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ManyVids Announces Live Webcam Shows

Host Live Camming Shows On ManyVids

ManyVids, a leading adult clip site, also offers live camming through MV Live. ManyVids models can make money from both public shows, as well as privates. Whenever a model is online, the red dot on her avatar will let customers know that the MV Star is available on webcam. Models are also able to promote their clips and store items directly from the live player. Here’s the details.


Quick Information:

  • Show Types: Public, Private
  • Geoblocking: Yes
  • Model Earnings: 6¢ / Token
  • Minimum Payout: $50-$100
  • Payout Schedule: 1st and 16th
  • Payout Methods: Check, ACH, Wire, Paxum, Cosmo Payment
  • Interactive Sex Toys: Lovense
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • DMCA: Yes
  • Cam-Splitting: Allowed


New Cummer Badge Required For Camming

In order to cam on ManyVids, the performer must have everything required for the New Cummer Badge. The New Cummer Badge is given to new performers after they’ve done the following:

  • A profile pic
  • A minimum of 3 vids
  • A minimum of 5 pics

New Cummer status is required in order to be discovered and search and access a couple other ManyVids features. MV Live is one of those features that requires these minimums.


How Much ManyVids Camming Models Make

During the MV Live Beta phase, MV Stars will receive $0.06 USD for every Token tipped during their live camming shows. After the beta process, it appears that it’ll go down to 5 cents per token, but ManyVids stated that they’re going to try to keep it as high as possible.

The exact percentage breakdown varies based on the token package the customers have purchased. It can vary anywhere from 60% to 75%. Regardless of the token package purchased, ManyVids performers earn 6 cents per token.


Both Public and Private Shows Supported

MV Live supports both public and private webcam shows. For public shows, you’re able to set your room topic and a token countdown. For private shows, MV Stars are able to earn a per-minute rate in privates. MV Members will need a minimum of 200 Tokens to request a Private Show with an MV Star, and the cost per minute will be 60 Tokens.


Room Topic, Tip Goals and Countdowns

You can edit your Room Topic by clicking ‘Edit’ right above the MV Live screen. You can write anything you want here to give your fans what they can expect during your live show. You have a 150-character limit for the Room Topic. You can change the Room Topic as often as you’d like, even during your live session.

Your Room Topic is essential in helping you have an exciting MV Live show, so it is very important that you set an original and sexy Room Topic. You can also use the Goal feature to set up a Token countdown for your fans to tip towards reaching your sexy live show goal or promote a fun game to make all your fans go crazy. Tease the MV Members about what they can expect. It’s also a great way to promote any new content, sales, or promos.



Interactive Camming Shows With Lovense Sex Toys

MV Live integrates with Lovense sex toys for interactive camming shows. Now MV Members can have a dynamic and direct connection to their favorite MV Stars performing on MV Live through the power of teledildonics! Lovense toys that are controlled remotely and live by a fan while they’re being used in an MV Live session by any MV Star!

Learn More: Lovense Sex Toy Camming Shows


Record Camming Shows (Sell As Clips)

MV Live also allows MV Stars to automatically record their camming shows. These recorded shows can then be sold as clips directly on ManyVids. This adds the potential to generate revenue from camming shows (through clip sales), making the shows even more profitable. The recorded show functionality works with both public and private camming shows.


Cross-Promote Top Clips and Store Items

With the Store Panel, MV Stars can showcase some of their best vids and store items while camming on MV Live. Accessible from the live room navigation menu, when the Store icon is clicked by an MV Member it will showcase the MV Star’s 3 pinned vids and 4 pinned store items. BUT if the MV Star has no pinned items, the store will be empty.


MV Live Score: How Rankings Are Calculated

ManyVids came up with a camming algorithm completely separate from the MV Score. “MV Live Score” is what calculates placement on the camming page. The MV Live Score can be found on the ManyVids profile, right next to the MV Score. Here’s what ManyVids is willing to disclose about what impacts the MV Live Score:

  • Token earnings during MV Live sessions will count towards your MV Live Score.
  • The amount of hours and minutes you are live on cam count towards improving your MV Live Score.

Note: All vids, memberships, store items, contest votes, custom vids and more sold during a live session will NOT count towards your MV Live Score. Instead, they will count towards improving your MV Score.

Note: that the MV Live Score and the MV Live Top Earners are 2 different things. The MV Live Top Earners is based only on Tokens earned.


Couples Are Allowed To Cam Together

Couples are allowed to cam together on ManyVids. Before anyone can broadcast in your room, their age must first be verified by ManyVids. In order to do that, you’ll have to send them a digital copy of the ID of anyone broadcasting with you. Once verified, they can perform with you on your shows.


ManyVids Does Allow Cam-Splitting

ManyVids does allow cam-splitting. Cam-splitting uses special software that makes it possible to broadcast on multiple sites at the same time. This gains increased exposure from being able to cam on multiple sites at the same time. You can learn more about cam-splitting by checking out the link below.

Learn More: Cam-Splitting And Sites That Allow It


Blocking / Geoblocking On MV Live

The same ManyVids regional blocking and geoblocking works for MV Live. If you’ve got a specific region blocked they will not be able to access any of your content or profile. This includes your MV Live chatroom. If you’ve got an individual member on the site blocked, they will not be able to access your live chat either.


Payments: Cashout Options, Minimum Payouts and Schedule

Camming payouts are included with all other ManyVids revenue, and use the exactly same payout options, minimums and schedule. In order to add your camming tokens to your earnings, they must first be converted to USD. This is done on the earnings page.

Payouts are made twice monthly. The minimum payouts vary based on cashout method, with the lowest being $50. The cashout methods are as follows:

  • Check
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paxum
  • Cosmo Payment
  • Entropay


Chargebacks Are Covered

Just like any other transactions on ManyVids (clips, store items, ect), Chargebacks are also covered on MV Live and the token system. If any customers dispute a token package purchase, the chargebacks will not result in tokens being deducted from the camming model token earnings.


ManyVids Camming Revenue Doesn’t Earn Revshare

Camming tips and revenue will not count towards MV Revshare. MV Revshare is the official affiliate program / referral program for ManyVids. Through MV Revshare, members and models are able to make money referring new models or studios to ManyVids. They’ll receive a 5% lifetime revshare on select profits. Unfortunately, camming revenue isn’t one of those things.


DMCA Services Cover Capped Shows

If one of your MV Live shows gets screen-capped, the DMCA services provided by ManyVids applies towards those shows. ManyVids is partnered with DMCAForce, who automatically crawls the internet looking for pirated content, and works dilligently to get it removed. This service is 100% free to all MV Stars and works with photo and video content, as well as recorded shows.


Features Planned For Future

MV Live is still currently in beta with more features on the way. Here are some of the features that ManyVids has planned for launch in the near future:

  • Private Messaging
  • Group Shows
  • OBS Overlay Tool


Get Started Camming On ManyVids!

Ready to get started camming on ManyVids? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. ManyVids is a leading clip site that offers models a wide range of ways to earn. In addition to clips and camming, models can also make money from customs, phone sex and through custom store items that can be used to sell just about anything! ManyVids allows all their stars to earn from offering a wide range of services, all under one roof!

Learn More: Getting Started On ManyVids

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