iWantEmpire Partners With VRXcity / RedBux For VR / Crypto


iWantEmpire Partners With Cryptocurrency and VR Platform

It appears that iWantEmpire is the next to jump into the cryptocurrency and the VR game. recently, iWantEmpire has announced a partnership with vrXcity and redBUX. redBUX is an adult-friendly cryptocurrency and vrXcity is a VR product, where the viewers are able to interact with the VR models. vrXcity is going to be powered by redBUX. Here’s all the details of the partnership.


Information On vrXcity

vrXcity is a fully interactive 3D world. Real pornstars are “Scanned” into the platform. Users are able to select a wide range of different environments and interactive pornstars to be featured. There’s a wide range of scenarios to choose from, and everything in the 3D world is interactive. Users are able to touch and feel the characters in the world and interact with them in many different ways. Check out the video below (360 degree 3D, so you can move the screen around) for more information:


Information On redBUX

redBUX is the cryptocurrency powering vrXcity. Both the cryptocurrency as well as the VR platform are built and ran by the same people. In addition to being the exclusive cryptocurrency for vrXcity, the coin will also be accepted by a number of adult partners. iWantEmpire is one of those partners.


redBUX Will Be The Exclusive iWantEmpire Cryptocurrency

iWantEmpire announced that after the redBUX release in May 2018, it will be the exclusive cryptocurrency accepted on the iWantEmpire line of products (iWantClips, iWantPhone, iWantCustoms, iWantFanclub). iWantEmpire will be one of a number of adult entities that will be supporting redBUX as a form of payment.


iWantEmpire “Rooms” On vrXcity

According to the redBUX Token Use Cases, iWantEmpire (as well as other partners) will have their own “Rooms”:

redBUX Token Use Cases


What these rooms will look like, and whether or not they’ll feature iWantEmpire talent is not disclosed. We’ll all just have to wait and see what the iWantEmpire (and other partner) rooms look like.

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