Guide To Getting Started As A Phone Sex Operator (PSO)

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How To Make Money From Phone Sex

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably interested in becoming a phone sex operator. Phone sex is an old industry that’s still going strong today. The phone sex industry has evolved a lot since way back in the day, too. Gone are the days of 1-900 numbers found on late-night infomercials and in the back of magazines. Now calls and texts can be routed directly to your mobile phone. Apps and multimedia content have also extended what’s possible with phone sex.


Here is everything you need to know about becoming a phone sex operator:


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How Much Money Phone Sex Operators Can Make

When deciding whether or not to become a phone sex operator, it’s important to know all the income is performance-based. There’s great earning potential, but you’re going to have to compete against other PSOs and work hard to stand out and get sales. It’s also worth noting that phone sex has evolved over time. It’s lost popularity due to camming and other services. On the other hand, messaging apps and other mobile technology has opened up new potential.

Talking is more profitable than texting. That is because talking is charged per minute while texting is per message. You have to send a lot of texts in order to make good money. Texting, on the other hand, is something that you can do from anywhere, as nobody knows the content of the messages being sent or received.

Selling subscriptions to mobile networks is great because it creates a residual income from the monthly rebills. This is guaranteed monthly income, as long as the customers remain subscribers. Assuming you’re ramping up the subscription-base, this is income that will continue to grow over time. Although with a larger subscriber-base, you might spend more time interacting with individuals, a lot of actions, like posting new content, requires the same effort when you have a large subscriber-base, so ramp those up!


What’s Required To Getting Started

In order to get started, there’s several requirements, primarily a smartphone. You also have to be eighteen years old or older. Outside of the age restrictions and required equipment, there’s not much else for requirements. There isn’t a hiring process, instead of simply an age verification process. Anyone (including all genders) can get started earning money as a phone sex operator.


Must Be 18 Or Older

The biggest requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. There is no getting around this. Even if you’re not sending sexual / nude visual depictions and are just talking or texting, you still must be over the age of eighteen. You’ll also need to provide a digital copy of government-issued photo ID when registering for any of the sites. This is for age verification purposes and something that all adult media outlets must do to stay compliant with federal law. You can learn more about it by Googling “2257 Compliance”.


Some Sites Have Country Restrictions

It’s important to note that some networks have country restrictions. USA and European models do not have to worry about these restrictions. Be sure to check and make sure that your country is supported when registering for any of the phone sex sites. These restrictions are for talking and texting sites only. Foreign models can still make money through some of the mobile apps available.



Phone sex has evolved a lot over the years. No longer is it a 1-900 number that connects the customers to a random PSO. Now PSOs can take their work on the go with them. All calls and texts can be sent directly to the mobile phone. The application industry has also revolutionized phone sex, through the use of mainstream apps as well as apps developed specifically for phone sex / the adult industry.



Although you don’t need the computer for phone sex itself, it is very nice to have. Some tasks, such as registering for the networks, promotion, ect. is easier to do via a computer rather than smartphone. Although it’s not technically a requirement, it’s something that is highly recommended.



What Services Phone Sex Operators Can Offer

There’s multiple services that phone sex operators can offer. Talking and texting are the most common phone sex services. There’s also other services that PSOs can offer, such as subscriptions to messaging apps, sending multimedia (photo, video, voice, ect) and more. Here’s more information on the various services that PSOs can make money from.



Talking is the primary phone sex service offered. Talking sessions are billed per minute, making them one of the more profitable ones as well. Pretty much every phone sex network supports talking (some are dedicated to sexting). These networks drive tons of traffic which will gain you and your profile exposure. It’s recommended to create the best profile possible, as that’ll help you stand out and get more sales.



Texting is another popular service. Texters are paid per message received. Because texting is paid per message instead of per minute, it’s not as profitable as talking. Texting is convenient though, as you can get paid for texting just about anywhere. Phone sex involving talking in a public place might turn some heads and draw some unwanted attention. When texting, nobody knows what the subject matter is.


Snapchat and Other Messaging Apps

Mobile applications (especially messaging apps) are starting to revolutionize the phone sex industry. There’s even platforms out there to help facilitate the transaction and promotion for PSOs selling these subscriptions. Keep in mind, that this goes against the TOS of a lot of these networks. Snapchat, for example, blatantly states that users aren’t allowed to charge for access to accounts using their services. Also, many of these services also don’t allow for nudity and other overly-sexualized content.

That hasn’t stopped tons of adult stars ranging from mainstream pornstars, to camgirls and all other types of performers in the industry from monetizing the services. Nor the networks from facilitating the tools to do so.

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OnlyFans is a new network worth mentioning specifically, as it doesn’t really fit in anywhere else, as it’s so unique. OnlyFans is also quickly gaining traction and tons of adult stars (not just PSOs, all kind of adult stars) are having tons of success on the network.

OnlyFans is a premium subscription-based social network. In order to access the content on the network, users must first subscribe to that account. Once subscribed, the content becomes uncensored. In order to stay subscribed, the user is charged the subscription fee monthly.

