ManyVids Responds To Jenny Blighe / Evil Angel Debacle

ManyVids Issues Statement On Evil Angel / Jenny Blighe

ManyVids Issues Statement On Evil Angel / Jenny Blighe

Recently, Jenny Blighe alleged mistreatment on the set of Evil Angel’s Cam Girl Movie. The allegations originated on Twitter, and started a major debacle. The major part of the debacle was that co-star Ginger Banks is denying the allegations publicly. According to Jenny, Ginger stated that she didn’t want to go public for another 10 years, at which time, she’d like to write a book about it. This turned into a massive Twitter-spat with models taking sides and a lot of mud being tossed. Evil Angel denied all accusations.

Today, ManyVids has issued a statement in the matter, coming out in support of Jenny Blighe. Here’s their statement.


Official Statement From ManyVids:

It is extremely important to never remain silent when you have been a victim of abuse. It is also important to respect the decision of an adult performer who decides to speak up about abuse. To each their own time. For Jenny, she felt that now was the time and we are here to support her.

As all of you know, in the adult industry, porn stars sign contracts that are filled with specifications. You can always debate what was agreed upon or not, but the one thing that you cannot argue is how Miss Blighe felt. Jenny felt abused and disrespected and we want to celebrate the fact that she found the courage within her to share her story with the adult industry and the world.

She realized that what happened to her on a porn set was unacceptable. When you ask for help you should receive help. You should never hesitate to voice your opinion and say no. There should never be an argument after you have expressed yourself, NO is a full sentence. Follow your heart and listen to your intuition. If you are not comfortable, walk away. Life will guide you in the right direction. When one door closes, ten will open in the future, don’t be afraid. Thank you, Jenny, for speaking up!

It is the beginning of a new era, where women and men can now stand together and send a message to the entire adult industry that abuse and disrespect towards adult performers is and ALWAYS will be completely unacceptable.

ManyVids was created to help fight against abuse, change industry standards, and offer a safe haven for sex workers to thrive independently. We will NEVER STAY SILENT, and we will stand alongside these heroic women and men for speaking their truth. The only way we will transform this industry is by continuing to spread a message of love and hope.

You are not alone. Jenny, we love and stand with you!


If you are an adult entertainer and need support or want to talk, please call the MV Hotline 1-888-350-3051.


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