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MV Mag: Online Magazine Powered by ManyVids

The MV Mag powered by ManyVids is a monthly publication featuring various MV Stars, ranging from the big names to the Newcummers. The MV Mag is made available free as a digital version on the ManyVids site. We’ve got all the issues listed below, as well as more information for MV Stars who are looking to get featured in the publication.


MV Mag Issues In Order of Release


May 2019: MV MAg 25: Sublime Edition – As the saying goes, life is meant to be lived out loud, which all the stars on ManyVids know how to do. Their sexuality is unapologetic, their style is completely their own and they aren’t afraid to step out of the shadows to show the world the amazing people they are.

April 2019: MV Mag 24: Nostalgia Edition – The romance of the past is a fantasy we invite you to indulge in “Nostalgia” the new edition of ManyVids’ free online glamour adult magazine.

March 2019: MV Mag (TS) 2: Egima – This issue features some of the best-known names in adult entertainment right now and thanks to their beautiful and luscious photoshoots you’re going to discover exactly why these babes are captivating the public-at-large and the entire industry!

January 2019: MV Mag 23: Bare Edition – The 23rd issues’s theme is Bare. This issue celebrates ManyVids stars who have also done a lot of other adult work as well. Brooklyn Chase graces the cover of the latest magazine.

December 2018: MV Mag 22: Lumina Edition – The 22nd edition is meant to radiant a dark and gloomy winter with brightness. The cover of the magazine features AnyaIvyVIP, and the magazine also includes RyanXOXO, KhloeNickle, MsViciousFeline, Alex Chance, BrielleDay and KittyKatLuna.

November 2018: MV Mag 21: Body-Positive Edition – The 21st edition celebrates body positivity and features an exclusive interview with MV cover girl housewifeswag (@housewifeswag), the first BBW MV star to grace its cover

October 2018: MV Mag 20: Book Of Spells – Episode 20 is titled Book of Spells and features on the cover, Reya Sunshine, romi Rain, Harley LaVey and Abigail Mac.

September 2018: MV Mag 19: Natural Instinct – This 19th edition’s theme is Natural Instinct, featuring girls out in the wild and nature. Brooke Candy is featured on the cover.

August 2018: MV Mag 18: Blush – The 18th edition is Blush-themed and features Eva Lovia on the cover, on the heels of the unveiling of MV Live, the company’s new camming platform. A natural beauty, Lovia is featured in an exclusive photo set inside the digital publication.

July 2018: MV Mag 17: Heat Wave –  The theme of the 17th edition is Heat Wave and features AVN Hall of Fame performer Nikki Benz on the cover. Heat Wave brings you the embodiment of summer and takes you on a sensational adventure from land to sea and back again.

June 2018: MV Mag 16: Facets of Fantasy – The 16th edition is Facets of Fantasy themed and features Lana Rain as the cover girl. This issue of the MV Mag was inspired one of our all-time favorite themes: fantasy.

May 2018: MV Mag (TS) 1: Feathers and Leather (May 2018) – This is the first TS edition of MV Mag. This issue of the MV Mag, Feathers & Leather, is super special. It’s the first one devoted, exclusively, to gorgeous trans MV Stars.

May 2018: MV Mag 15: A Taste of Coco – The 15th edition is titled A Taste of Coco and features Coco Austin on the cover. Also featured in the magazine is Ashly Anderson, Bree Mills and Jane Wilde.

April 2018: MV Mag 14: Dayglo Desire – The 14th edition’s theme is Dayglo Desire. Gracing the cover is none other than Ginger Banks, famous for being the first “library girl” and a super active Redditor.

March 2018: MV Mag 13: Runaway Rebels – The 13th edition’s theme is Runaway Rebels themed and features Farrah Abraham, Jacelyn Taylor and Kayla Kayden on the cover.

December 2017: MV Mag 12: Holiday Issue – he 12th issues’s theme is holiday-themed. The main photo set is a Christmas themed shoot, featuring Jelena Jensen and Jenna Foxx shot by Holly Randall, who now has joined ManyVids with a producer account. This special issue has two alternate covers. One featuring Val Dodds, and the other featuring Jelena Jensen and Jenna Foxx.

