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Promote The iFriends Affiliate Program

ClickCash is the official affiliate program for iFriends, one of the original camming sites. ClickCash offers many different commission types (Revshare, PPS and PPL), plus commissions on model referrals and webmaster referrals. ClickCash also provides all the tools needed to successfully promote and drive traffic. Here’s all the details on the iFriends affiliate program.


Quick Information:

  • Commission Types: Revshare, PPS, PPL
  • Cashout Options: ACH, Check, Cosmo Payment
  • Payout Schedule: Weekly
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Whitelabel: WordPress Plugin
  • Model Referral: Yes
  • Webmaster Referral: Yes


iFriends Supports Revshare, PPS and PPL

ClickCash offers multiple commission-structures to choose from. Make money promoting the revshare, PPS or PPL programs. Here’s all the details on the different commission types offered by iFriends:

Revshare: The revshare works on a tiered system based on the weekly tiered system. The more money the referrals spend each week, the greater the revsahre percentage. The revshare starts at 20% and goes all the way up to 35%.

Pay Per Signup (PPS): The pay-per-signup (PPS) program pays commissions on converted new users. In order to receive the commission, the new user must first spend at least $30 in private chat. The PPS is tiered based on the number of signups. The PPS starts at $100 and goes up to $200.

Per Per Lead (PPL): The pay-per-lead (PPL) program pays affiliates for all new verified signups that occur on the site. The PPL program is tiered based on number of signups each week. The PPL starts at $20 and goes as high as $55.


Cashout Options / Min Payouts / Payout Schedule

The Minimum payout for the iFriends affiliate program is $50. ClickCash pays out affiliates every week, as long as the minimum amount for a cashout is met. Here are the supported cashout options:

  • Check
  • ACH / Direct Deposit
  • Comso Payment


Promotional Tools Available To Affiliates

ClickCash gives affiliates all the tools they need to drive traffic and promote the network. Here’s all the promotional tools available to iFriends affiliates:

Banners: ClickCash has tons of different banner artwork to choose from, and supports all the standard ad sizes. ClickCash is constantly providing new banner artwork, including banners for featured models and shows.

Deep-Linking: ClickCash supports deep-linking to any iFriends page. This is useful for linking directly to a specific models fanclub, chatroom or profile page. This feature can also be used to link to specific categories and other pages in the iFrame site.

RSS/XML Feeds: Use the RSS, XML and JSON feeds to generate a listing of currently live webcam models who fit a specific niche. The possibilities are endless – it’s never been easier to feed the needs of your users!

WordPress Plugin: ClickCash offers a variety of WordPress plugins that allow you to display iFriends content in your adult WordPress theme pages and posts. Each has easy step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring your plugin to work on your site and track all clicks and signups.

Full Page Ads: ClickCash provides full page landers for affiliates. These landing pages are fully responsive and customizable. Choose whether you want the lander to provide a grid of online models, a model chatroom or a video landing page.

Model Spotlight: iFriends regularly features models in what’s called the Model Spotlight. When a model is showcased, she’s featured on the blog with photos and interviews. iFriends supplies banner artwork and links for the model being spotlighted. iFriends also regularly provides member appreciation shows, and ClickCash  provides promotional artwork for those as well.


iFriends Model Referral Program

iFriends also has a model referral program. If you’ve got webcam model traffic, this is a great revenue stream. iFriends will pay$100 for each qualified model referred to the network. In order to qualify for the commission, the model must be new to the iFriends family of sites and hosts a minimum of 120 hours in live sessions.

Learn More: iFriends Webcam Model Referral Program


iFriends Webmaster Referral Program

iFriends also offers a very generous webmaster referral program. You’re able to get a 10% revshare off all new affiliates you’re able to refer to ClickCash. Not only that, but there’s a tiered webmaster referral system, that allows you to earn off any webmasters that they’re able to send to the network.


Signup As An iFriends Affiliate Today!

Ready to get started as an iFriends affiliate? Signup today! Start promoting one of the original camming affiliate programs, with a track-record for success. iFriends offers many commission types to choose from, including a model and webmaster referral program. Get all the tools you need to drive traffic and promote the network, including a WordPress plugin that can be used to convert your website into a camming site.

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