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Promote PussyCash: The ImLive Affiliate Program

PussyCash is the official affiliate program for ImLive and a number of other websites within the network. PussyCash has been around for a while and has a proven track-record for success. PussyCash offers multiple programs to promote, multiple websites and all the promotional tool an affiliate needs. Here’s all the details on PussyCash.


Sites In The PussyCash Network

There are multiple sites PussyCash affiliates can promote. These include straight cams, gay, transgender and fetish. Here are all the sites available through the PussyCash network:


Give your users the gift of award-winning entertainment with ImLive.com, the best webcam arena online. ImLive has over 80,000 of the hottest Hosts online, performing live from their homes. They have experience in traffic conversion and will do whatever it takes to make your users happy!


Sexier.com was designed with the webmaster in mind. It’s a premium adult webcam site that converts traffic immediately, with no hassles or distractions. 1000’s of Sexier Models are sure to convert your traffic to cash, easily.


Real girls, getting creative on cam! They’ve got a horny secret, and they want to share it with your users! Thousands of amateur babes are turning up the heat in their spare time, and getting wild and adventurous on camera, all around the house!


Features include: “Scan Cam”, a mechanism created to scan the endless, chaotic world of webcams, bringing users the hottest, most intriguing shows that they can tap straight into, and share on social networks. “Get a Ride” enables users to enjoy top rated sex shows almost for free, while someone else pays bulk of the cost.


Promote the live, kicking and whipping fetish community, seamlessly integrated with the best webcam platform and earn big! Use this unique opportunity to send your fetish traffic to the real fetish community with 1000s of daily active users, expertly crafted to convert them to webcam users.


FetishGalaxy will blow your fetish-loving users’ minds! This Lifestyle Site has fetish live webcam shows to die for and premium exclusive content such as articles, top fetish spots around the world and fetish-only video on demand! Promote it to cash in!


These guys are the cream of the crop and they’re here to take good care of your gay traffic! Hundreds of the sexiest guys in the webcam world will get your users to come back for more. Cash in on it by promoting them!


Hundreds of hot Shemales are showing off their skills and making sure to satisfy their guests with the best of both worlds. Everyone loves Shemales, and so will your users – promote these gorgeous ladies to earn big!


iDesires is the future of Adult Entertainment! This interactive sex site puts your users in charge of the action, and lets them direct and experience their own personal porn movie – where THEY are the stars of the show! Promote it and capitalize on the new way of getting it on!


Promote The Revshare, PPS or PPL Programs

PussyCash offers three different commission-structures: Revshare, PPS and PPL. The exact commission or percentage various based on the offer being promoted. Here’s a description of the three different payout programs:

Revshare – A lifetime share of all revenue generated by the referrals. Every time a new customer the affiliate refers purchases a token package, the affiliate will receive a percentage of the purchase amount.

Pay Per Signup (PPS) – With Pay Per Signup (PPS) the affiliate gets a commission after the new customer referral makes their first purchase. The commission amount will vary based on the offer being promoted.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Pay Per Lead (PPL) is where the affiliate earns a commission on every free account registration, regardless of whether a commission is made. These commissions are generally very small.


Promotional Ads / Tools Available For Affiliates

PussyCash offers affiliates a wide range of promotional tools to promote ImLive and the other sites in their network. Here is what’s available:


Standard Banners Provide your traffic with tried and tested graphic banners that will appeal to your site`s audience. These banners were designed by our creative marketing team and have proven to convert traffic.

Real Time Banners

Real Time Banners Real time banners are sky-high conversion tools – they show Hosts who are online and ready to video chat with your site users. They provide your site with constantly-updated content while enabling your users to jump directly to video chat with the Hosts who interest them.

Live Feed Banners

Stream real live action feeds of hosts who are online and ready to chat with users. These banners are proven to convert and are highly interactive as the frames feature hosts live in their chat rooms – no freeze frame, no still shots. The banners are all set in iframe codes that won`t weigh down your site pages.

