Required Internet / Upload Speed For Adult Camming


Required Internet Connection For Adult Camming

Your internet connection is incredibly important if you plan on doing live webcam shows. The faster your upload speed, the better your live stream will be. Anything you can do to increase the quality of your streaming will ultimately result in greater income. This includes the quality of your webcam, the lighting in the room, and of course, your internet connection.


2 mbps Upload Speed Is Required (Higher Recommended!)

It’s recommended that you have a 2mbps (Megabyte Per Second) or better upload speed. Testing your upload speed is simple. There’s a tool that will do it for you with the click of a button. Go to and simply click the start button. Speed Test will perform a couple tests and give you your average speed for downloads and uploads. The upload speed is what you’re looking at. If you’ve got a slow upload speed, there’s some suggestions for increasing it at the bottom of this post.


Of Course, The Faster The Upload Speed The Better

1mbps is really the minimum you should have for camming. Keep in mind, this is the minimum. Some networks will state that the minimum requirement is a little bit below this, others will state it’s above this and some will simply use the words “As fast as possible”.

The faster you can get your upload speed, the better. Even if your speed is good enough, you should still be aware of the different things you can do to make it even better. Having a great upload speed doesn’t only help with camming. If you plan on selling clips as well, having a great upload speed will reduce the amount of time it takes to upload clips to the various clip stores.


Tips For Increasing Your Upload Speed

Here are some tips for increasing your upload speed. Following these tips will give you a higher quality feed and ultimately result in greater income for you.


Switch To A Faster Internet Provider

Let’s face it; some internet providers just suck. If yours does, it’s time to upgrade. Shop around and see if there’s any faster internet providers available. If there is, switch to them. Also see if your internet provider offers a faster plan. It might cost more money to upgrade internet packages, but you’ll make more money and it’ll be well worth it. Besides, you’ll also have faster internet for non-camming things like Netflix.


Using An Ethernet Cable Instead of Wifi

Perhaps the most simple thing you can do to increase your upload speed is use an ethernet cable instead of wifi. Also, the shorter the cable the better. A wired connection will always be faster than a wireless connection. This might not always be possible though. If you can’t get a wired connection to the room you’re camming in, you’re not going to be able to do this. Also, believe it or not, some computers don’t have ethernet jacks anymore. For those computers, you’ll need to get a USB / ethernet adapter, which isn’t that expensive.


Close Other Programs That Are Uploading / Downloading

If you’ve got other programs accessing the internet running on your computer, consider closing them. It doesn’t matter if they’re only downloading and not uploading. Any programs using the internet will have an impact on your upload speed. This is especially true if the programs are uploading.


Don’t Cam-Split On Multiple Sites

Cam-splitting is where you use a software to broadcast your shows on multiple sites. Some models choose to split, others don’t. Typically, splitting is only used for models who do private shows. They’re able to sit in public chat on multiple sites until a member on one particular site wants to take them to private. If you don’t have the best upload speed, you should consider only performing on a single site.

More Info: Cam-Splitting – How To Do It and Sites That Allow It


Are Other People Accessing Your Internet?

If you don’t have a password protecting your router, that’s something you should install. There’s security reasons for this, there’s also the possibility that people are hijacking your internet. This can slow yours down as well. Also, if there’s any other devices connected to the wifi, might consider disconnecting them when camming.


Guide To Becoming An Adult Webcam Model

Do you want to become an adult webcam model? We’ve got a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about getting started. Learn what the requirements are, how to pick the right camming sites and other tips on how to be a successful webcam model. The guide also contains links to additional info that will go in-depth on specific topics.

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