Make Money On Pornhub: Modelhub / Verified Amateur Program


Modelhub / Pornhub Amateur Program Information

Pornhub is the world’s largest tube site. Pornhub also allows performers to earn from several different revenue streams. The primary ones are through advertising revenue-share and their latest Modelhub launch. Pornhub also integrates with several other networks to enable performers to earn from the traffic. The tube site itself can also be used to promote other services you offer. Here’s all the ways to make money as a Pornhub model.


What’s Required To Get Started

The only real requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. Anyone performing with you must also be eighteen or older. Anyone featured in your content is going to have to submit IDs in order for the content to be eligible. You’re also going to need the content to upload, or the equipment to produce the content.


Pornhub Payout Information

The payments are made monthly, and only when you’ve reached a minimum of $100. The current supported cashout methods are:

  • Check – Check sent via mail
  • Paxum – E-wallet for non-USA models
  • Direct Deposit – ACH / direct deposit
  • USDT – USD-based cryptocurrency
  • Cosmo Payment – Adult-friendly e-wallet (not available in US)


Pornhub Amateur Program (Verified Amateurs)

Pornhub offers a “Verified Amateur Program”. There’s many perks to being a verified amateur vs just having a regular Pornhub accounts. Verified amateurs are able to make money off the content they upload, plus the gain exposure through the amateur section, can compete in contests and do more with their profiles. Here’s all the details on the Pornhub Verified Amateur Program.


Earn An Advertising Revshare

Pornhub Verified Amateurs earn a percentage of the advertising revenue generated from their content. How much clicks and impressions are worth varies based on advertiser bidding, so it’s impossible to give an exact “CPM” (cost per thousand impressions). The revenue views generates is very small, but it adds up over time.


Win Money Competing In Contests

Pornhub verified amateurs are also able to compete in the many contests that Pornhub holds. There’s some reoccurring monthly and annual contests, as well as special themed contests that they throw occasionally. Here is what Pornhub gives away each month.

Monthly Prizes Handed Out:

  • Amateur of the Month: $1,000
  • Newcomer of the Month: $500
  • Video of the Month: $250


Verified Amateur Profile Pages

Verified Pornhub Amateurs have slightly more functional profile pages. For one, they’ve got a blue checkmark next to them indicating that they’re verified. Once accepted into the Amateur Program, models will also be able to add clickable website links. If you’re running a website, you can add that link. Otherwise, it’s possible to put a Twitter link, clip store link or camming site link. This is good for promotion and driving outside sales.

If integrated with FanCentro, a FanCentro link will also be displayed on your profile page, in addition to your website link (you’ll have two different profile links).


Get Featured In The Community Section

Verified Amateurs also get featured under the community section of the site. This section features video content as well as a model directory and advanced search features. Being added to the community section gets you increased exposure. This results in larger view counts and revshares, as well as making Pornhub a more effective promotional tool.


Verified Amateur Program Applies To YouPorn

In addition to earning a share of advertising revenue on Pornhub, amateurs also get paid from ad revenue on YouPorn. Amateur videos are automatically uploaded to YouPorn from Pornhub. You do not manually have to upload the videos on both sites. In fact, the only way to get credited for ad revenue is if Pornhub syndicates the content over to YouPorn on your behalf. Videos uploaded directly to YouPorn will not get credited. It might take up to a month for your Pornhub amateur videos to get featured on YouPorn.


Modelhub: The Pornhub Clip Store

Modelhub is a new feature built by Pornhub. With Modelhub, you’re able to provide premium services such as selling videos and running a fanclub. This allows models an entirely new way to make money from the tube site, and is much more effective than a CPM on ad sales. Here’s all the information on Modelhub.


How Much Modelhub Models Make

Models effectively get 68% of everything made off video sales. Or as Pornhub words it: You keep 80% net payouts of your revenue on video sales (minus 15% processing fees). Models get roughly 76% of all tips generated. Or as Pornhub words it: 90% net payouts for tips (minus 15% processing fees)

Modelhub covers all chargebacks that might occur on the site. The minimum payout is $100 and the cashout methods are the same as the Verified Amateur Program.


Services You Can Offer On Modelhub


Make Money Selling Videos

Modelhub is primarily a clip site. Performers are able to upload their videos, set the price and earn 68% of all revenue. Once your videos are uploaded, they’ll be featured on the Modelhub site. The watch / purchase page will display the thumbnail. Customers will have to make the purchase in order to watch the content, as well as comment on it. The video watch page will also contain a link to your profile, more content for sale and the number of views and likes.


Accept Tips From Fans

Performers are also able to accept tips directly through Modelhub. Performers will earn 76% of all revenue generated through tips on the site. There will be a tipping button on the profile page, right below the bio, along with a link to share the profile, and a link to the performer’s generic Pornhub profile page.


