TrueSnaps: Adult Models – Sell Dick Ratings & Private Snapchat!


Getting Started Selling Snapchat On TrueSnaps

TrueSnaps is a platform for selling premium Snapchat subscriptions, as well as dick pick ratings. TrueSnaps is different from other Snapchat networks, as it’s an exclusive network. Because they don’t accept every application they receive, there’s less competition on the site. This means it’s easier to stand out on TrueSnaps than on competing sites. It also means that only performers that meet a specific criteria are accepted. Here’s all the details.


TrueSnaps Information:

  • Services: Snapchat, Dick Pic Ratings
  • Model Percentage: 50%
  • Payout Methods: Direct Deposit
  • Min Payout: $150
  • Payout Frequency: Weekly


What’s Required To Get Started

The only requirement to get started is you must be eighteen years old or older. Because TrueSnaps is Snapchat-oriented, you’ll also need a smartphone with the Snapchat mobile app. Unlike many of the adult marketplace site, TrueSnaps is an exclusive network. Because of that, you’ll have to apply and get accepted. If you’re not accepted to the network, there are alternatives for Snapchat subscriptions available.


Exclusive Platform Means Less Competition

TrueSnaps is an exclusive platform. That means they don’t let any and every performer signup for the network. Although this means that not all models will be accepted, it does work to the advantage of those that do. With less competition, TrueSnaps models receive more of the site traffic. It also makes it easier for TrueSnaps to promote each model individually.


TrueSnaps Payout Information

TrueSnaps models earn 50% of all revenue generated by the site. trueSnaps pays out models weekly via direct deposit. The minimum payout is $150.


Make Money Selling Snapchat Subscriptions

The main way TrueSnaps models make their money is through Snapchat subscriptions. Adult Snapchat has become very popular and profitable. By becoming a TrueSnaps performer, you’ll be featured in their directory and TrueSnaps will handle all the payment processing. When a new customer subscribes, the model receives a notification so she can add the customer to her private. Models also receive notifications when a customer unsubscribes or the rebill fails to go through.


Make Money Selling Dick Pic Ratings

TrueSnaps also offers another innovative way to make money. TrueSnaps models get paid from providing honest and truthful dick pic ratings. This is a feature that is built directly into the platform, and if you’re offering this service, it’ll be displayed prominently on the model profile page. This is a very successful service, and TrueSnaps is one of the few companies offering it.


Apply To Become A TrueSnaps model!

Ready to get started as a TrueSnaps model? Signup today! TrueSnaps will follow-up with all applicants on whether or not they’ve been accepted. Join one of the few exclusive networks, where you know you’ll get more attention and traffic than with the big-box sites. Make money from selling Snapchat subscriptions, as well as dick pic ratings. All the tools you need to be successful offering both services are included in the platform.

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