Growing Your OnlyFans (Adult Fanclub) on Telegram

Growing your OnlyFans (or other Adult Fanclub) on the Telegram app

Networking with other content creators plays a pretty substantial role in growing your fan sites such as OnlyFans. It’s a great and easy way to get exposure and get new fans. Telegram is an instant messaging service where you can create and join groups, use bots to automate some processes and manage users in your group. While networking can be done on any such platform and Telegram technically is not the safest regarding private information, that’s the platform that emerged and has the most model groups, so if you’re looking to network, Telegram is your best bet.

How to secure your Telegram to keep your information safe

Enable two step verification to prevent somebody from taking over your account. Also make sure to hide your personal contact information, such as your phone number. To do this simply go to Settings -> Privacy and Security and set whichever info you’d like Private to ‘Nobody’ or to ‘My Contacts’ if you want your contacts to be able to see them.

How to find groups to join on Telegram

Group join links are not really advertised on other platforms, because these are groups for models and sharing the links openly just begs for fans and other people to join them and try to get non-public information about and/or grab content featuring the creators in the group. However lots of models simply say in a tweet or post that they are in such a group and if you DM them they will probably share the link with you if your Twitter account is professional.

If you’re already in a group, there’s always somebody advertising a link to their new group or just a cool group in general, so once you’re in one group, it’s easy to just keep joining group after group if you keep an eye on the chat or scroll back through and look for group links.

Not all Telegram groups are the same

Before just blindly joining a group make sure to read the pinned message and the rules. There are lots of different groups. Some allow all kinds of networking, some are strictly for drops. Some allow anybody to host drops, but most only allow admins to do that. Some groups are also female only due to the negative stereotypes surrounding men in the industry, and while other groups include men or trans performers, others will unfortunately ban immediately if you are not female presenting. Contacting performers that identify similarly to yourself can help you find groups that are less discriminatory.

Are male groups a thing?
As a male content creator you might think the best way to network is to join all-male groups. In theory this indeed is a good idea, but since there are less male creators, it’s very hard to find a group that’s active enough and has enough members to be able to drop with different people. It’s a safer bet to join all gender groups for drops and simply fish for the bisexual members of other creators, and use the male groups to schedule SFS with other guys.

Types of networking on Telegram for promoting fan clubs

Like for like (L4L)
You pair up with another creator and agree on how many posts you’ll like. You both join each other’s page (send a free trial link if it’s a paid page) and like the specified amount of posts from top to bottom. That’s it. This makes your posts look like they have more engagement. It can especially help if you just started your account and don’t have many fans yet.
Shoutout for shoutout (SFS)
In this case you either send a message to the group saying something like “Anybody SFS? Paid 350, top 9%”. This means you’d like to schedule an SFS with somebody on your paid page. Your page has 350 fans and you’re top 9% on the page. You can specify a minimum fan count or percentage that’s a requirement to do SFS with you. You can also offer to pin the post if the other creator has more fans or is a lower percentage than you are.
After this when someone messages you, you can agree on what to post and how. Of course you can also respond to other creators’ messages.
You’ll then send each other a few pictures / videos and a short promo text and agree on how to post it. This can be a pinned post on your wall for 24h, it can be a mass DM, it can be both. With this method you both advertise the other model on your pages and both get exposure from each other.
Paid promos
Some creators who have a big enough quality following also offer paid promotions. This is essentially SFS, but instead of you posting them on your wall in return, you pay them a specific amount to advertise you on their page.
Drops are basically group SFS. Multiple models join up (usually 6-10 models) and everybody posts everybody on their wall. These usually have a specific script on how they go, so it’s better to just sit back and watch a few happening in your group. After that it’ll be pretty straightforward. It’s also important for you not to message the group while a drop is happening. Drops happen in a few phases.
Phase 1: Who’s A?
An admin pins something like this: “Who’s A for both flyers on free 3h?”. This means who’s active at the moment and ready for a drop. It also tells you that this specific drop is going to be where the picture you have to send is a flyer featuring both your free and paid page, and you’ll only have to post on your free page, not your paid one. After 3 hours you should delete the posts and so will everybody else.
Phase 2: Joining
If you’re ready and want to participate in this drop, simply message ‘A’, and that lets the admin know you’re ready. In some groups you’ll see a flood of people just spamming ‘A’ repeatedly. This is to make the group go to the top of the list for models, who are in lots of other groups too.
Phase 3: Prepare your post
After the admin decides there are enough members who’d like to participate, they will put up a new pinned message. It’ll be something like this: “Get your links ready, format: emoji @ cap price emoji”. This means you can stop spamming “A” now, and get your post ready. You should add your flyer or flyers, and write the message as they specified. Let’s break down the above format. Your message in this case should start with an emoji, followed by your @usernames for both your pages, a short caption, the subscription price of your paid page and a finishing emoji. For example “😍 @yourfreeusername @yourpaidusername Super sexy always horny, free dick rates when you join my paid! $5 SALE 😍”. Don’t send it yet, just prepare it and wait. This phase usually takes a few minutes to give everybody time to prepare their posts.
Phase 4: Drop!
After a few minutes the admin will message “DROP!” and you should send your message as fast as possible. The reason for this is, you’ll post them in a chronological order, so the fastest creator will be the top post in everybody else’s page.
Phase 5: Post
After everybody has dropped their posts and the admin verified they’re all in the correct format they will message something like “post 3h, bottom up”. This means you should post everybody now. Start with the last message (the creator who was the slowest) and work your way backwards, so when you finish the model who sent their post first is going to be on the top of your page.
Phase 6: Screenshots / screen recordings
After you’ve posted everybody you’ll need to make screenshots or a screen recording (recordings are more popular nowadays) showing all the posts you just made, so the admin can verify that you indeed posted everybody and you posted them in the right order.
Phase 7: All done
After the admin verified everybody posted everybody and all’s good, they’ll close the drop thanking everybody, and open the room back for networking.
Are there different types of drops?

    There are all kinds of drops. The main things they differ in are:

  • which page you advertise (free, paid or both)
  • where you post (free or paid, free being more popular nowadays)
  • how long you should have the post on your wall before deleting it (1 hour, 3 hours, 4 hours and 24 hours being the most popular ones)
  • what the media part of the post looks like. These can be flyers, simple sexy images, short videos or any combination of them.

Other types of drops:
There are also monthly mass drops. In these 28 to 31 models team up depending on how long the upcoming month is. Everybody chooses a day from the next month to be their day. You prepare your post the same way you do in a regular drop, but in this case you schedule every model to be posted on your page on the day they choose. This means on your day every model is going to post you on their page and you’ll post one model per day for the next month in return.
There are also retweet drops where instead of OnlyFans, you post links to 3-5 of your tweets on your twitter profile and everybody retweets all the links posted.

Do I need to join Telegram groups to be successful?

Absolutely not. But they can help an awful lot! Especially if you don’t have your own traffic and established fanbase. Networking with others can grow your page very effectively. Just make sure not to turn your wall into a huge stream of spam. Keep the “SFS/Drop message vs. Original content featuring you” ratio to a reasonable level!
You can absolutely be successful in growing your fan page without networking in groups, but it can definitely give you a boost if you do so.

I hate Telegram, are there groups elsewhere?

There are some Whatsapp engagement groups too and some on Discord and other platforms, but currently Telegram is dominant.

Why join more than one group? What’s the point?

Variety helps, use multiple groups/different times to avoid dropping with the same ppl all the time. Different groups have different members, and may center around specific genres or topics. If you’re a BBW goth girl you could engage in a cosplay group, a goth girls group, a BBW group and find members for everything you offer.

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