Hello Machine: Get Paid Receiving Adult Sex Messages

AmateurCommunityGet Paid Receiving Adult Sex Messages

If you’re wanting to get paid from sending and receiving adult messages, you need to look into the Hello Machine by AmateurCommunity. It’s their top profit maker and one of the many services that their models can offer. Models are able to setup a message to send and with a push of the button it’ll send that message to 25 of the sites users. You can push the button as many times as you want!

Performers get paid for any reply message that’s sent back. It’s also possible to add attachments to your message to give them a little teaser and spark interest.


How To Get Started Sending / Receiving Messages

The first step to getting started is to register for AmateurCommunity as a model. The registration process is quick and easy. Once your account is verified and activated, you can fill out your profile and start offering the services. The Hello Machine is only one of the many services that models can offer on AmateurCommunity and it’s worth exploring their other services as well.

In order to use the Hello Machine, you’ll need to have published at least one photo gallery or video. You should do this anyway, as you can make money from any content sales that your upload has generated. Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can compose your message.

Composing the message is simple. If you can write an email then you can write a message. There are three fields available when composing your message:

  • Headline
  • Message
  • Attachment (Optional)

Once you’ve written your message, hit save. Now you have to send your message. On the main menu, under Money Makers, select Hello Machine and it’ll automatically send your message to 25 users. Models can hit the button as many times as they want, although they’ll have to wait a short while in between sends.


Add Personalization To Your Messages

Within the Message or Subject areas for your message you can use the placeholder @nickname. This text symbol is used to personalize your messages that are sent out to the users. When you send the message, the username of the receiver will automatically replace the “@nickname” text. Make sure that there are no spaces or spelling errors when you use the @nickname text or it won’t work and the Users will probably be very confused.


Add Attachments To Your Messages

It’s highly suggested that you add an attachment to your message in order to grab the user’s attention. It’s recommended to use a non-nude or softcore pic, so you’re not giving to much away. If you’ve got content for sale on AmateurCommunity, you should include a call-to-action letting the user know that your hardcore material is available on your profile.


Use The Hello Machine To Market Camshows / Content For Sell

AmateurCommunity allows models to offer a wide range of services. In addition to making money from the messages generated from the Hello Machine, you can also get paid from live camming and selling adult content sets. You can use the Hello Machine messages to market your other services that you’ve got for sale on AmateurCommunity. This is especially effective when using the attachment feature, because you can include teasers of the latest content that you’ve got for sale.


Learn More About Becoming An AmateurCommunity Model

Want to learn more about AmateurCommunity? Read our post on becoming an AmateurCommunity model to see all the features of the network. It’s a dynamic adult site with tons of features for models. Offer a wide range of services and gain access to their huge arsenal of money making tools, including the Hello Machine.

When you’re ready to become a model, you can register here.

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