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Prevent Facebook Friends From Finding You On Instagram

Since Facebook bought Instagram, the two services started getting cozy with one another. Instagram suggests to you in the app that you should connect it with Facebook, and Facebook has a dedicated menu in the application that launches Instagram (or Play Store, if you haven’t installed it yet). You might think that all you have to do is simply not connect them and you’ll be fine. But that couldn’t be further from what’s really going on.


Without Connecting, Apps Communicate With Each Other

If you look closer, even if you don’t connect your Instagram with your Facebook profile, on the Suggested tab you’ll see a lot of people with “Friends on Facebook” under their names. But you haven’t connected your profiles, how the hell did they get there? It’s pretty easy. On your phone the applications can communicate with each other. Send messages, or any kind of data, and this doesn’t necessary happen in front of your eyes.

They can do it in the background as well. Since Facebook owns Instagram all they need to do is code both applications to communicate with each other and share the logged in user’s profile information and friends list, so the other application can make better suggestions for you. This is all to make the user experience better and more magical. The only problem: it’s not optional. If you have both applications installed on the same device they will share the logged in accounts with each other, no matter what permissions you revoke and what you do.


This Feature Can (And Does) Dox Models

But what if you don’t want this? What if for example you are a camgirl or clip producer, and you have only one phone (why would you have more?), and you use Facebook only for personal purposes and Instagram only for your adult industry persona (or personal and adult as well)?


The Solution (For Android Users)

Don’t worry, there’s a solution for this and it’s rather easy! At least if you have an Android phone. iOS users have requested this feature for a long time now so hopefully Apple implements it soon and brings it out in one of their next iOS releases.


How It Works

Android supports multiple user accounts on the same device. It’s basically the same thing as on your PC. You can have multiple users for the phone itself. Every user has their own space. They can have their own applications with their own settings, their own logged in users, their own saved passwords etc. They are completely separated and access is restricted so they have no way of accessing the other user’s things. This feature is available since Android 5.0 on phones and Android 4.4 KitKat on tablets. So unless you have a phone or tablet that’s so old it shouldn’t even be working anymore, you’re most probably good to go.


How To Set It Up

Here’s how to create a secondary user account on your phone.

  • Pull down the notifications shade and tap the gear icon.
  • If you’re on Android Nougat or below, find the menu called “Users”. Since Oreo it’s called “Users & Accounts”. Besides this, the rest will be fairly identical.
  • Tap on “+ Add user”
  • On tablets you’ll be asked if you want a regular or restricted account. Go for regular here.
  • Next you’ll be prompted if you’d like to set up your new user now, or do it later.
  • If you select “Set up now”, you’ll be switched over to the newly created account.
  • If not, you’ll be able to switch later at any time. To do this pull down the notifications shade all the way. You should see a small user icon. If you tap it it’ll show all the available users on the phone and you’ll be able to select whichever you want.
  • Use step 2 to switch back to your original user account when you want to.
  • From this point on you’ll start by setting up your new account the same way you do when you first boot up a brand new phone.


Install All Adult Industry Apps Under New User

That’s all! You’re ready to go! Install any app you’d like to use with your adult industry persona. Simply use your personal stuff on your personal account and all your adult related stuff on your adult account. You can even have Instagram installed on both, and use them with different users. You won’t need to log out and log in all the time. Simply switch the user on your phone and you’ll see the other one.


How To Unlink Facebook and Instagram

If you accidentally linked your Facebook profile to your Instagram here are the steps to undo it:

  • Open your Instagram application
  • Go to your User tab
  • Tap on the 3 dots menu on the top right
  • Scroll down to “Linked Accounts”
  • If there’s a check mark next to “Facebook”, tap on it
  • Tap on “UNLINK”


Unlink Facebook From Your Instagram

  • Open Facebook in a browser
  • Go to settings
  • Select Apps and Websites
  • If you see Instagram here, remove it and revoke all permissions


Now Your Facebook / Instagram Are No Longer Connected

Now your Instagram and Facebook are no longer linked. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do if the damage is already done and your friends already found out about your profile. You can try proactively searching for them and blocking them, but that’s all.

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