AWEmpire: Official LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

AWEmpire: LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

Information on the LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

AWEmpire is the official affiliate program for LiveJasmin, a popular camming site. AWEmpire provides affiliates with all the promotional tools they need, including a whitelabeled site-builder! Affiliates can earn a revshare, pay-per-signup, plus a revshare on both model and webmaster referrals. Here’s all the details on the LiveJasmin affiliate program.


Quick Information:

  • Commissions: Revshare, PPS
  • Cashout Methods: Check, Paxum, ePayService
  • Payout Frequency: Twice Per Month
  • Min Payout: $100
  • Whitelabel: Yes
  • Model Referral: Yes
  • Webmaster Referral: Yes


AWEmpire Pays Revshare and PPS

The LiveJasmin affiliate program offers both a revshare, as well as a pay-per-signup. The affiliate program works on a tiered system. All webmasters start with the lowest tier in every program. The tiers are reset to the first at the beginning of each period (1st and 16th of each month).


Pay-Per-Signup (PPS)

The PPS program starts at $150 and goes up to $300. See the table below:

Members Referred PPS
1 – 2 $150
3 – 10 $200
11 – 20 $225
21 – 50 $250
51 $300



The revshare program also works on a tiered system. Earn between 40% and 60%. See the chart below for details.

Tier Credit Purchase Per Period Revshare
1 0 – 199 40%
2 200 – 499 43%
3 500 – 1499 45%
4 1500 – 2499 48%
5 2500 – 4499 50%
6 4500 – 8499 55%
7 8500+ 60%


Cashout Methods, Min Payouts and Payment Schedule

Cashouts are made twice a month. The minimum payouts are $100 for all cashout options. Here are the supported cashout options:

  • Check – For American affiliates. Receive check payouts via mail.
  • Paxum – Adult-friendly e-wallet. Recommended for non-US models.
  • ePayService – Another adult-friendly e-wallet.


Promotional Tools Available For Affiliates

LiveJasmin offers their affiliates a wide range of promotional tools to choose from. Here’s everything available:

Postitials: Best converting live/video creatives on a Google ad experience friendly postitial overlay.

Banners: Hundreds of pre-designed and redesigned banners filtered by niche. Choose from all standard sizes.

Video Banners: The most wanted promo tool nowadays. Eye-catching video scenes for all categories. Your visitors can’t resist this one.

GIF Banner: Dynamic and full of action, these banners are available for all categories and suitable for all whitelabels.

One-Click Payment Integration: Send your members to your whitelabel to purchase credits with one click, without having to submit their payment information. Monetize your member base immediately!

Custom Live Feeds: Give your visitors a peek into performers’ chat rooms with the help of the dynamic live feeds. Filter performers by niches to best fulfill your visitors needs. Choose from different pre-designed live feeds and custom sizes!

Free Chat Applet: Your visitors can chat live with our models right from your site. Customize your tool with the preferred model categories, colors and size of your choice, embed the applet, and enjoy the conversions.

Mobile and Smart TV Tool: Don’t waste your mobile or smart TV traffic anymore, monetize it with this simple redirect tool!

iFrames: Hundreds of pre-designed dynamic iframes that allow you to display our models on your page with the ability to filter by niche.

Whitelabel: Create your own white label webcam site with the help of the Whitelabel editor. Filter models by niche, upload your very own logos for maximum conversion, create a Blog for SEO! Lifetime payouts, domain based tracking as usual.

Hypno Image: Fascinating moving images available for all niches, completely customizable in terms of size, target page, direction and speed of animation. Get ready for hypnotizing results!

Hypno Banner: Pulsating hypnoimages with call-to-action slogans for each niche. Personalize all aspects such as color, size, even placement of the banner for a result that suits your site best.

Page Peels: Highly innovative click magnets with roll-down animation are available for sites with Girl, Gay, Couple, Mature, Asian and Transgender traffic. Just grab the page flip in the top right corner and peel to see the content!