October 2017: MV Mag 11: The Art Of Disguise – The 11th issues’s theme is The Art Of Disguise. Your favorite domineering MV Girls 666 Goddess Helly and Goddess Valora graced our cover and granted us an electric, brutally honest interview on what it’s like to live life as professional Dominatrixes.

September 2017: MV Mag 10: School Daze – This edition of the digital magazine is title the School Daze Issue. As the name implies, the issue is college themed, and features photoshoots and content of sexy schoolgirl and teacher roleplay.

June 2017: MV Mag 9: The Summer Ink Issue – The 9th issues’s theme is Summer Ink and combines body art with the hot summer month of June. The 9th edition features the fabulous Sarah Jessie and Lily Lane who will be showing off their hot bodies and gorgeous tattoos.

April 2017: MV Mag 8: Self-Made Superstars – The 8th issues’s theme is Self-Made Superstars. This is a very special issue where celebrates camgirls, or as they like to call them, The Self-Made Superstars. Featuring: Ariana Gray,Robin Mae, Salena Storm, Zoey Taylor, and OddRosebud.

March 2017: MV Mag 7: Dirty Desires – ManyVids has released their 7th edition of MV Mag, a monthly publication featuring MV Stars. The 9th issues’s theme is Dirty Desires and features Brandy Aniston on the cover.

February 2017: MV Mag 6: The Lovestruck Issue – The 6th issues’s theme is The Lovestruck Issue and is just in time for Valentines Day. The Lovestruck Issue features Jesse Jane on the cover.

January 2017: MV Mag 5: Cum Celebrate – The 5th issues’s theme is Cum Celebrate with sexy pornstars Courtney Taylor & Chanel Preston on the cover! With exclusive interview questions for each of these beauties inside, and plenty of irresistible photos together as they celebrated and brought in the New Year, this holiday issue is sure to keep you in the spirit for longer than expected!

November 2016: MV Mag 4: Boss Bitch Issue – The 4th issues’s theme is the Boss Bitch Issue, with the one and only MV Girl Jessa Rhodes on the cover as well as our very first on-set masturbation scene! Shining the spolight on Miss Rhodes you will get to read an exclusive interview and see lots of sexy photos of her doing naughty things while maintaining her confident and alluring attitude.

October 2016: MV Mag 3: Trick Or Treat – The 3rd issues’s theme is Trick Or Treat and is just in time for Halloween! The Trick or Treat edition Highlights the ultimate Asian pornstar Kalina Ryu, you will find an array of sexy costumes on the cover and throughout!

September 2016: MV Mag 2: The Bow Down Issue – The 2nd edition is The Bow Down Issue and focuses on female webcam domination. The 2nd edition of the MV Mag features Cortana Blue on the cover.

July 2016: MV Mag 1: Featuring Jenny Blighe – ManyVids very first issue of the MV Mag, featuring popular MV Star Jenny Blighe.


More Information On MV Mag


How To Get Featured In MV Mag

Your MV Mag submissions are a unique opportunity to promote your MV Profile. When readers encounter your photo in the magazine, they should be enticed to visit your MV Profile. So it is absolutely important to make sure that you are presenting yourself in the best way possible. Keep in mind at all times that your feature will be seen by over 20,000 members so this is your chance to take advantage and put yourself on the map.

Below are the general guidelines for all photo submissions for the MV Mag. These tips will help your photos get featured in the mag!

The Photo Must Feature You

  • Your photo submission should be all about you.
  • Have no one else in the photo, unless the submission requirements state otherwise. Not only does this bring copyright problems, but it also takes away from the fact this is your section in the mag.

Submit High Quality Photos

  • Submit photos with the highest resolution possible.
  • ManyVids wants to show you off in the mag in the best way as possible, and with high quality photos, that becomes a lot easier.
  • Minimum requirements for photos are: 300 dpi, at least 1000 px wide.

Make Sure That You Own the Rights to the Photo

  • The photos you submit to the MV Mag must be owned by you.

The Photo Must Not Have Any Watermark

  • This includes text, or any other elements besides the photo itself.
  • This is because when there are elements that block parts of the photo, the ManyVids team cannot use those photos.

Send the Photo’s Original Files

  • Cropping, Photoshop, or retouching might make it harder to work with the photograph.
  • When submitting photos that show the entire body of the model, make sure to have enough padding all around the model so that there is ample space between the model and the edge of the photo
  • If there isn’t enough padding, parts of your body may be cut off from the photograph during the editing process.

