iWantEmpire’s New Bullying / New Member Banning Policy


iWantEmpire Implements Bullying / Banning Policy

iWantEmpire platforms are no longer supporting any type of harassment of their artists by any members/customers. Simply blocking a member so he is free to go harass someone else is no longer acceptable.


1st Strike: Suspension / 2nd Strike: Ban

If any member on an IWE platform harasses you within or even outside of the platform (proof via screenshot must be provided to support), that member will be placed on a 1-week suspension with a warning from support. During this 1 week, they will not have access to their account to include their content library nor the ability to purchase, stream or download content. If the member is found to harass you (or anyone else) a second time, their account will be banned permanently, forfeiting any content within their account. Funds in the account will be returned back minus a 20% professing fee.


Being Harassed? Submit Screenshots To Support

Support is currently accepting any screenshots of any member that has harassed you in relation to IWE platforms, whether currently or if it happened in the past.


More Information For iWantEmpire Artists

Interested in becoming an iWantEmpire artist? You can either signup here or learn about the network by checking out the link below. iWantEmpire is a leading fetish network, specializing in femdom content. Although it’s heavily femdom leaning, vanilla artists are welcome as well. Their network contains platforms for selling clips, accepting customs, paid phone sex and running a premium fanclub.

Learn More: iWantEmpire – Leading Femdom Network

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