Live IM Style Ad

IM style live feeds of hosts who are online and ready to chat with users. These messages are proven to convert and are highly interactive as the frames feature hosts LIVE in their chat rooms – no freeze frame, no still shots. The banners are all set in iframe codes that won`t weigh down your site pages and have custom options to best fit the needs of your site and optimize your traffic conversion

Video Ads

Use these video banners to present numerous recorded ImLive VideoChat sessions to your users. Flash object video clips of actual recorded VideoChat sessions are streamed from ImLive servers using Flash Player. Numerous clips are played in random order and automatically change when users refresh the page.

Responsive (Mobile) Flash Pages

Responsive Splash Pages for mobile devices are innovative promotional tools specifically designed for mobile devices such as phones, tablets and phablets. These super-converting pages consist of a simple URL, allowing you to use them in whichever manner you deem most effective, i.e., as a pop-up and/ or pop-under. With eye-catching designs you can use Responsive Splash Pages for mobile devices to grab attention, increase your conversion rate and get the most out of your traffic!

Geo-Targeted Banners

High-converting, geographically-targeted ads identify a user’s IP address and present customized text according to the user’s location. These banners contain static photos of Hosts and are excellent conversion tools for dating sites, social networks, and more.

RSS / XML Feeds

ImLive’s customizable RSS feeds provide you with a listing of Hosts who are online and ready to chat with your site users. With these custom RSS feeds, you can pull data and photos for up to 50 Hosts in the niches your prefer; and you can use the data with RSS readers, integrated in your blogs and with various widgets.

Build Your Own Banner

The Build Your Own Banner tool enables you to create tons of quality banners in no time using exclusive content from all of ImLive’s niche Hosts. Choose your favorite niche Host from among ImLive’s 13 available niches, add some enticing text and customize your banner with the text, background and link colors that suit your traffic. The BYOB tool has been helpful to thousands of webmasters in converting straight and gay traffic; and now it can be used to convert all of your niche traffic, as well.

Embeddable Search Banners

Designed Integrated Search Boxes are banners hosted by ImLive that search the database of ImLive Hosts based on a keyword description your users write in the search box. A listing of ImLive VideoChat Hosts who fit the description requested appears in a new browser window; or you may choose to present the results in the same window. Search boxes are highly effective in blog sites, forums and site review websites.


Whitelabeled Site Builder Through Webcam Wiz

ImLive also has a whitelabeled website builder powered by Webcam Wiz. With Webcam Wiz, webmasters can create their very own rebranded version of ImLive. The webmaster running the whitelabeled version gets a percentage of all revenue generated from the whitelabeled version of the site. Webcam Wiz / ImLive handles the hosting, payment processing and all the technical aspects of running the site. Webmasters only have to worry about promoting their whitelabeled version and earning.


Signup For PussyCash Today!

Ready to get started promoting the ImLive affiliate program? Signup for PussyCash! Promote ImLive, plus a collection of other sites. PussyCash offers revshare, PPS and PPL, plus all the tools affiliates need to generate and convert traffic. Plus, build your own whitelabeled version of ImLive with the Webcam Wiz whitelabeled site-builder.


Also Promote ImLive Through CrackRevenue

In addition to promoting the ImLive affiliate program through PussyCash, webmasters can also promote ImLive through CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue is a leading camming affiliate network, featuring offers from a wide range of camming networks.

ImLive CrakRevenue

The CrakRevenue affiliate offer is a little bit more limited as far as promotional material goes, but all the ads are well designed and comes in a wide range of sizes, all featuring different artwork.


Learn More About Camming Affiliate Marketing

Looking for more camming affiliate programs to promote? We’ve got them all in one place. Our directory makes it easy to compare all the different camming affiliate offers available. See what type of commission-structures they offer, and get detailed information about each of the individual affiliate programs. Find the camming offers that are right for you and your traffic.

Getting Started With Camming Affiliate Marketing


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