Interview With Zoe Nova: Cam Model And ManyVids Seller

Interview With Zoe Nova: Cam Model And ManyVids Seller

Interview With Zoe Nova: Cam Model And ManyVids Seller

An interview with Zoe Nova, a top ManyVids girl. Zoe Nova discusses how she got into the adult industry, what she likes about being a ManyVids seller and we get to know her a little bit better. Here’s what she has to say:

MV: So Zoe, Im sure everyone is dying to know, how did you get into being a model & making sexy vids?

Zoe: It’s not a story many people know! I had to leave my job as a makeup artist and I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do instead, but shortly after I got introduced to Cam modeling, which I had no idea existed plus I thought would be the last thing I would ever do since I’m so shy! But I tried it, loved it and never looked back.

MV: You offer a nice variety of vids which includes everything from ass worshipping, butt plugs, oil shows, BJ’s, teasing, lots of play & even nipple clamps! What would you say is your favourite type of vids to create & why?


Interview With Zoe Nova: Cam Model And ManyVids Seller

Zoe: My favourite type of content is the kind I don’t have much of, ironically! I love making sex videos the best, there’s something about creating atmosphere and chemistry with a partner on screen that to me has no comparison. I enjoy experimenting with sex and offering new and different perspectives on it. Ultimately I hope to finally have lots of new ones in the next few months!

MV: You also offer a custom video option where members can message you with ideas of their own & you can create a vid (tailor made) – JUST FOR THEM. What is the craziest vid you’ve done & did you enjoy it?

Zoe: Customs are so much fun to do! A long time ago I did a video where I was begging the person to impregnate me, it was certainly a different experience and has been the only request of that nature I’ve ever received. I had never done that before so it was the tiniest bit awkward at first but I got into it, it was interesting 🙂


Interview With Zoe Nova: Cam Model And ManyVids Seller

MV: In your MV profile you mention having a passion for art, music & literature. What are some of your favourites?

Zoe: These are things I could go on forever about, I love all kinds of music, Classic Rock, Grunge, Alternative, Metal, R&B. If I list individual bands I’ll never stop! I love art that’s weird and has a high shock value, I go for surrealism and gothic art most. Frida Kahlo is hands down my favourite artist of all time. In terms of reading I love Shakespeare, Poe, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, Salman Rushidie, Francesca Lia Block, all kinds of poetry and non fiction as well.

MV: Tell me something about yourself that not a lot of people know, a dirty secret 😛

Zoe: Oh my, a dirty secret! Well….many years ago I met this guy at a concert and we became fast friends. We did a few shots and before I know it we were outside making out on top of someone’s car! I got topless and he sucked on my nipples for a while, we were completely oblivious. It’s the most insane thing I have ever done and to this day I still have no idea if anyone saw us that night!


Interview With Zoe Nova: Cam Model And ManyVids Seller

Please finish the following sentences, so our readers can get to know you better:

My dream date would be: Dinner and a concert!
My favourite holiday is: Halloween
My favorite sex toy is: My infamous black and gold Lelo wand
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is: Reflect on my dreams, I tend to have really really strange ones.
What makes me smile most: My family 🙂
My favorite food is: Thai, Japanese and ice-cream!
My favorite hobby is: Music, I love to sing the most!
I love my fans because: They give me this amazing opportunity to do a job I love, where I can completely be myself and create my own way. I feel so lucky to be a part of this incredible community!


Becoming A ManyVids Model and Addition Information

Want to become a ManyVids model just like Zoe Nova? Register today! ManyVids is the network for selling your homemade (or professional) adult content, selling paid calling and texting, hosting sexy Skype shows and building out your custom stores where you can basically sell anything you want!

More information on ManyVids and how to become a model.


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