Slide Bar: Grab your visitors’ attention instantly with our sidebar slide tool, a live feed and a selection of models who are online, complete with a gif available for niches. The slide bar is revealed, hidden and switched off by clicking on the gif flick. You can choose from a left, right, top or bottom version of this tool, whichever adjust best to your site.

Coupon Codes: The coupon code gives new members a possibility to make their first purchase at a discount price. Boost your whitelabel sales with this incredibly valuable tool!

Free Account Creator: Do you have registered members on your paysite? Send them an e-mail with an option to sign up free on your Whitelabel.

Pop-Under: Plenty of innovative and redesigned pop-unders to choose from. They are interesting, fresh, and a pleasure to look at.

Link Codes: Choose from many niche specific landing pages. These links can be used as simple textlinks or landing URLs for banners, and we have GEO targeted ones as well.

Free Hosted Galleries (FHG): Choose from hundreds of hosted galleries. Fill your site with pictures of beautiful girls or select galleries by niche to easily find the best photos for your site.

Scrolling iFrame: Display online models on your page, with the added feature to rotate the image sets, allowing you to save valuable space and show your visitors more models to make sure they find what they are looking for.

RSS Feeds: Power up your blogs with our RSS feed. Get up-to-date information on our models automatically.

Model Feeds: Request a detailed list of information on online models or a custom set of models and receive the results in XML or JSON.

IM Ads: This embeddable site widget uses a looped video feature and a faux chat box to imitate real-time video chatting with one of our hot webcam models. A number of looped videos are rotated to keep up your visitors’ interest.


LiveJasmin Whitelabeled Site Builder

LiveJasmin comes with a whitelabeled site-builder. A “Whitelabel” is a rebranded product or service. In this case, it’s a completely rebranded version of LiveJasmin. Webmasters collect a percentage of all sales that occur on the whitelabeled version. No hosting or coding is required. simply register a domain name and configure your site. LiveJasmin affiliates can choose the genders, niches and fetishes to be featured on the whitelabeled version.


Webcam Model Referral Program

LiveJasmin also offers a webcam model referral program. If you got performer traffic, this is a great way to monetize. LiveJasmin offers up to 36% lifetime revshare for the performer’s first year. Like the rest of the affiliate program, the percentage is based on a tier system.

Learn More: LiveJasmin Webcam Model Referral Program


Webmaster Referral Program

LiveJasmin also offers a webmaster referral program, where you can make a revshare off all new affiliate referrals for their first year. It’s a tiered system, and affiliates can earn up to a 36% revshare off their webmaster referrals. The revshare counts towards customer commissions, model referrals and even other affiliates your referrals may refer.


CrakRevenue Affiliate Network

Also Promote LiveJasmin Through CrakRevenue

It’s also possible to promote the LiveJasmin affiliate program through CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue is an adult affiliate network with a strong emphasis on the camming vertical. They’ve got many affiliate offers to promote, including LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin Through CrakRevenue

The promotional tools are limited when compared to AWEmpire, but it’s another option for affiliates who might prefer to promote through them instead, for whatever reason.



RoboScripts: Automated Tools For LiveJasmin Affiliates

If you’re looking for automated tools to use for promoting the LiveJasmin affiliate program, check out RoboScripts. RoboScripts is a collection of scripts / CMS that allow you to do a wide range of things. Automate social media promotion, leverage API to build WordPress blogs and entire websites with embedded chatrooms. RoboScripts is compatible with a wide range of camming affiliate programs, not just AWEmpire.

Learn More: Roboscripts – Automated Scripts For Camming Affiliates


Become A LiveJasmin Affiliate Today!

Ready to get started as a LiveJasmin affiliate? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started right away. LiveJasmin is a leading camming site, and AWEmpire has a reputation as high-earning. Get a wide range of promotional tools, including a whitelabeled site builder. Plus, monetize your model and affiliate traffic as well.

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