How To Make More Money As A Streamate Model

Streamate Model

Make More Money As A Streamate Model

Isn’t that what every cam model wants? You’re making good money camming, but are wondering how you could be making even more. Sure, more hours will equal more money, but luckily there’s some easy hacks that you can be doing right now to instantly be making more without an investment in time and money. Here’s some ideas to enhance your camming revenue.


Get A ModelCentro Website

ModelCentro is a new and very innovative network for camming models. It’s a 100% free membership site in a box. ModelCentro works on a rev-share model, much like Streamate does. They take a percentage of all the membership subscriptions, which is how they can offer the service free. Best of all, they easily integrate with Streamate. That means that your Streamate chatroom will appear on both Streamate as well as your ModelCentro site. Start promoting your ModelCentro site instead of your Streamate chatroom, and the traffic won’t be distracted by “Similar models”. Additionally they might subscribe as a member and start earning you a residual income.


Streamate Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is where a publisher gets paid to refer customers to a company. In this case, Streamate offers publishers $40 per signup or 30% rev-share. If you’re a Streamate model and are not currently enrolled in the affiliate program, you should definitely do that now. You can signup here. Now you can make additional revenue by adding the affiliate tracking parameters to all the Streamate links you already have around the internet.


Build A Website

It is very important for every camgirl to have a website. The website is the main hub for everything. During marketing, it’s important to promote the website instead of the direct chatroom. There are many reasons for this. The most important is that there have been cam networks that have come and gone. Although Streamate seems incredibly solid, that doesn’t mean they’ll be around forever. Or a new cam network might emerge that you like better. Switching cam networks means going back and replacing all the links, banners, ect. And what about watermarked images? Those are impossible to replace!

If you’re promoting the website from the start, then you’ll only need to change the links on your website. Problem solved. In addition, you can promote any other networks you might belong to and make additional money through affiliate marketing, as outlined above. There’s many other methods of monetizing the website as well.

The website, if optimized, has a better chance of showing up in the search engines. SEO is a huge part of marketing in the adult niche. People are going to be googling your stagename, body type, features, types of shows you do, ect. By actively adding content (don’t give too much away!) that targets those search terms, you’ll gain “free” organic traffic that can be monetized in various ways.

There are many, many benefits of having a website. If you don’t go with ModelCentro, check out our building a camgirl website guide. Also feel free to reach out to us. We’re web developers and hosting resellers and can actually setup a rev-share system much like ModelCentro has.


Sell Content Sets On Other Sites

You might be wondering how selling content sets on sites other than Streamate can actually boost your Streamate profits. It actually will in several ways:

  1. Name Recognition
  2. Traffic Generation
  3. Backlinks / SEO

So when you sign up for all the networks to sell adult pics and videos on, you should sign up under the same stage name you’ve chosen for you adult career. This way, the people that like you on one network can easily find you on another. They might even simply Google your alias and find your website or Streamate chatroom. Which speaking of Google, a lot of these networks allow you to link to your other sites. These “backlinks” help those linked-to sites rank higher in search engines. Learn more about backlinking in our Camgirl SEO guide.

You’ll definitely want to watermark all your pic and video content with either your stagename or website address. This way, anyone that purchases the content sets will know exactly where to find more, and any pics you (or others) share across the internet and social media become marketing tools.

And all these networks will generate revenue for you as well. The cool thing about selling content opposed to camming is you don’t need to be there to make the money. People browse and purchase from these networks all the time.


Social Media / General Marketing

There are many, many, many channels and methods to market yourself. Social media, email marketing, all these various platforms and websites, the list goes on. Explore all the various social media channels. Many of the social channels can provide additional revenue through affiliate marketing, as well as additional traffic to your websites and chatroom. To get more marketing ideas, explore our camgirl marketing section.


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