Camgirls / Pornstars: How To Make Money On YouPorn


How To Make Money Uploading Videos To YouPorn

YouPorn is a popular tube site. YouPorn can make a great promotional tool for both indie performers, as well as producers. For indie performers, YouPorn can also be monetized directly. This is through an advertising revshare that the site offers. If you’re a Pornhub Verified Amateur, it’s also possible to automatically import the Pornhub content to YouPorn. Here’s all the YouPorn information for models and producers.


Amateur Models: YouPorn Model Program / Revshare

If you’re a verified Pornhub amateur, your content will automatically get imported from YouPorn from Pornhub, and you’ll also receive an advertising revshare from YouPorn. This is something that happens automatically, although Pornhub models can opt-out of this if they want to.


Make Money Off Video Downloads

This is the latest way to make money off of YouPorn. This is only available to Verified Amateurs and is down through ModelHub. Now, Pornhub Verified Amateurs can make money off video download fees on YouPorn as well. When uploading new content to Pornhub through the model program, models are able to indicate whether or not they’d like to charge per downloads on YouPorn as well.


Producers: Branded Channels and Players

YouPorn does support branded channels for producers and studios. It’s possible for indie models to have the same branded channels, as long as they’re running a paysite and meet the specifications for the content partner program. The content partner program requires the site has an affiliate program (either PPS or revhsare). This means that YouPorn will be getting a commission for all the sales sent to a producer via the content partner program. Because of that, *TECHNICALLY* the revenue doesn’t actually occur on YouPorn, but rather through the traffic the tube site provides.


YouPorn / Streamate Whitelabeled Camming Site

This is another partnership that gains Streamate models traffic and sales, but isn’t directly monetized via YouPorn itself. YouPorn (and other MindGeek tube sites) have a whitelabled partnership with Streamate. That means that they’re able to rebrand the camming site as their own, and get a percentage of the sales that occur on the whitelabeled version. The YouPorn whitelabel isn’t as highly integrated into the tube site as it is on Pornhub. Also, Streamate models will benefit from YouPorn whitelabel traffic, regardless of whether or not they’re active on YouPorn.


YouPorn As A Marketing Tool

Although it’s nice to be able to monetize the views, the real value from YouPorn and other tube sites is the promotional value. These sites get tons of traffic. Tapping into this traffic will help grow your fanbase, social media following and get you sales. There’s many ways to drive traffic from YouPorn. The branded channels through the content partner program is one of them, but there’s other options available that don’t require running an affiliate program.


Watermarking Teaser Videos

The most effective way to use YouPorn for promotion is through watermarked teaser videos. You don’t want to give out the full version for free on YouPorn, but rather give people a taste and let them know where to find your content and any other services you might be offering. If you’re running a website, the website URL is the best thing to use for this. Your name, logo or the common username used for social media are all options for performers that don’t have a website. You can also register a website name for cheap, and have it redirect to a clip site or camming site.


Social Features: Profile, Followers, Comments

YouPorn also has a lot of social features. This includes profiles, subscribers and comment sections for all the uploaded videos. These social elements can be used to interact with fans and potential customers. Building up your subscriber-base will get your videos more views and exposure, and will get your name / brand in front of more people.

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