Camming Models: Make Money Off Locked Content / Messages


Make Money Off Sending DMs

Locked messages are messages that are usually sent through fan club platforms that come “locked” and members pay to unlock the message. Most locked messages include the option for text, photo, or video. Locked messages are a great way to offer additional content for members of fan club platforms at a small additional price, as well as provide special discounts for fan club members by sending locked messages at discounted rates. Some models have also found success offering sexting through locked messages.


Sites For Sending Locked Content

Here’s a directory of sites that support the selling of locked content / messages. The directory indicates the model’s percentage and whether it’s primarily a clip site or fan club platform.

Site Model Percent Site Type More Info
APClips 75% Clip Site APClips
AVN Stars 80% Fanclubs AVN Stars
Chatabox 80% Messaging Chatabox
FanCentro 75% Fanclubs FanCentro
IsMyGirl 70% Fanclubs IsMyGirl
iWantClips 70-80% Clip Site iWantClips
JustForFans 70-85% Fanclubs JustForFans
LoyalFans 70-80% Fanclubs LoyalFans
ManyVids 60-90% Clip Site ManyVids
ModelCentro 67% Website Builder ModelCentro


Best Ways to Utilize Locked Messages?

Sending discounted pre-made content is a great way to utilize locked messages. Many models have found success offering videos available in their clip stores (where usually payment is 60%) at a discounted price through locked messages on platforms where the payout is higher (generally around 80%) so they make the same profit while offering discounts to members who subscribe to their fan club. Locked messages are also a great way to sext, including sending naughty messages to each other and photos back and forth.


Sending Extended Versions of Clips As Messages

You can also use locked messages to send “extended versions” of content, or “aftermath” photo/video. For example: You can post a boy/girl video to your general fan club timeline, and send a video pushing out a creampie or covered in semen as a locked message. Since your fans are already enticed with the content that you posted for them to see, a lot of the time they will be interested to see the final shot.


Pricing Out Locked Content Messages

The price of your locked messages will generally vary by the rarity of the locked message you are offering, if something you send through locked message is something that you post a lot of on your fan club timeline already, you may have better luck charging less for it than content that you don’t produce often. If collaborations are rare for you, offering collaborative content via locked message can end up being very profitable. If hardcore content is rare for you, offering it through locked message can also be profitable.


Utilizing Locked Messages Through Fan Club Accounts

While fan clubs are very popular currently, running a subscription platform of that nature doesn’t always fit in with every models brand. Models may also find themselves creating a free fan club to promote their paid fan club, or want to use a free fan club as an adult friendly social media option. Models can still send locked messages from free to follow accounts, and make their free fan club profitable. Models who use free fan clubs to promote their paid fan clubs can send out exclusive previews of the content on their paid fan club, and can also offer some of the content they post in their fan club for a one time fee.

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