ManyVids – New MV Live Features: Mute and Messages

ManyVids - New MV Live Features: Mute and Messages

ManyVids Adds Mute and Messaging To MV Live

Popular clip site ManyVids has announced new and improved features for MV Live. MV Live is the camming platform built directly into ManyVids. The new features include muting and messaging directly from the chatroom. ManyVids has also improved their blocking feature. Here is all the information on the new and improved features on MV Live.


Models Can Mute Members On MV Live

MV Stars can now mute MV Members participating in their live sessions if the Star feels that it’s needed. The Member in question will be muted for 24 hours. This will still give them access to the room, but they will not have the ability to chat. However, the Member will still have the ability to tip. This feature will create a more pleasant and intimate experience for both the MV Star AND the rest of the Members in the session.


Messaging System Added

An improved way to send messages for MV Stars using MV Live. Now MV Stars can message an MV Member DIRECTLY from their Live room. The message will be sent straight to the Members’ inbox.


Blocking Functionality Improved

An improvement to our pre-existing Block feature that makes it even easier to use when hosting Live sessions. MV Stars now have the ability to block a user directly from the Live room. This encompasses all the behavior currently in place with our blocking feature.


More Information On ManyVids

Interested in becoming an MV Star? You can either signup here or learn more about ManyVids by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with tons of great features. In addition to selling clips, also make money from (the new and improved) live camming feature, from phone sex and through custom store items that can be used to sell a wide range of products and services. ManyVids is constantly improving the platform and adding new features, such as those outlined above.

Learn More: ManyVids Information For Models / Producers

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