Getting Started As A NexoCams Model: Camming, Fanclubs and Clips


NexoCams: Camming / Clip / Fanclub Site Powered by Clips4Sale

NexoCams is a very dynamic network, powered by the people behind the leading fetish clip site Clips4Sale. NexoCams allows performers to make money offering a wide range of services. Performers can make money from live camming, content sales and from running their own fanclubs, where customers must pay a monthly subscription fees to access the content. NexoCams accepts female, male, transgender and couple accounts, as well as studios. Here’s all the information.


NexoCams Information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Fanclubs
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 40-80%
  • Payout Methods: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire
  • Min Payout: $50-$150
  • Payout Frequency: Monthly
  • Affiliate Program: No
  • Studios: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only real requirement to get started is you must be eighteen or older. There’s no hiring process, it’s just an age verification process. Everyone can become a NexoCams performer, regardless of gender or body-type! Depending on what services you’re planning on offering, there might be some equipment requirements. For example; you’ll need a webcam for camming, and a computer for uploading content or sale or fanclub content.

NexoCams models will also have to Create a Clips4Sale studio account. All payouts are consolidated / managed through Clips4Sale.


How Much Money NexoCams Models Make

The percentage that NexoCams models get paid varies based on what services they’re offering. For example; camming shows earn a different rate than content sales. The percentages performers get paid for each of the different services is listed below:

  • Camming Shows – 40%
  • Sell Photo / Video Content: 70%
  • Fanclub Subscriptions: 70%
  • Pre-Booked Camming Shows: 80%


NexoCams Min Payouts / Cashout Options

All NexoCams payouts are handled through Clips4sale. In order to get paid out, NexoCams performers must open up a Clips4Sale studio. All NexoCams payouts are consolidated with Clips4Sale payouts and use the same min payouts / cashout options.


Make Money Offering These Services

NexoCams gives performers the ability to earn money from offering a wide range of services. This ranges from live camming to subscriptions and content sales. Here are the different services that models can offer on the site:


Live Webcam Shows

NexoCams supports live camming shows. Performers make 40% off of regular shows, and 80% off pre-booked shows. NexoCams has several different show types that are supported. Here are the various camming shows that models can offer:

  • Pre-Booked Shows – Now you don’t have to wait and wonder who’s coming to your live cam shows any more! Schedule live cam shows days, weeks and even months in advance!
  • Private Chats – Intimate one-on-one shows between you and a single member paying the per-minute fee.
  • Nude Chats – Only allowed if you are naked, members have the ability to join your nude shows for half of the private chat price.
  • Group Chats – Chat with several members at the same time, each member pays the per-minute fee you set and you also set the minimum members required to start the session.


Selling Photo / Video Content

NexoCams models can also make money from selling content. Models can sell photo and video content, as well as text-based content (“Life Posts”). All content sales earn the performer 70%.


Premium Subscriptions / FanClubs

In addition to selling content, NexoCams performers can also make it unlockable to their premium fanclub subscribers. Selling subscriptions is great, as it builds a residual income. In order for the content to remain unlocked, the customers will have to pay the rebill each month. Performers get 70% for all fanclub subscriptions.


Manage Everything From The SnapYOU App

NexoCams performers can manage their profile / content from the SnapYOU mobile app. The app is currently available for Android, with the iOS version coming soon. From the app, performers can message other users, manage their social feed, add new content (text, video, photo, ect), see earnings and much more.

Learn More: SnapYOU – NexoCams Mobile App


Referral Program: Get Increased Commissions

Use the custom URL for promoting your NexoCams account and anyone signing up with it will have a special rate when they spend money on your feed. When your referrals spend money on your shows, you’ll received in increased commission! Get 70% from all camming shows purchased by your referrals, and 80% from all fanclub subscriptions.


Sync Twitter For Auto-Tweeting

NexoCams Twitter Auto-Tweet

NexoCams can sync with a Twitter account and automatically tweet out when you go live, you get a new subscriber or make a new sale. Syncing a Twitter account is easy and you have full control over what is automatically tweeted out.

Options For Auto-Tweets:

  • All
  • New Photos Sold
  • New Videos Sold
  • New Subscribers
  • New Tip
  • I’m Live (Manual Tweet)


Studio Accounts Supported

NexoCams supports studio accounts. If you’re a studio, your models can be making money offering all the services supported by the site. studio accounts are eligible for the same rates as indie performer accounts. Studio performers have access to all the same features and services as indie performers.


Signup As A NexoCams Performer

Ready to get started as a NexoCams performer? Signup today! NexoCams accepts all genders and enables their models to earn from offering a wide range of services. Make money from live camming, content sales and running a fanclub. With pre-booked shows, performers can make an impressive 80% commission. Plus, manage everything from the SnapYOU mobile app. The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time! Soon as your account is improved, you can start performing and earning.

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