IndieBill Flagging Accounts Suspected Of Escorting (SESTA)

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IndieBill Flagging Accounts For Suspected Escorting

It was reported in one of the forums that IndieBill has started cracking down on accounts suspected of escorting. It is believed that this is SESTA-related, as many services have started getting more strict as a result as well. The model that reported the incident stated that the transactions in question was for Skype shows (Skype has also recently cracked down on adult/obscene content) and not for escorting or any personal meet-ups. We’re not going to name the performer in question or link to the thread, in case the performer in question doesn’t want to be put in the limelight. We do feel this needs to be shared, however, and we do have the email quoted below.


IndieBill’s Official Response To This Story:

Do not worry, we make sure all your personal data is safe with us.

The geographical destination is a flag for potential escorting. However, this is not the only thing we investigate before we would deem a transition suspicion of covering fees linked to escorting. As we state, we have nothing agains this line of business, but legally speaking, due to the jurisdiction applying to us, we cannot be involved in any transitions linked to this.

When we refund a customers for this purpose, we inform them the transition was escorting payment suspicion. However, we never go into detail explanation to them what are the exact reasons behind, not to accidentally redeem any personal data about the models.


Email Sent By IndieBill

Our moderation team established that you are most likely using IndieBill in order to take escorting related payments due to the amounts and geographical proximity with your only customer so far.

If this is the case, please let us know and we will refund the transactions immediately and your account won’t be terminated (this time).

If that is not the case, please provide proofs regarding the two transactions so that we can have the insurance that it is not escorting related.

Please know that in doubt (if we’re not confident in the proofs provided) we will refund the transactions because escorting is illegal and puts us at risk of criminal charges.


Proximity of Customers = Account Flagging?

The real interesting language is the geographical proximity. It would make sense to look at that, as an escort would most likely be dealing with customers within a specific geographical region. If an account gets flagged for every transaction within a specific area, that can get burdensome. If the customer also receives a notification about the transaction being flagged, it also poses a risk of doxxing the location of performers using the platform.


Other Impacts Of FOSTA/SESTA

The passing of SESTA has caused quite an impact on a wide range of services, both adult as well as mainstream. Some of the impacts are things that you wouldn’t expect, while others make a lot of sense. Here are some of the other impacts SESTA has had.

Backpage Seized By US Government – The US Federal Government has seized and affiliate websites. Backpage was one of the major reasons for the passing of SESTA.

Craigslist Personal Ads – Craigslist has taken down their personals section. Although many people did use that for legit purposes, it has the potential to be exploited in similar ways that Backpage was exploited.

Escort Sites Shut Down – There have been multiple escort sites that have shut down entirely.

Escort Sites Blocking USA – Other escort sites have started restricting the United States. Either USA services altogether, or they’ve quit serving and accepting ads from the United States.

Camming Sites Update TOS – Camming sites have updated TOS, banning things such as in-person meet-ups facilitated on the site.

FetLife Updates TOS – FetLife updated their TOS and banned consensual blackmail and financial domination.

Microsoft Skype – Microsoft updated the Skype TOS to quit allowing obscene and adult content.

Xbox Live – Microsoft also updated the Xbox Live TOS, banning cussing and obscene content.

Microsoft Office – Yes, obscene content has been banned from Microsoft Office as well.

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