Make Money on Sexting and Phone Sex with Paychat (Daily Payouts!)

Earn Cash offering Sexting, Phone Sex, and Video Calling on Paychat

If you’re looking to make money from sexting, phone sex, and video chatting look no further than Paychat. Paychat is the perfect connection selection for performers that are looking for a high paying platform to bring their traffic to. Receive a phone number to help protect your identity and personal information and start earning with Paychat.

    More information about Paychat:

  • Services: Sexting, phone sex, video chatting, locked pay-to-view content.
  • Genders: All genders welcome.
  • Model Earnings: Models receive 80% of all earnings directly to their bank accounts in USD.
  • Payout Schedule: Models are paid daily.
  • Min Payout: No minimum payout.
  • Payout Methods: ACH
  • Traffic: Models bring their own traffic.
  • Geo-Blocking: No
  • DMCA Services: No
  • Affiliate Program: Yes (Model Referral) 5% lifetime earnings.
  • Studio Accounts: No

    How do performers make money on Paychat?

    Performers can make money on Paychat by offering phone sex calls, sexting, video chat, or by sending pay-to-view content. Paychat assigns performers a phone number to use (alternatively, you can use your Paychat profile link) and customers can connect with you. You can charge a monthly fee for the ability to connect with you and you can charge per interaction. You can also send mass messages to your customers to increase the likelihood of content unlocks and higher earnings. Tips can also be sent on Paychat!

    Do I need to install an app?

    Paychat works through your native messaging service on your phone (i.e. iMessage) so there is no need to install an app! Simply sign up and provide your phone number and Paychat will handle the legwork of protecting your phone number and keeping your personal information safe and discreet.

    How much does Paychat cost to use?

    Paychat is completely free to use, you simply sign up and provide your phone number and set your desired rates. The 20% Paychat takes from each individual transaction covers the cost of operation, and is one of the lowest phone sex/sexting fees! Most competition takes 25-50%!

    What makes Paychat better than the other sexting websites?

    The payout percentage on Paychat already puts them above the competition with one of the highest payouts in general, let alone in the phone sex market. The convenient additions of being able to charge for video chatting in addition to the other services that are generic on phone sex sites is also a huge benefit! There is also no minimum or maximum rate to set, which makes it convenient for those performers who want to charge lower or higher rates than what the “industry standard” recommends.

    How will a performer succeed on Paychat?

    Paychat works best for performers who already have their own traffic because they do not have internal traffic. Paychat will work best for performers who already have a social media, cam, or clip following that they can promote their Paychat phone number to. Performers can utilize many different methods to promote their phone number including marketing on social media like Twitter or Reddit, their own personal website, mentioning they offer phone sex while live on webcam, or watermarking their Paychat phone number within clips.

    Become a Paychat phone sex / sexting operator

    If Paychat sounds like the perfect solution for you, then signup to Paychat to start earning money on phone sex, sexting, and video calls! If you aren’t ready to sign up just yet, explore your other options on our comprehensive phone sex directory: Guide: Become A Phone Sex Operator (Sites Hiring PSOs)

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