Glimpse.Me – New Adult-Friendly Skype Alternative?


Glimpse.Me – Adult Messaging, Subscriptions and Broadcasting

Glimps.Me is a new platform that looks like it might be the adult-friendly Skype alternative. For those that aren’t aware, SESTA caused many sites to ban adult content and services. One of those companies that gave adult the boot was Microsoft, who updated policies for Skype, XBOX Live and Microsoft Office as a result. This has caused a lot of panic and hysteria in the industry, with everyone looking for the perfect Skype alternative. At first impression, it appears that might fit the bill.


Glimpse.Me Is Using CCBill For Payment Processing (Adult-Friendly)

Glimpse.Me is using CCBill as their payment processor. CCBill is a payment platform that specializes in adult-content. They’ve been processing payments for a long-time, with a track-record of success and they come highly decorated in the adult-industry. Although adult content isn’t mentioned in their TOS / Content Policy (as there isn’t one, see below), the fact that they chose a payment processor geared toward the industry is a strong indicator that they were created with adult in mind.


Make Money Offering These Services

Glimpse.Me allows performers to make money offering a wide range of services. Best of all, they’ve got the payment processing built directly into the platform. Here are the different ways that performers can monetize the platform, with information on the various services.


“Sponsorship” (Premium Subscriptions / Fanclubs)

Glimpse.Me has what they call “Sponsorships”. Sponsorships work just as your typical fanclub functionality would work. People will have to become your sponsor and pay the monthly subscription rate in order to access the premium content. It’s possible to make an entire account restricted, or just an individual photo album (see below). Sponsorship duration is 30-days, and the sponsorships are automatically renewed at the end of the 30-day period, unless cancelled.


Live Calling / Camming Shows

Glimpse.Me offers live video chat. It appears that the chat is Cam2Cam and from the screenshots, there is a tipping functionality built-in:

Glimpse.Me Webcam Shows

None of the Glimpse.Me FAQs mention anything about a functionality for charging per-minute. Glimpse doesn’t mention whether or not group calls are possible or not. Because there’s no comprehensive TOS, we don’t know whether Glimpse.Me allows models to accept outside payments for camming shows performed on their platform, nor if broadcasting sexual content is allowed.


Selling Private / Sponsored Albums

Make money from uploading photo albums. There are two ways to monetize your albums. You can either make them private, and users can access the albums by tipping a specific amount, or through the sponsorship functionalities.


Sending Private Albums – Private albums are always private even if your page is set to be sponsored. At any time you can send a Private album to any Glimpse users by clicking send album. Then pick the person from you Glimpse contacts that you wish to send the album to. They will receive an email with the link to the album and they will also have access to the album as soon as you send it to them

Sponsored Albums – Sponsor albums will only appear when you select sponsorship in your settings. To do so first go to Settings then Sponsorships and click Activate sponsorship then choose Full Sponsorship or Album Sponsorship

Full Sponsorship – Your entire page will be visible only to people paying to sponsor you except for Private albums. Private albums will not be available unless you send it to them

Album Sponsorship – You now have the option  to make an  albums only visible to your Sponsors It will be unlocked and available to all Glimpse users who sponsor you. You may select any amount you wish to charge other Glimpse users  for Sponsorship Page or Album in your sponsorship settings.


Glimpse.Me Percentage / Payout Information

Each token received can be cashed out for $1.00. The price per token for customers varies based on the packet purchased, but the model percentage comes out to roughly 80%. your account must be verified before you can withdraw tokens. For cashouts, it’s possible to request a debit card, direct deposit to a bank (USA) or request a wire transfer if outside of the US. it appears that there’s no payout schedule, and performers request payouts at their own discretion. No minimum payout is specified. No chargeback policy information is specified.


Red Flag: No TOS / Content Policy

If Glimpse.Me has a Terms of Service (TOS), Privacy Policy or Content Policy, they make it insanely difficult to find. No links are clearly present on the website, dashboard area, support section or in the signup process. Without seeing clear terms on what they do or don’t allow, it’s impossible to determine whether they are in-fact adult-friendly (although CCBill is a good indicator of this). Without specifying what’s not allowed, they also run the risk of a performer doing a show or selling content that goes against CCBill’s own terms, which is something all site operators should be concerned about.


Red Flag: No 2257 Compliance Statement

No 2257 Compliance Statement is found anywhere on the site, and it doesn’t appear that Glimpse.Me is requesting age verification documentation required to stay compliant with these laws. Although this is an American law, Europe has very similar standards and this is a standard the entire global industry follows, as to not alienate themselves from Western markets. The fact that there’s no 2257 Statement and nothing on the site indicates they’re requesting age documentation from people is a sign that the service might not be adult-friendly.

Update: It does appear that they are requesting an ID, which is most likely for 2257 Compliance Documentation. There must be a 2-step verification process, as at first impression, it appears that the verification is simply verifying phone, address and other data. we’ll update this article with more details later tonight.


Red Flag: No Official Company Twitter Handle

There’s also not an official company Twitter handle. Usually every brand will have a Twitter handle anymore, even if they’re not that active on the account. This is especially true for anyone who is trying to cater to the adult industry, as Twitter is the most popular platform used by performers, studios, producers and brands. Not having an official Twitter handle is somewhat of a red flag in mainstream anymore, as well.


Is Glimplse.Me Safe For Pornstars?

The fact that they are using CCBill as they’re payment processor is a solid sign that they plan on working with the adult industry. The fact that there’s no 2257 Compliance Statement is concerning, as that’s something that every platform that facilitates the sales and transfer of adult content should definitely have on the site, regardless of whether they’re a primary producer or not. I did not see anything in the FAQ or verification process that requires 2257 Documentation either, something that every camming or clip site should be doing, regardless of whether they’re US-based or not.


Signup For Glimpse.Me Today!

Want to give Glimpse.Me a try for yourself? Signup today! the registration and verification process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. There’s a good chance that Glimpse could become a major adult-platform, although there are some red flags that were mentioned above. Either way, it’s an exciting new platform and definitely a company to keep an eye on. Get paid from camming, fanclubs and premium content.

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