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ManyVids: Making Money Off Custom Content Requests

ManyVids is a popular clip site that offers models the opportunity to make money off custom content requests. There’s tons of reasons why custom content is awesome. First; the content can be resold after the custom video is fulfilled. This helps you build up your clip store with new content. Customs also go for way more than a pre-recorded video. Here’s all the information you need to know about selling custom adult videos on ManyVids.


How Custom Videos Works On ManyVids

In order to offer custom content requests (as well as other services), you must first upload three pre-recorded videos for sale, five photos and a profile image. This is the requirements to get the New Cummer Badge, and something that all performers should be doing anyway. The New Cummer Badge is needed to appear in search and you’ll get a new model bonus for a duration of time.

Once enabled, the Custom Vid tab will be featured on your ManyVids profile. The link will be on the left-hand sidebar that appears on your bio, photo and video pages. Clicking on the link will be bring up the customs page. Here, potential customers will be able to see what you offer, prices for the various fetishes and pricing information.


Custom Content Order Form

Once the customer clicks on the Custom Vid link, it’ll take them to the order form. Here it’ll display all the options for the custom content. This comes in the form of drop-downs and check boxes, as well as a text-area where the potential customer can describe the type of video they’re looking for. Here’s a description of all the custom content form elements:

Your Story: This is a text-area where the potential customer can describe exactly what they want in the scene. There’s up to 3,000 characters available for this description.

Select Package: You have the ability to put together different packages for different length clips. This allows you to markup the per-minute rate for smaller clips, and give discounts for longer clips.

Extras: If there’s any type of content you want to put a markup on, here’s your chance to do this. Certain elements, such as certain fetishes, performing with a partner, personalization, ect. can be made available for a markup. What type of extras offered and what type of price-markups are completely up to you. Some performers have extras (like performing with a partner) that go for a couple hundred dollars extra.

Resolution: If there’s multiple resolutions available, they can be indicated here.

Delivery Time: Here the delivery time for the custom video is indicated. If you want to offer rush delivery for a markup, this is possible. Some performers even offer 24 turnaround time on customs for a healthy markup!

Exclusive: If you wish to give the option of keeping the custom exclusive, this is where it’s indicated, and how much extra you want to keep the content exclusive. Being exclusive means that it’s not resold. Some performers might not offer exclusive customs, as reselling the videos can provide even more income. How much you mark up exclusiveness is completely up to you. Several hundred is suggested for this.


Reselling Custom Content Vs Exclusive

One major benefit of custom videos is that the content can be resold after being produced. This makes it a great way to build up the different types of videos offered on your clip store, while making extra money off the initial sale / custom fulfillment. Otherwise, the model can choose to offer exclusive right to the content. If this is the route, it comes with a healthy markup.

Reselling Custom Jobs: The best thing about custom videos is they can be resold afterwards. If you plan on reselling custom jobs, you should indicate that you resell them, just so the customer is aware of this. Reselling customs can be very profitable. Some models have former customs as their best selling recorded clips. A custom clip is obviously something people are interested in, that you currently don’t offer in your clip store. Once the job is completed, anyone else interested in that fetish / content can purchase the prerecorded clip.

Selling Exclusive Rights: ManyVids gives a checkbox (with a markup) for customers that want to have exclusive rights to the custom video. This means that the video is only available to them and not resold. Some performers opt to not allow exclusive rights, so that way the content can be resold. If you do decide to offer exclusive rights, it’s suggested that you add a healthy markup. Something to the tune of a couple hundred dollars.

Personalized Content (Using Names, ect): Sometimes people will request personalized videos. If this is the case, it’s content that obviously can’t be resold. Or at least it’d be really weird reselling it, and really shouldn’t be resold. For this reason, it’s recommended that anything highly personalized be required to remain exclusive (with the applicable markup). It’s also an option to add personalized elements as other markups listed under Extras.


Offering Customs Boosts Your MV Score

Offering custom content requests is beneficial in more ways than one. ManyVids has what’s called the “MV Score”. The MV Score impacts how well your profile and content ranks on the site. There’s tons of different things that impacts your MV Score. Offering a wide range of services (customs, fund me, phone sex, ect) will help boost up your MV Score. This increases your exposure and results in more sales for the other services you’re offering.


How To Upload The Custom Video

Uploading a Custom Vid order is super easy, and it works exactly like uploading a regular vid.

  • Go to My Content > Upload Vid to upload your vid.
  • When the upload completes the Edit Vid screen will appear. Fill out the form and check the “Custom Vid Upload” box.
  • Select the vid you want to send to the buyer.

If you want to make the vid exclusive to this custom vid buyer, select “Viewable only to the buyer of the Custom Vid”. If the vid is not exclusive to the buyer, you can launch it on ManyVids either right away, or on a date of your choice!


More Information On ManyVids

Interested in becoming a ManyVids seller? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with the best traffic, great percentages and tons of great features. In addition to selling videos, models can also make money from tributes, phone sex and custom store items that can be used to sell just about anything. Plus, take advantage of the custom content functionality built directly into the website.

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