Instagram Banning Sexually Explicit Language?

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Instagram’s New Policies On Sexually Explicit Language

We have a question mark on the title, as this is nowhere to be found in their public community guidelines, nor in any of their other terms or policies. But it does appear that Instagram is now banning accounts for sexually explicit language. We all knew that photos were off limits. Even non-nude photos aren’t allowed, if they’re too sexual in nature. But banning due to text and language is a new one. It’s easy to assume that any risque hashtag is also compromised due to this.


Instagram Banning Sexually Explicit Language


First Tweeted By Four Chambers

The image above comes from a tweet by Four Chambers about a recent Instagram ban. The interesting part is the last bullet point that reads “Using sexually explicit language”. You can find the tweet embedded below:


“Sexually Explicit Language” Not Included In Community Guidelines

Here’s the real interesting part: “Sexually Explicit Language” is nowhere to be found in Instagram’s public Community Guidelines. There’s nothing about sexually explicit text anywhere else in their terms or policies either. It appears that the only time you’ll see actual text or language referenced in on the capped page after an account has been banned.


Here’s What Is In Their Community Guidelines:

Here is what is currently part of Instagram’s community guidelines regarding sexual and explicit content.


Instagram Does Have Policies Over Sexual Explicit Photos

Instagram has always had policies in place against explicit photos. In their own words: “Post photos and videos that are appropriate for a diverse audience”. They’ve got zero tolerance for nudity in photos and videos, but sexualized photos and videos can also be non-compliant, even if completely non-nude.


Selling Sexual Services

This is under the Follow The Law section, so who knows whether they’re only referencing prostitution, or if this applies to camming, selling clips and promoting other sexual services as well.


Sexual Content Involving Minors

And of course, like they should, and like everyone should, there’s a zero tolerance policy against sexual content involving minors.


But Nothing On Sexual Text or Language

But there is not a single word on explicit language or text. In fact, the only place we’ve ever seen it referenced is on that tweet quoted above. It’s odd that something that you can get banned for isn’t mentioned in their public content policies. It’s also such broad language that it could apply to many things.


Is This The Nail In The Coffin For Adult?

Instagram has never really been an adult-friendly social network. Outside of that, the way it connects with apps, even without syncing them (especially Facebook) presents a major privacy concern for models who don’t want people in their real lives knowing about their adult persona. But with this new language, and accounts getting banned over text even, does this mean that there is no room for any adult performers on Instagram?

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