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GhostCodes: A New Tool For Snapchat Promotion / Finding Takeovers

There is now a way for you to get viewers on your public or promotional Snapchat without doing too much work! Introducing GhostCodes, an app that allows you to post your code and include an “About Me” as well as your social media links. The site works on “kudos”, which means the more people that have the GhostCodes app and give your Snapchat “kudos,” the more likely you are to be noticed. GhostCodes is also a great way to search for Snapchat accounts to take over.


How To Get Started With GhostCodes

So how does the app work? To create an account you need an email address, and you will have to create a password. It will ask for your name (this displays publicly so use your professional name!) The app is not only for adult industry workers, but for tons of other people too! The categories range from “sexy”, which is where adult workers would fit, but also entertainers, viral stars, beauty bloggers, fitness models, and more. You can make a good estimate of how many viewers someones Snapchat has by the amount of “kudos” they have. It’s a great way to network with other Snapchat influencers as well to do shoutouts for each other and gain even more viewers.


Upload Your Snapcode and Indicate Your Interests

You are able to upload a screenshot of your snapcode, or if you have a custom snapcode, you can upload that as well. The best way to grab the attention of people using the app is to include a lot of “interests.” Remember, although you are a cam girl if you post other stuff on your Snapchat that people might find interesting, you can include that too. This is helpful for having the best chance at attracting more viewers!

For example, a male dog lover may love my Snapchat because I post sexy bits but also post fun and cute videos of my dogs running around and playing with their toys. Since I included this someone with those interests would be more likely to add me!


Not Already Promoting And/Or Making Money Through Snapchat?

If you’re not already using Snapchat for promotion, or for selling premium subscriptions, I would highly recommend doing it. Not only is Snapchat a great promotional tools (now more than ever with the new Paperclip feature) but you can also make good money from it! Especially if you’re selling monthly subscriptions. As long as you’re active and keeping your subscribers happy, they’ll keep coming back each month. This creates a residual income from the rebills. Plus, you can promote your shows and contents to the subscribers as well.

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