Make Money Selling Fan Club Subscriptions with iWantFanClub!


iWantFanClub – Premium Monthly Subscriptions For Adult Models

iWantFanClub is a premium, social media-like platform that allows Artists to sell membership subscriptions. These subscriptions grant a customer access to an Artist’s iWantFanClub page, in which an Artist is encouraged to have fun with posting content such as:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Audios
  • Documents

Many Artists post content to their iWantFanClub page that isn’t available anywhere else, creating a special and unique experience for their customers that they cannot find anywhere else with them.

In addition to subscriptions, Artists have the ability to earn money with:

  • Tips/Tributes
  • Pay-to-View Messages

iWantFanClub has built-in traffic, as it is apart of the iWant network that includes iWantClips, iWantPhone, and iWantCustomClips.

iWantFanClub Information:

  • Services: FanClubs, Pay-to-View Messages
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 72%
  • Min Payouts: $25-$100
  • Cashout Options: Check, ACH, ePayments, Wire
  • Payout Frequency: *Daily / Bi-Weekly / Monthly
  • Chargebacks: Covered (up to $5k/month)
  • DMCA Services: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: No
  • Studio Accounts: Yes

What’s Required To Get Started

iWantFanClub welcomes all genders and types of Artists, Clip Producers, Models, Cam Girls, Fetish Performers, Dommes, Porn Stars, Influencers and everyone in between! The sign-up process is fast and easy! If an Artist runs into any issues or has questions about signing up, iWantFanClub has a dedicated support team ready to assist.

A photo ID is required at sign-up, for age verification purposes. This ensures the safety and integrity of the community. All Artist IDs, personal and account information is kept private and secure.

How Much Money iWantFanClub Artists Make

iWantFanClub Artists receive 80% of the revenue, after a 10% payment processing fee is deducted. For example, if your subscription price is set at $100, $10 will be deducted for payment processing, you will then receive 80% of the remaining $90, providing you with $72 total revenue earned. So, the Artist percentage is effectively 72% of total income earned through iWantFanClub.

Chargebacks Covered: Chargebacks are covered up to $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.

Payouts: Cashout Options, Minimums and Frequency

Cashouts can be made daily, bi-weekly or monthly. Here are the different cashout options and the minimum payouts for each:

US Stores

  • Daily Payouts (Mailed Check, Deposit or Emailed Check) = $25.00 minimum
  • Bi-Monthly Payouts (Mailed Check, Deposit or Emailed Check) = $50.00 minimum
  • Monthly Payouts (Mailed Check, Deposit or Emailed Check) = $50.00 minimum

International Stores

  • Request Pay (Express Pay, ePayments or Emailed Check) = $100.00 minimum
  • Bi-Monthly Payouts (Express Pay, ePayments or Emailed Check) = $100.00 minimum
  • Monthly Payouts (Express Pay, ePayments or Emailed Check) = $100.00 minimum

Daily Payouts: Commissions are reduced by 5% for daily payouts. This is to cover the administrative expenses associated with the daily payouts.This option issues a payout every business day (excluding weekends and bank holidays) as long as the $25 minimum has been met. Sales that occur over the weekend will be included in Monday’s payout. Recipients of Daily Payouts can choose to receive payouts via Automatic request or Manual request.

Setting Up Different Subscription Packages:

With iWantFanClub, Artists have full control over the subscription packages they create. This includes choosing the:

  • Subscription Price
  • Subscription Length
  • Subscription Preference

One popular way Artists set up subscriptions to incentivize their customers is to reduce the per month cost, on a package that requires the customer to purchase several months at once.

For example, an Artist can choose to charge $30/month when a customer purchases 1 month at a time vs $20/month if the customer purchases 6 months at one time.

Sending Pay-To-View Messages:

Pay-to-view messaging allows an Artist to send a regular message to one or many of their iWantFanClub customers that requires payment to view. Artists can set a pay-to-view price and send:

  • Photos
  • Files
  • Text

This is a fun, interactive feature with a lot of income potential!

Types of Media Artists Can Upload to iWFC:

On iWantFanClub, Artists may post:

  • Videos: (No larger than 200MB) – mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi, mkv
  • Pictures: (No larger than 25MB) – jpeg, png, gif
  • Audio: (No larger than 25MB) – mpga, aac, wav
  • Text: (No larger than 25MB) – doc, txt, pdf

To make a Fan Club post, the Artist will need to provide:

  • A Description: This can be as long or as short as an Artist wants
  • The file they’d like to upload: Text-only posts are also able to be created
  • Set it to Publish Now or Publish Later: to choose when it will publish

DMCA and Anti-Piracy Protection:

iWantFanClub is part of the iWant network that includes the popular network iWantClips. iWantClips believes in taking a strong stance against piracy and provides free, anti-piracy services to all Artists. This protection extends to all platforms in the iWC family, including iWantFanClub.

iWantClips actively monitors the Internet for pirated content that has been uploaded to tube sites and other unauthorized websites. When stolen content is discovered, iWC will do everything it can to remove the content. This includes getting it removed from tube sites, hosting sites, search engines and other places where stolen content might be found.

Studio Accounts Supported

A Studio account is a tool that gives you the ability to create as many separate content stores (Sub-Stores) as you desire, and provides a simple interface to manage and navigate them efficiently. Studio accounts combine all Sub-Store earnings into one single payout and allow you to receive all site notifications to one email address, and only requires one username/password!

A Studio account makes it very easy for a Studio owner with multiple performers, or stores that have specific categorical content.

Sign Up As An iWantFanClub Artist Today!

Ready to get started with selling Fan Club subscriptions with a fun, social media-like platform? Sign up today to be an Artist on iWantFanClub! The registration process is fast and easy, allowing the Artist to begin making money quickly.

Artists may sell Fan Club subscriptions with iWantFanClub and also take advantage of the other iWant platforms such as iWantClips, iWantCustomClips and iWantPhone to earn even more income.

The iWantClips network offers some of the industry’s best rates, has great Fetish and Vanilla traffic and tons of other great features. Fetish Producers, Dommes, Cam Girls, Porn Stars, Models and Influencers can thrive on iWantClips!

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