Make Sure the Photo Is Correctly Exposed

  • If the photo is over-exposed or under-exposed we will not be able to use it.
  • Please reference the photograph below.

ManyVids MV Mag Photo Submission Example

Striving for uniqueness will raise your chances of being accepted into the magazine. Here are some general recommendations that will help your photos get noticed.

  • Variation is key. Submit multiple poses. Multiple angles. Try to make each photo unique.
  • It is best to present yourself in the fullest way as possible. Mix various parts of your body, as well as close ups, facial and full body shots.
    Mix non-nude and nude photos. Try to submit a photoset that teases the reader’s imagination and makes them want more.
  • Play with your background if you can. Working environmental factors into your photoshoot can lead to making a great set.

*Because quality is really important, if you are receiving photographs from your photographer via email, forward that email directly to the MV Mag staff to avoid losing data in the transfer and missing your chance to be featured!

Below are submission requirement specific to each section of the MV Mag:

Between the Lines

This is a section where casual articles are written by the MV Team which will be featured with your photoset.

  • At least 4 photos.
  • Variation is very important.
  • The photos for this section should be from a same set.

Fantasy Fuck Me

The Fantasy Fuck Me is a fantasy article written by a member of the MV Team. The selected model is expected to participate in a “choose your own adventure” style scenario. This will allow the reader to partake in a sexual adventure in his mind so your answers should always remain flirty, fun, and sexual. The idea is to have the reader want to visit your profile so keep that goal in mind.

  • At least 6 photos.
  • The photos for this section do not have to be from the same set, but they must all have similar themes.
  • When submitting photos from different sets, there should be at least 2 photo per same set.

The MV Selfies

The MV Selfies is where we feature selfie photos of yourself with a few short questions about you.

  • Keep in mind that this is where readers should feel like they are actually receiving sexy selfies from you. Keep it fun, and engaging.
  • ManyVids expects the selfies to be taken with smartphones. The selfies don’t need to be of professional grade but lighting is key.
  • Your face must be visible in all of the selfies.
  • At least 4 photos.

Ad Submissions

The Ad page is a one page spread that presents your photo, your name, and your profile link.

  • This should be a photo that best represents you, and expresses what is unique about you as a model.
  • At least 3 photos.
  • The photos for this section do not have to be from the same set.

Tattoo Of The Month (TOTM)

TOTM is where ManyVids features a cool sexy tattoo photo.

  • The photo’s focus should be on the tattoo and be sexual in some manner to let the readers mind wander.
  • At least 3 photos.
  • The photos for this section do not have to be from the same set.


MV StarLight (MV Mag Offshoot)

MV StarLight is a fun offshoot of MV Mag, that showcases MV Girls, MV Trans, and MV Boys with pics and interviews. The best part? MV StarLight gives total creative control to you, the MV Stars, to create your own photoshoots.

On the 1st of every month, fans will have the chance to cast their votes to crown one MV StarLight of the Month. At the end of the month, the winner will be awarded $250. Also, the official “MV StarLight of the Month” badge will appear on the winner’s MV Profile!

And there’s more: All selected MV StarLight photosets will appear not only on the new MV Daily page but also on a dedicated MV StarLight Page, which will give those MV Stars year-long exposure. Best of all, the MV Marketing Team could select your MV StarLight submission for publication in MV Mag!

MV StarLight Submission Guidelines:

  • Pics must be a minimum of 72 dpi with a width of at least 1000 pixels.
  • Select 8 or more high-quality pics from the same photoset.
  • Make sure to only send us the original pics, without cropping, photoshopping, or watermarking.
  • Please include your photographer’s name in your submissions.
  • ManyVids encourages holiday-themed photos, but make sure to submit them well in advance of the actual holiday!
  • Only submit pic, no bios or interviews.


More Information On ManyVids

Interested in becoming an MV Star? You can either signup here or learn more about ManyVids by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with tons of great features. Although videos is the primary focus, MV Stars can also make money from camming, customs, phone sex, messaging apps and through custom store items that can be used to sell tangibles and many more things. All genders are welcome and the registration process is quick and easy.

Learn More: ManyVids – Leading Adult Clip Site

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