How Much Does An AmateurCommunity Model Make Per Coin?

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How Much Is A Coin Work On AmateurCommunity?

An AmateurCommunity model makes $0.03 USD for every coin earned. This was a question that a model looking to AmateurCommunity asked via email. I realized that this information wasn’t really readily available in both AmateurCommunity’s resources, or elsewhere through a Google search. AmateurCommunity displays percentages, but with different coin packages for customers, the percentages can easily get skewed.


Make Additional Money Through The Referral Program

It’s also possible to make additional money through the AmateurCommunity referral program. You’re able to make money referring new customers, as well as new performers. Make money on all their credit purchases, not just the money they spend on you! Referral programs are a great way to make additional income. If you’re already doing promotion, you might as well get paid some extra bucks for the traffic you’re already sending to the network.


Not Already An AmateurCommunity Model? Signup Today!

Not already an AmateurCommunity model? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. AmateurCommunity is a very popular network in Germany and other parts of Europe. They’ve got great global traffic, including in the USA as well. AmateurCommunity allows models to make money from selling adult content, chatting through their Hello Machine and from live camming. Get started now!

Learn More: European Models Wanted – Signup For AmateurCommunity


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