Podcast 9: Domestic / International Laws Facing The Industry

Episode 9: Important Laws For Camgirls

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Some Other Things We’re Doing For Organization

We’re also doing a couple other things to try to keep everything a little more organized. We’re starting to cut the Week In Review down to it’s own standalone video. If we’re showcasing a business on our hangouts, we’re also going to make that a standalone video as well. This is perfect for someone who only wants the current events, or is only interested in the interview, but doesn’t have the time to watch our entire hangout.

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Week In Review Items:

SkyPrivate Temporarily Disables FirstChoicePay Payments – SkyPrivate had to temporarily disable FirstChoicePay payouts due to banking reasons. Details inside.

BongaCams Dance Video Competition (Jan 2018) – BongaCams has announced their dance video competition. This is a YouTube/Vimeo competition. Multiple winners will receive a 2,000 prize.

2018 Adult Webcam Award Winners – The 2018 Adult Webcam Awards wrapped up. Here are the winners!

How To Do Smoking Fetish Cam Shows / Clips – By Aerie_SM. Information on the smoking fetish and how to get started doing smoking fetish camming shows and clips.

Camming / Clip Site Traffic Report (Jan 2018) – Our monthly traffic benchmark. We benchmark the Alexa Rank, SimilarWeb Score and MOZ Domain Authority of all the camming and clip sites. See who’s gained traffic and how all the different networks compare.


Other Newsworthy / Shareworthy Content:

Penthouse Declares Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Penthouse filed for Chapter 11 voluntary bankruptcy protection today in a move that will address its debt and interest expense to help position and restructure the company.

Vicky Vette Relaunches VickyAtHome.com – Vicky Vette relaunches her personal site, Vicky At Home. The new website was designed by Zuzana Designs. The site is powered by VNALive and features daily shows from performers in the VNA network.

ASOCEA Seeks Members To Represent Colombia’s Adult Industry – In November, a new adult trade organization called the Asociación del Comercio Electrónico para Adultos (“ASOCEA”) met for the first time, with the goal of better supporting and growing the adult entertainment industry in Colombia.

Chaturbate Using Facial Recognition Technology For 2257 Compliance? – I thought this AmberCutie thread was interesting. Not because someone got banned from Chaturbate, that’s a fairly common thing to happen. But because that in a response from Chaturbate, it was stated that the platform is using facial recognition for their 2257 Compliance / age verification process.

Alex Lecomte Joins iWantEmpire as Marketing Director – iWantEmpire has brought in Alex Lecomte as the new Marketing Director.

iWantEmpire Signs Ash Hollywood as Brand Ambassador – iWantEmpire has signed adult star Ash Hollywood as a brand ambassador, further expanding its growing roster of notable representatives.


Discussing The Adult Industry Laws

The theme of this week’s show was laws impacting the industry; both domestic (USA) as well as international laws. As we all know, the adult industry is highly regulated. More-so than many of the other verticals. The industry also faces a lot of groups trying to further regulate. This includes the Republican’s Porn Health Crisis crusade and CAL-OSHA trying to destroy the industry in California. Here’s the legal stuff that we covered in this month’s podcast.


The UK’s Digital Economy Bill

The big news is the UK’s Digital Economy Bill. The bill will require all porn sites to verify the age of all visitors and only allow people who are eighteen or older. This verification process cannot be a simple “Check the box if you are over the age of eighteen”, as that is way too easy for minors to bypass. It’s expected that many of the big-box sites will be compliant, and many of the industry’s top web hosting providers are getting their own compliance solutions in place.

There are some real questions about this bill; such as what happens to websites located outside of the UK who fail or refuse to comply with the new laws. It’s assumed that they’ll be filtered out from the entire country. Even policing those non-compliant sites could turn into a major task. It’s expected that many of the affiliates will have a tough time implementing the changes, or might blatantly decide not to.

There are some people that do expect a silver lining. For example; less freeloader traffic. If a credit card is required to access a site, then everyone accessing the site is more likely to make a purchase. Also, with less porn outside of a paywall, it could help fight the free porn business model which has made the industry less profitable.


2257 Compliance (Age Documentation / Record-Keeping Requirements

2257 Compliance is another major law that was discussed in the podcast. 2257 Compliance is the age verification and record-keeping requirements for the adult industry. 2257 has a lot of things going on. So much, that it’s been declared unconstitutional by a federal court, and the Freedom of Speech Coalition is trying to get it declared unconstitutional in other courts as well.

Although all the camming / clip sites are 2257 Compliant, there’s not a lot of resources for indie performers. Many of the performers are under the assumption that the networks handle all the compliance issues and aren’t aware of the fact that as primary producers, they should have documentation on everything (either hardcopy or digital, prepared and stored as per the standards outlined in the law). Even if it’s solo content, and the performer is obviously over the age of eighteen, the documentation still has to be kept as outlined in the law.

The other real sketchy thing about 2257 Compliance is the fact that it carries with it a mandatory 5-year federal prison sentence. And a producer doesn’t have to be shooting child porn in order to get hit with the charge. Simply filing the documentation wrong can be enough for non-compliance. For example; if a producer stored the model releases with the 2257 for a particular scene, that would technically be non-compliant, and the producer could end up doing 5-years mandatory minimum as a result.


Will America Implement Strict Age Verification Standards?

One major question was whether people believed that America would eventually implement similar age verification standards as the UK has. Pretty much everyone in the hangout agreed that they believed that the United States would eventually implement similar standards. When and how? Only history will tell. With the Republican Party quickly trying to declare porn a public heath crisis, this catalyst might become a reality much sooner than we might expect.


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