IndieBill: Make Money From Skype Shows, Content Sales and Snapchat

Indie Bill

IndieBill: Charge For Skype Shows, Content Sales and Snapchat

IndieBill is a platform for adult models looking to sell their products and services. Indie Bill pays out 85% to models. This is the highest percentile in the industry. Indie Bill specializes in clips, zipped content sets, Skype shows and Snapchat accounts. When a model adds a new product or service, a store page is generated with product information and the ability for customers to make a purchase. Indie Bill also offers websites for their adult performers. Here’s all the details.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Content, Skype, Snapchat, Websites
  • Model Percentage: 85%
  • Min Payout: $25
  • Payout Schedule: Bi-Weekly
  • Payout Methods: ACH, FirstChoicePay, Wire
  • Chargebacks: Covered


Indie Bill Pays Out 85%: Highest In The Industry

Indie Bill pays out 85% of all sales to models. This is the highest percentile in the industry. In fact, this rivals adult-friendly payment processors like CCBill. But unlike CCBill, there’s no upfront fees and you don’t have to integrate the platform into your own website. Many of the adult marketplace sites payout models between 30%-60%. If you’re working independently and want to make more money off your sales, consider driving traffic to Indie Bill instead of other adult marketplace sites. Indie Bill also protects against chargebacks.


Sell Your Content: Clips, Photo Galleries and Zip Files

Indie Bill specializes in the sale of content. Models are able to upload clips or zip files. The zip files can include any type of content, as long as it’s compliant with the terms of use and all local laws. Zips can be used to sell photo gallery sets, audio sets and more. If you’re producing and selling your own content, make more money by sending your traffic to Indie Bill instead of other adult marketplace sites.

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Accept Payments For Adult Skype Shows

Skype shows are very popular and profitable for models. Skype shows generally pay more than regular camming shows. This is because Skype is providing the technology instead of the camming network. Skype is also cam-to-cam, a feature that a lot of customers are interested in. Indie Bill makes it very easy to charge for adult Skype shows. They support different pricing tiers for different show durations.

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Sell Access To Your Snapchat Account

Snapchat is another great money maker for adult models. It’s also a great way to market to your existing customer base. Indie Bill allows models to setup different pricing tiers for different durations. Sell access based on number of weeks the user subscribes or sell lifetime access! Also use Snapchat to let your followers know when you’re getting online or have a new piece of content available for sale.

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Get Your Own Personal Website Built Free!

In addition to providing payment processing with the highest payout rates in the industry, models are also able to get their very own sites! Having a website is great for marketing and driving sales. With a website, you’re able to take advantage of valuable search engine traffic. With a little bit of work, Google can provide a steady stream of new customers for you. You can also list all the other networks (camming sites, ect) that you belong to.

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Ready To Get Started? Signup For Indie Bill Today!

Ready to get started with Indie Bill? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can be up and running in a matter of no time. whether you’re looking to sell content sets, Skype shows, Snapchat or other services, Indie Bill is the solution for you. Get the highest percentages in the industry, plus your very own personal site built free. Get started today!

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