How To Make Money From Halloween Cam Shows and Clips

Halloween for Cam Models and Clip Producers!

‘Tis the season! Fall is quickly approaching and if you are a seasoned cam model/clip producer (or customer) you’ve probably already seen the hype begin. What is the hype about? Those of you who are new to the industry might not know, well let’s dive into it.


Halloween + Roleplay / Cosplay = Money!

Halloween! The other holidays too… but what we’re really going to focus on is Halloween. Think of how perfect the pairing is between a profession where you dress in sexy lingerie or roleplays and a holiday that is all about dressing up and providing treats. There is truly no pairing more perfect than Halloween and Camming / Clip Producing. Now I know you’re sitting back asking yourself, “Why are we talking about Halloween in August?” I should be ashamed I’ve been talking about it since July… because if you’re planning to produce clips you usually get a jump start on it, that’s why!

You’ve Probably Already Seen Models Getting Ready For Halloween

If you’re active on sex-worker Twitter there is no way you’ve missed the hype over project already beginning to be worked on, but if you have I’ll list some to prove to you I’m not crazy to be worked up about Halloween in August. 13 Nights of WhoreOween (TwoThornedRose), OcTayber (HouseWifeSwag), Catober (CatjiraTV), Destiny Diaz organizes events where multiple BBW models promote each other’s Halloween content, and there’s plenty more but those are the first Halloween queens that come to mind.


Doing Clips Early In Preparation For Halloween

Some cam models chose to only do clips in preparation for Halloween, which still takes time to film. Many even film them months beforehand to make sure they’re perfectly done and edited for October. Some cam models chose to do cam shows, which I’ve noticed tends to go over well on token sites more than private based. It’s still incredibly fun to do no matter which you chose to do, if you don’t end up doing both! If you are filming clips… I mean you’ve already got the outfit right?


So why do SO MANY adult industry workers get hyped up about Halloween?

Halloween is the first holiday after the dreaded “summer slump” ends. Those of you not familiar with the slump, during the summer time due to children being home from school, vacations, families doing family things, and the days being longer and the outdoor activities being more plentiful the traffic on cam sites and clip sites slows down more dramatically than any other time of the year.

Although there are dips throughout the year, the summer one is typically the one that lasts the longest and is also usually the most brutal. Most “hobbyist” cam and clip watchers are hobbyists due to family, friends, or other activities which draw their attention during the summer so what most models are left with is their steady fan base of dedicated customers, the odds of picking up new passerby clients isn’t as high. Halloween is a great way to shake off the sadness of the slump because by October traffic has usually returned back to normal (the build up starts in September, and October is usually the first stable month of the season.)


Halloween is also a great time to utilize tags

which anyone in clip making knows is SUPER important. Tags are what get you noticed by new customers, so the ability to diversify your tags becomes super easy when doing Halloween content involving costume. While your video may be a blowjob or something, if your costume has gloves or pantyhose you can throw those in the tags as well and gain tons of fetish traffic on top of the vanilla traffic you’d already get from a blowjob.


Catering To The Cosplay Fetish / Niche

Cosplay has also become a very popular niche within the adult community, and Halloween is the perfect time to execute cosplays since it fits the “theme” for people who are first starting to play around in cosplay.


Last but not least, let’s admit it. It’s fun!

Every person has a different reason for joining the adult community but there is a very large percent that view what we do as art, and part of the art is creating content that is mentally stimulating, artistic, colorful, and over the top! Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to do so, with so many options for plots and costumes. It provides creators with the opportunity to try out “weird” stuff or things they usually wouldn’t create for the sake of the holiday, since Halloween is about dressing up and trying out new things!


Are you planning on doing something for Halloween? Here’s a list of tips:

Read the Terms of Service for video uploads on the site you plan to upload your content to. ManyVids allows fake blood, while other sites do not. You don’t want to create content that becomes unusable because it can’t be uploaded to the site of your choice!
Plan ahead of time! Don’t wait until last minute because it will only stress you out.
Think carefully about your costume, what may seem fun and playful for you may end up with you receiving backlash. Ask yourself, is this ADULT appropriate?
Don’t be discouraged if you see a model producing content with a same or similar costume, most of us order our stuff on Amazon and there is going to be some overlap. If the content you’re producing is original and your own you have nothing to worry about!
Don’t be shy about promoting your content on social media, we are ALL obsessed with Halloween.
Consider taking pre-orders for content, so you don’t have to pay for costumes and props out of pocket.
• For the more advanced Hallo-Weenies, consider making your own website or section on your website where people can find your Halloween content, information on it, etc. Separating it from your general vanilla/non holiday content can be beneficial since it’s easier to find.


More Fetish How-To’s And Information

Interested in learning more about the different fetishes, plus getting helpful hints and tips such as what was found in this article? Check out the fetish section of our site. It lists a wide range of fetishes and gives tips and tricks that will help performers perform fetish shows and produce fetish clips. There’s a lot of fetishes out there, and your most profitable fetish might be something you never even considered. See what’s out there and learn how to cater to that fetish.

Learn More: Fetish Information and How-To’s

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