iWantEmpire Acquiring KinkBomb?


Is KinkBomb Going To get Acquired To iWantEmpire?

I propose this as a question, as the official press release didn’t use “absolute” language. But on the flip-side, I don’t think it’s very status-quo to drop a press release unless there was “high certainty” that the acquisition is going through. We don’t normally make it a habit of directly syndicating press releases, for a number of reasons. For this particular event, we’re going to do just that. That way, you can see the original language and judge for yourself:


Major Update: KinkBomb Responds!

Major Update: KinkBomb has responded in a tweet. By the KinkBomb response, it’s fair to say that the acquisition isn’t confirmed, or might be something that was never close to being a thing. Clips4Sale also had some harsh words to say regarding an earlier iWantEmpire press release expressing interest in acquiring both KinkBomb and Clips4Sale.

Read KinkBomb and Clips4Sale’s responses to iWantEmpire



iWantEmpire Press Release Alleging KinkBomb Buyout:

iWantEmpire submitted Indication of Interest letters to begin the proposed acquisition process for Clips4Sale and KinkBomb on January 19th. KinkBomb responded favorably while Clips4Sale rejected the initial offer. Undeterred by the first passing, iWantEmpire keeps its offer for C4S on the table.

“As part of our effort to grow and expand our brand we are pleased to hear our initial offer for KinkBomb was accepted, and move into the next phase of acquisition,” said Jay Phillips, founder and president of iWantEmpire. “Although our initial offer to Clips4Sale has been rejected, we aren’t swayed. We made offers to two of the companies in our segment which we respect. KinkBomb and Clips4Sale have great name recognition, a large customer base and brand awareness within the market. We believe merging these properties with iWantEmpire’s technology will enhance both the artist and customer experience. The merger will represent the largest acquisition in the history of clip industry, and one we will continue to pursue.”

Clips4Sale is known as the original clips site featuring thousands of clips in a variety of categories on its site, which averages 1.3 million daily page views and 20 million visitors each month. Clips4Sale properties include Images4Sale, Videos4Sale, and its streaming membership site, C4Smembers.

KinkBomb is recognized for its high-quality content from a wide variety of fetish artists and adult film producers who specialize in BDSM, cuckolding, femdom, foot worship, spanking, voyeur and more.


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