iWantClips: Adult Clip Store For Dommes, Fetish Models, and Clip Artists


Getting Started On iWantClips

“For Artists, By Artists!”

iWantClips is an industry leading, all-in-one platform that allows for Artists to sell content and services on the platform for:

  • Clips
  • Audios
  • Phone Sex
  • Documents
  • Custom Clips
  • Pay-to-View Messages
  • Fan Club Subscriptions

iWantClips prides itself on being an Artist-friendly, technologically-advanced platform, founded by a popular clip producer.

One thing that makes iWantClips stand out is the site culture. For example, Models are referred to as Artists. Artist is an all-encompassing term that includes Fetish Clip Producers, Cam Girls, Cam Boys, Dommes, and everything in between!

Although iWantClips is known as a strong platform for FemDom and fetish, there are many mainstream and vanilla Artists that thrive on the platform. With over 800 categories, there is a home for every Artist and every Customer!

Quick Information:

  • Services: Clips, Phone Sex, Fanclubs, Customs
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 60% – 80%
  • Min Payouts: $25-$100
  • Cashout Options: Check, ACH, Wire, Paxum, US Bank Direct Deposit (International)
  • Payout Frequency: *Daily / Bi-Weekly / Monthly
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • Regional Blocking: Yes
  • DMCA Services: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Model Referral
  • Studio Accounts: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The sign-up process is fast and easy! If an Artist runs into any issues or has questions about signing up, iWantClips has a dedicated support team ready to assist.

All Genders Welcome: iWantClips welcomes female, male and transgender Artists, as well couples of all sexual orientations. Anyone 18+ can get started as an iWantClips Artist.

Photo ID: A photo ID is required at sign-up, for age verification purposes. This ensures the safety and integrity of the community. All Artist IDs, personal and account information is kept private and secure.

Content To Sell: Five pieces of content are required in order for an Artist’s store to go live on iWantClips. The content can be any combination of the following:

  • Clips
  • Photos
  • Audio Files
  • Documents


How Much iWantClips Artists Make

iWantClips pays out 60%-100% of all sales. The exact percentage depends on the services being offered:

  • Artists make 60% on: Clips, Audio, and Documents.
  • Artists make 70% on: Phone, Pay-to-View Messages, and Fan Club Subscriptions
  • Artists make 80% on: Tips/Tributes.
  • Artists make *100% on: Custom Clips. (*100% of the price set by the artist, customer is charged a large fee)

Chargebacks Covered: Chargebacks are covered up to $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.


What Makes iWantClips Different?

  • iWantClips has an Artist-friendly atmosphere of generosity, respect and empowerment!
  • iWantClips has a large fan-base of submissive men that enjoy activities such as sending gifts and money to Artists in order to please them.
  • iWantClips has a mark-up code feature, which encourages customers to spend more and gives Artists the opportunity to up-sell.
  • iWantClips gives Artists full creative control over what content and services they offer and sell, as well as the ability for the Artist to decide on what their prices should be.
  • iWantClips has over 800 categories that cater to a variety of customers and sexual desires.
  • iWantClips offers their customers a Storage Cloud so that they can always access their content from any device, anywhere in the world without the need to download or store the clips on their own devices.


Payouts: Cashout Options, Minimums and Frequency

Cashouts can be made daily, bi-weekly or monthly. Here are the different cashout options and the minimum payouts for each:

US Stores

  • Daily Payouts (Mailed Check, Deposit or Emailed Check) = $25.00 minimum
  • Bi-Monthly Payouts (Mailed Check, Deposit or Emailed Check) = $50.00 minimum
  • Monthly Payouts (Mailed Check, Deposit or Emailed Check) = $50.00 minimum

International Stores

  • Request Pay (Express Pay, Emailed Check, US Bank Direct Deposit, Wire, Paxum) = $100.00 minimum
  • Bi-Monthly Payouts (Express Pay, Emailed Check, US Bank Direct Deposit, Wire, Paxum) = $100.00 minimum
  • Monthly Payouts (Express Pay, Emailed Check, US Bank Direct Deposit, Wire, Paxum) = $100.00 minimum

Daily Payouts: Commissions are reduced by 5% for daily payouts. This is to cover the administrative expenses associated with the daily payouts. This option issues a payout every business day (excluding weekends and bank holidays) as long as the $25 minimum has been met. Sales that occur over the weekend will be included in Monday’s payout. Recipients of Daily Payouts can choose to receive payouts via Automatic request or Manual request.