OnlyFans also comes with a mobile application to make it easy to manage your OnlyFans account. You can add new photo / video content, either from the media library or you can record or take pictures directly from the app. You can also stream live to your fans and use the site messaging feature.

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Photo / Video Content

Many of the phone sex networks also support the monetization of sending multimedia content, primarily photo and short video, but audio as well. Sending MMS / multimedia content is more profitable than normal SMS texting. That is because it takes more effort, and the customer is getting the visual / audio content instead of just text.

If you’re interested in making money from photo and video content, there’s adult marketplace sites that are designed for selling adult photo and video content. Primarily homemade content. This is another area of the adult industry that is easy to get started in. If you want to go this route, you should consider upgrading to a better camera than a smartphone. If the phone is all you have, it can still work, although it might result in a lower quality production which will result in less sales. If you go this route, you should consider upgrading equipment ASAP.

If selling visual content is something you’re also interested in, check out our guide to producing / selling adult content.



Phone Sex Sites Hiring Performers

List of Phone Sex Sites


Phone Sex Operator Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a major concern for all adult performers, including phone sex operators. There’s a lot of creepers out there, and you don’t want them knowing your name, address or other personal information. That adult industry is also still taboo, and many models don’t want their career choices to be publicly known. Here’s some privacy concerns to consider when deciding whether or not to get into the industry.


Hiding Your Real Number

The first major concern is your real number. You don’t want people knowing your real number, the area code of your number, or being able to hear your voicemail greeting. If you’re performing on a phone sex network, they’ve got this covered. All major phone sex networks use a 3rd party to encrypt and connect all calls, texts or other communications.

There are some networks (like ManyVids, for example) where you’re able to sell access to your phone number, but you’ve got to use your own number. If you’re selling phone sex services on network like that (or doing the indy thing) you’ll want to setup a different phone for your adult services. Make sure to use a number outside of your area code (preferably outside the state) and don’t use that phone for anything related to your personal life.


Performing Under A Stage Name

It’s also very important to go under a stage name. This is your adult persona and your “brand”. Think long and hard about a good stage name before picking one out. It’s difficult to rebrand later if you don’t like your name. Your name should be something sexy, memorable and most importantly, a name you like. You’ll be going by it a lot. Linked-to below is an article that goes over the best practices on picking out a stage-name. It references camming models in the article, but all the information is applicable to PSOs as well.

Here’s some tips / suggestions for picking out a stage name


Don't Give Away Personally Identifying Information

When communicating to any customers, filling out your profile and doing any promotion, it’s important to not give away any personal identifying information. Don’t put down your hometown or the current city you’re living in. I’d personally just list the country, rather than an individual state / province. Also, don’t reference schools or anything else that can’t be personally identifying.


Working Part Time Or Going To School

This is a tip for protecting your privacy in real life. Asking someone what they do for a living is a common thing that comes up in conversation. Also, the people you know are going to be wondering what you do for a living if you don’t have a job. You can always lie to people, but if you keep a part-time job, you have an easy answer that is verifiable.

If you’re going to school, that also works as an answer. Many college students have student loans, scholarships or help from family. Because of this, it’s fairly common for people to not work while going to school. Claiming your in college is a sufficient answer when asked “What do you do?”.



Offering Other Services

Phone sex isn’t the only service you can get paid offering. There’s tons of ways that you can get started as a performer in the adult industry. All the services below are just as easy to get started offering as phone sex is. The only requirement is that you’re eighteen years old and have all the required equipment. You can offer all these services in addition to being a PSO as well.


Live Webcam Shows

Live camming is insanely popular and profitable. That is because of the interactive element, combined with the amateur element. Live interaction is something that you can’t get with pre-recorded clips, giving live camming incredible appeal! There’s tons of different camming sites where models can get paid performing. Each of these sites have different features and focuses.

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Producing and Selling Clips / Galleries

Producing and selling your own adult content is a great camming alternative and another way to get into the adult industry. The great thing about selling adult content is that you don’t need to be online in order to make sales. There’s tons of sites and networks to partner with that will let you upload your amateur content, set your price and sales will occur in the background.

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Adult Skype Shows

Skype shows are very similar to camming but different in a lot of ways. You don’t have a public chat room with Skype chat. Pretty much every show is charged by the minute and most shows are scheduled and booked in advance. Skype shows have great earning potential but require a little bit more work with marketing and booking. Luckily  there’s tools to help.

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Running A Fanclub

Starting a membership site will create a residual income from monthly rebills. When you run your own membership site, you’re fans must pay to gain access to the Members Only section that contains all the content. There are tools and platforms out there that let you easily deploy your own membership sites, 100% free and with minimal technical knowledge.

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Selling Tangibles - Panties, Signed Photos, Toys and More!

Selling tangibles is also a great way to make some extra cash. There’s a huge market for worn panties and other lingerie. It doesn’t stop there though. Signed photos, used toys, art and anything else you can imagine can be sold. Hell, you can get a chocolate molding of your butthole made and offer that to your fans. Get creative. Keep in mind that tangibles do require shipping, making it a little bit more involved than the sale of digital goods.

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