ModelHub Fan Club

ModelHub now has an integrated fan club that will display on your PornHub and ModelHub profile, it has many convenient features:

  • 80% payout: The program offers the industry standard payout on a high traffic interface with customer familiarity.
  • Easy opt-in: Simply check a box and start posting, no hassle sign up for existing Verified Amateurs on ModelHub.
  • Video and Photo Uploads Upload videos and photos for your fans to enjoy.
  • Offer additional perks: Utilize the great variety of options to entice fans to join your fan club. You can automatically provide access to your ModelHub content, unlock downloads on free videos, allow messaging, and more!


Pornhub Integrations


Pornhub / FanCentro Integration

Pornhub integrates with FanCentro. FanCentro is a platform for selling Snapchat and Instagram subscription, as well as accepting tributes and running a private fanclub. FanCentro models are able to add their Pornhub link to their FanCentro profiles. They’re also able to get a FanCentro link added to their Pornhub Verified Amateur profile. This is the only way to get an additional website link on Pornhub.

Learn More: Selling Snapchat / Instagram Subscriptions On FanCentro


Streamate Whitelabel (Live Camming)

Pornhub is also running a Streamate whitelabel. The live camming on the Pornhub site? That’s actually all Streamate, through a promotional affiliate arrangement. This gains Streamate models additional exposure. In fact, according to some models, about 10% of their camming traffic is actually coming from the Pornhub whitelabel. If you want to make money camming on Pornhub, int’s actually done through Streamate.

Learn More: Becoming A Streamate Webcam Model


ModelCentro Sync (ModelCentro Integration)

Pornhub also integrates with ModelCentro through a feature called Pornhub Sync. ModelCentro is a website building platform for models. ModelCentro makes it easy to build and make money off a website, all 100% free and with zero technical knowledge. With Pornhub Sync, it’s possible to automatically upload content from ModelCentro to Pornhub.

Learn More: Building Adult Performer Websites On ModelCentro


Using Pornhub For Promotion

Pornhub is also a great promotional tool. Here’s how to use Pornhub for promotion and to drive sales for the other services you offer.


Watermarking Teaser / Promo Videos

The most effective way to use Pornhub as a promotional tool is to watermark the videos, preferably with your website link. If you’re not already running a website, it’s highly suggested that you start now. Websites can be monetized through various means, and you’ll be able to drive a lot more search engine traffic. Alternatively, videos can be watermarked with your model name or other URLs.

This will let people know where to find the full version of the content, as well as more of your content. On that note; it’s also important to make sure the content being uploaded to the tube sites is only teaser content. If you’re giving away the full version, there’s no incentive to pay for the full thing.


Profile Link On Verified Amateur Profiles

Verified Amateurs get a clickable website link on their profile pages. Once again, it’s recommended that you list your personal website as this link. If you do not have a website, you can list your Twitter link, camming room link or clip store link, or any other link that you think would work best. Having a website link posted will let potential customers know where to find more of your content.


Pornhub Community / Social Features

Pornhub is also very much a social platform. There’s friend connections, activity feeds and private messaging. The best thing of all: It’s always going to be adult-friendly! With the recent crackdowns from adult-friendly social networks such as Twitter, and with the mainstream platforms getting more strict, this is actually a very relevant thing to consider. You’re never going to get your Pornhub banned due to posting adult content, and will never lose your following as a result. Techniques used to market over social media can also be used to market over Pornhub and other tube sites.


More Pornhub Tools / Features


Branded Channels For Studios / Producers

For producers and studios, it’s possible to get a branded channel. This is also open to indie models, but if you’re an indie model, it makes much more sense to go the Verified Amateur Program route instead, for a number of reasons. In order to get a branded channel, the producer must be running an affiliate program that’s compliant with Pornhub’s standards. Pornhub will get a commission off all new registrations that they send the producers.


HubTraffic: Pornhub Webmaster Program

HubTraffic is another way to monetize the platform. With HubTraffic, you get a CPM off all the traffic you drive to Pornhub and other MindGeek products. No special referral links are required. You simply verify the ownership of the domain and any clicks going to Pornhub from that site will count. If you’re embedding your teaser content on a website or blog, or listing your Pornhub profile link, this is a great way to make extra money simply by doing that. You’re not going to get rich off of HubTraffic, but it doesn’t make sense to leave money on the table.


Signup As A Pornhub Verified Amateur!

Ready to get started as a Pornhub Verified Amateur? Signup today! the registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. Pornhub is the leading tube site and has tons of offerings for indie performers. Earn an advertising revshare from all video views, sell your videos using the new ModelHub platform and use the platform for traffic and promotion.


More Tube Sites For Promotion / Monetization

Interested in what opportunities other tube sites have for performers? Check out our tube site section to compare the various platforms side-by-side. We list all the tube sites that have revshare opportunities, offer live camming, or have other perks offered to models or producers. Tube sites can be a great source of traffic and many can be monetized directly on the site. See what else is available for models.

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