Make Money Offering These Services

Here’s all the ways to make money on iWantClips


Make Money Selling Clips

Selling clips is easy on iWantClips! All an Artist has to do is:

  • Upload Clip: iWantClips offers Artists the ability to upload their clip from their computer or via a free FTP system.
  • Set a Price: iWantClips gives Artists full control over what and how to price their clips.
  • Create a Title: iWantClips gives Artists the ability to create a unique clip title that will identify the clip from any others on their store.
  • Write a Description: iWantClips gives Artists the ability to have a clip description be as brief or as detailed as the Artist wants!
  • Create a Preview: iWantClips offers Artists the ability to create a beautiful, high quality preview with their easy-to-use, on site Preview Maker.
  • Schedule for Release: iWantClips offers Artists the ability to release a clip right after uploading it or the ability to release it on a specified date and time in advance.

iWantClips handles all the payment processing and delivery of the content so that an Artist does not have to be actively present or logged into the platform to make sales. You can even make sales, as you sleep!

iWantClips encourages Artists to upload content on a regular basis, for the best chance to receive a steady income stream.


Selling Custom Clips

In addition to selling pre recorded clips, IWC Artists are also able to offer custom content. Selling custom clips is easy on iWantClips, with their built-in Custom Clips ordering form. All an Artist has to do is fill out their Custom Clip Settings. This allows the Artist to:

  1. Only create custom clips in categories you enjoy and are willing to do.
  2. Price their Custom Clip per Minute Rate however an Artist desires.
  3. Only film Custom Clips with an agreed-upon length.
  4. Have a Set Delivery time.

Once a Custom Clip order has been placed:

  • The Artist has control whether to Accept or Deny the request.
  • A countdown displays so an Artist knows how much time is left to complete the custom.
  • A message box appears, so an Artist may chat with the customer directly to clarify any details or questions.
  • Custom Email Reminders are sent, when the due-date becomes close.
  • The custom clip is easily uploaded within the order page and iWantClips delivers it to the customer.
  • Funds for the custom clip appear within minutes.


Phone Sex / Paid Talking

Phone Sex is fun and easy on iWantClips! All an Artist has to do is:

  • Connect Phone Number to the Platform: An Artist’s phone number is always kept private and secure. Calls are encrypted so no one will ever see an Artist’s real phone number.
  • Set Per Minute Pricing: Artists have full control over what their per minute pricing is.
  • Create Phone Lines in Multiple Categories: Artists can create many different phones in different categories of their choosing, from “Girl Next Door” to “Jerk Off Instruction” and many more!
  • Turn On/Off Phone Lines Anytime: Artists have full control over when their phone lines are on to take calls or when they are off to stop receiving calls.

Calls will always come through the same phone number so an Artist will always know when a customer from iWantClips is calling them!


Selling Pay-to-View Messages:

Pay-to-view messaging allows an Artist to send a regular message to one or many customers that requires payment to view. Artists can set a pay-to-view price and send:

  • Photos
  • Files
  • Text

This is a fun, interactive feature with a lot of income potential!


More iWantClips Features

Here’s the other major iWantClips features:


iWantClips Artist Referral Program

The iWantClips Artist referral program is another way to earn extra income, while introducing your circle to a platform like no other. Earn $30 for every Referred Artist to iWC that earns $200+ in their first 6 months! A unique referral link is created that can be easily e-mailed, messaged or posted.

Affiliate Marketers: Although this isn’t an official “affiliate program”, affiliate marketers with model traffic can also take advantage of the iWantClips Artist Referral Program by simply starting up an iWantClips store.


DMCA and Anti-Piracy Protection:

iWantClips strongly believes in taking a strong stance against piracy and provides free, anti-piracy services to all Artists. iWantClips has partnered with a leading DMCA agency to provide world-class anti-piracy protection. The DMCA services includes actively scanning the internet for illegally uploaded clips. When stolen content is identified, DMCA and other tactics are used to get that stolen content removed. This includes getting it removed from tube sites, hosting sites, search engines and other places where the content might be discovered.


Tip / Tribute Widget

iWantClips offers Artists many useful, profit-building widgets including:

  • Tip/Tribute: This allows for Customers to Tip/Tribute an Artist anywhere this widget is placed.
  • Content/Store: This allows for a mirror of an Artist’s Store to be placed and generate sales for anywhere this widget is placed.
  • CustomClips: This allows for a mirror of the Artist’s Custom Clip’s Ordering Form to generate sales for anywhere this widget is placed.

These widgets can be placed right onto an Artist’s web page to further market and generate sales!


