KinkBomb Response To iWantEmpire’s Press Release


KinkBomb Might Not Be Bought-Out By iWantEmpire

Recently, iWantEmpire released a PR hinting at a KinkBomb acquisition. It turns out that iWantEmpire might have jumped the gun on that one. KinkBomb released a tweet that hinted that people shouldn’t be believing the announcement. KinkBomb isn’t the only one that has responded to iWantEmpire press releases regarding acquisitions. Back in January, Clips4Sale also made a rebuttal to an iWantEmpire press releases stating that offers have been been made to both C4S and KinkBomb. Here are how the two companies responded.


KinkBomb’s Sarcastic Tweet Regarding The Announcement



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Clips4Sale Also Put Out A Response To iWantEmpire

KinkBomb isn’t the only one responding to the iWantEmpire press releases. Clips4Sale also released a statement regarding a press release by iWantEmpire that dropped on AVN back in January. The iWantEmpire PR expressed interest in acquiring both Clips4Sale and KinkBomb. Clips4Sale had some harsh words for the iWantEmpire ownership and the announcement they made. Here’s the original PR sent out by iWantEmpire, as well as Clips4Sale’s response.


Original Press Release iWantEmpire Sent Out:

LOS ANGELES—iWantEmpire submitted Indication of Interest letters to begin the proposed acquisition process for Clips4Sale and KinkBomb today.

“As part of our effort to grow and expand our brand we are prepared to make generous proposals to acquire Clips4Sale and KinkBomb, two players within our segment,” said Jay Phillips, founder and president of iWantEmpire. “Both companies have great name recognition, a large customer base and brand awareness within the market. We believe merging these properties with iWantEmpire’s technology will enhance both the artist and customer experience. The merger would represent the largest acquisition in the history of the clip industry, and one we are very excited to pursue.”

 The non-binding proposals, written by Phillips to the management of Florida-based Clips4Sale and Las Vegas-based KinkBomb Media Group, outline iWantEmpire’s interest in acquiring the companies with a proposed purchase price as well as an expedited timeline to conduct due diligence, present an offer, draft an agreement and close the deal, all by the third quarter of 2018.

Additional details of the offers are confidential.

 Clips4Sale is known as the original clips site, featuring thousands of clips in a variety of categories on its site, which averages 1.3 million daily page views and 20 million visitors each month. Clips4Sale properties include Images4Sale, Videos4Sale, and its streaming membership site, C4Smembers.

KinkBomb is recognized for its high-quality content from a wide variety of fetish artists and adult film producers who specialize in BDSM, cuckolding, femdom, foot worship, spanking, voyeur and more.


Here Was Clips4Sale’s Response:

TAMPA, Fla.—Clips4Sale sent in a statement in response to a press release posted earlier today on

Clips4Sale, the original downloadable video clips site, received an offer from a competitor in the middle of the night at 4:30 a.m. ET to buy them out. One hour later, the same competitor sent out a press release letting everyone know about the offer.

Clips4Sale is a very tight-knit family of employees, producers and models. Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, Clips4Sale has always run its business and conducted itself with integrity.

“It’s just shocking to me that someone so unscrupulous would think that we would sell our business to them,” Neil said. “Our business is more than just making money. Our models and producers are like family. Clips4Sale is not for sale!”

“My phone number is on the website, and we’ve always been transparent as to who owns the company and how we do business,” continues Neil. “Who would conduct any kind of legitimate business in the middle of the night? In my 20 years in the biz, I have never seen something so shady. But desperate people do desperate things.”

Clips4Sale will have some exciting changes in 2018 for its stores and loyal customer base, as well as a new revshare for models and producers. Their most recent contest that ended just a few days ago rewarded stores with more than $50,000 in additional income.


What Does This Mean?

It’s fair to say that the KinkBomb / iWantEmpire deal isn’t anything solid. It’s also fair to say that iWantEmpire has ruffled some feathers. Especially when it comes to Clips4Sale. Was this a tactic to gain some headlines and publicity? How far along, and in what direction did the KinkBomb conversations go? These press releases and follow-ups definitely leave more questions than answers. Would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.


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