploaded to MV Tube are exclusively done by MV Stars.


Using MV Tube For Increased Exposure

MV Stars can use MV Tube for increased exposure on the site. ManyVids supports free teaser content, if you only want to use the new tube feature for teaser / promo content. MV Tube will also show off the trending videos, stars and categories. ManyVids has also setup a new Twitter handle specifically for MV Tube.


How To Upload To MV Tube

Adding videos to MV Tube is simple. When uploading a clip, all an MV Star needs to do is choose the Free option. when an uploaded clip is marked as free, it will automatically appear on MV Tube. If you’ve offered up free video content in the past, those clips have been automatically added to MV Tube.


All Different Video Types Supported

You have full control to upload or not upload the free vids of your choice to MV Tube. All different types of vids are welcome: previews of vids or full videos, one of your YouTube vids, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, sexy snaps, the list goes on!


Branded Video Watch Pages

The MV Tube video watch pages are branded towards the performer who’s uploaded the content. A list of the MV Star’s clips will be visible on the sidebar, and a Make It Rain button is included on all the video watch pages.


MV Tube Doesn’t Impact MV Score / MV Rank

If you’re wondering if you’re going to have to start uploading content to MV Tube in order to maintain or increase your rank, that will not be the case! Views within MV Tube have zero impact on model or clip rankings within ManyVids. Your MV Score or MV Rank will not be impacted by any aspect of MV Tube. Note: Gaining increased exposure that results in increased clip sales, store item sales or other interactions will have an impact on rankings.


More Information On ManyVids

Interested in becoming an MV Star? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with good pay, features and traffic. In addition to clips, models can also make money from camming, phone sex and through custom store items that can be used to sell a wide range of services. MV Stars can also take advantage of the newly launched MV Tube for promotion, as well.

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