Promotion & Feature Opportunities

Appear as a Featured Store: iWantClips features a diverse range of Artists weekly, right on their homepage! This is an excellent opportunity for Artists to gain exposure on the site, with the aim of increasing sales permanently.

Artist Spotlight on iWantBlog: iWantClips features a different Artist in the Artist Spotlight section of iWantBlog. The Artist Spotlight is an interview, full of fun questions for the customers of iWantClips to get to know an Artist and his/her brand.

Be Featured on iWantClips Twitter and Instagram Pages: iWantClips promotes many different Artists throughout its social media pages. iWC promotes Top-Selling Clips, Featured Stores, New Artists, Women of Color, Top Stores and more on both Twitter and Instagram.

Snapchat Takeover: iWantClips is proud to offer Artists the ability to log into the iWantClips Snapchat and take it over for the day. iWantClips encourages Artists to use this as a way to market an Artist’s unique brand and style on iWantClips.

Events and Photoshoots: iWantClips is proud to host events and photoshoots for many Artists. All iWantClips Artists are eligible to participate in such events, which includes signing at the iWC booth at Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, held every January. Signing Artists will receive individualized, promotional materials to hand out to their fans as well as branded iWC swag and gifts!

Appear in Digital and Print Advertisements: iWC Artists have the opportunity to be featured in digital and print ads for iWantClips, such as in AVN Magazine.

Opportunity to Appear as an iWantRadio Show Guest: iWantClips Artists are welcome to be a guest on the popular and exciting iWantRadio show. The iWantRadio show airs live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-3 pm PST on Sirius XM channel 415. This is a great way to gain exposure and network with popular show hosts Dr. Michelle Lovejoy and Bratty Nikki. Visit iWantRadio.com for more information!

Built-in Preview Maker: iWantClips is proud to offer Artists a fast, easy and beautiful way to create previews for their clips with their Preview Maker. It allows the Artist to select up to 5 separate, 5-second portions of their clip. These will then be blended together to give a smooth, .MP4-format preview that is Twitter-friendly.

Auto-Tweets for Promotion: iWantClips syncs with Twitter so Artists have an easy, seamless way to promote their brand on Twitter without having to constantly Tweet themselves. Each auto-tweet is completely customizable with text, photos and/or video attachments.

Promotional tweets include:

  • An Artist’s iWantClips Store Link
  • Sales Tweets, each time Content is Sold
  • Bulk Orders that announce when a large order of 5+ Contents have Sold
  • An iWantCustomClips Store Link
  • Sale’s Tweets, each time a Custom Clip is Sold
  • Phone Tweets for when an Artist is available, on a call or no longer available for calls.
  • Fan Club Tweets for when an Artist posts new content, gains a follow or receives a tip/tribute.


Regional Blocking / User Blocking

iWantClips supports blocking of users. Users can either be blocked based on location (block countries, states or individual cities) or by other criteria. Here are the different criteria that can be used for blocking on iWantClips:

  • Username
  • Email
  • IP Address
  • Location
  • Zip Code

When blocking, you can decide what parts of the site you want blocked. Choose to block any of the following:

  • Viewing  iWantClips Store and Purchasing Content
  • Viewing iWantCustomClips Store and Ordering Customs
  • Viewing iWantPhone Store and Making Calls
  • Prevent from leaving Tips/Tributes
  • Sending messages through Message Center


Studio Accounts Supported

A Studio account is a tool that gives you the ability to create as many separate content stores (Sub-Stores) as you desire, and provides a simple interface to manage and navigate them efficiently. Studio accounts combine all Sub-Store earnings into one single payout and allow you to receive all site notifications to one email address, and only requires one username/password!

A Studio account makes it very easy for a Studio owner with multiple performers, or stores that have specific categorical content.


Detailed Transaction Tab:

iWantClips offers a detailed transaction tab that enables Artists to view such things as:

  • Date and Time of Purchase
  • Title of Content that Sold
  • Type of Content that Sold (Photo, Video, Tip/Tribute, etc)
  • Customer Username who made the Purchase
  • Price of the Content/Service
  • There is even an option to set a date range and download a report of an Artist’s transaction history!


Signup For iWantClips Today!

Ready to get started as an iWantClips Artist? Sign up today! The registration is quick and easy and you can get started in no time! iWantClips Artists are able to make money from clips, custom requests, phone sex, fanclub subscriptions, paid messaging and tips / tributes, all under one roof! All genders are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money as an iWantClips artist. Sign up today!

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