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Tips For Producing Giantess Fetish Clips

Giantess is a fetish in which the female is very large (a female giant, aka the “Giantess”) and the male is very, very small in comparison. Typically, the male is no bigger than the size of the Giantess’ index finger and no smaller than the size of an ant – though there are exceptions, of course. In my experience, most males desire to be the very size of small insects, such as ants.


Giantess Is Usually A Femdom Scenario

The Giantess fetish is frequently done in a FemDom scenario in which the Domme plays the role of the Giantess and the sub plays the role of the small male. This fantasy implies a much greater theme of power than is “typical” in a FemDom scenario.


Giantess Fetish Is Best Done Collaboratively

The Giantess fetish is best done creatively and collaboratively between the Giantess (the Domme) and the sub. However, it is very likely that the sub will have many scenarios in mind that he would like to explore with his Domme/Giantess.


Giantess Fetish Is Usually Clips (Not Cam)

In My experience, the Giantess fetish is mostly done in clips. This makes sense, as, typically, a great deal of thought and planning go into this fetish.


Point-of-View Is Very Important

Point-of-view is typically quite important for the Giantess fetish, which also may take some planning to determine the most accurate one. Almost always, the best point-of-view is one that is a very low angle pointed up to make the Giantess/Domme look as large and as tall as possible.


Using Figurines and Green Screens

As well, the Giantess fetish almost always includes the use of small people figurines. The ones linked should suffice. This is used to show the visual of just how small the sub is compared to you, as the Giantess.

To take the Giantess fetish even further, the use of green screen and relevant sound effects can be used in clips. In fact, on Clips4Sale, an entire category is “Giantess Special Effects” just for this purpose. Typically, the Giantess towers over a city that looks very small compared to Her and each time she walks, the ground rumbles and shakes loudly.


I Have Seen Giantess Camming Before

I have encountered the Giantess fetish on cam before. However, it is quite rare. This said, the best way to be prepared for a live cam scenario with the Giantess fetish is to have the small people figurines and to have a webcam that can easily be moved to give a proper, low point-of-view.


Examples Of Giantess Fetish Scenarios

Some examples of the Giantess fetish include:

  • Explaining and demonstrating how easy it would be to squish the sub with your fingers
  • Explaining and demonstrating how easy it would be to step on the sub with your feet and/or shoes
  • Explaining and demonstrating what it would be like to eat the sub

From the ideas above, indeed, the Giantess fetish does typically combine well with both the executrix fetish and/or the vore fetish. It can combine with many other fetishes or do well on its own.

From my experience, however, typically there is usually a theme of a small man (or an army of small men) attempting to stand up to you, only to fail.

The second most popular theme is the fantasy of what it would be like for a small man to be with a Giantess. Of course, rejection is the underlying theme and how dangerous it would be to actually be together.


Have Fun And Get Creative!

As with all fetishes, there are no set rules as long as you are acting as the Giantess and the sub is acting as the small male. It is only important to just be creative and to have fun!


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