Adult Performers: How To Accept Payments


How To Accept Payments For Adult Industry Products / Services

If you’re researching how to get into the adult industry, one of the questions you might wonder is how do adult performers receive payouts. Unfortunately, the adult industry is considered “High-Risk” and not all payment processors or other services will work with adult models or companies. For this post, we’re going to be going over how camming models and other indie performers can accept payments for their content or services.



The Camming / Clip Sites Handle The Payment Processing

For the most part, the camming sites, clip sites and other networks handle the payment processing. We’re going to go over some solutions for indie models later on in this post. There’s a lot of advantages to partnering with a network, and the payment processing is definitely one of those. The networks take a percentage (To cover overhead and profits) and the models are paid out their percentage.



Each Site Has Different Payout Methods

Each of the sites offer different payout methods. They all have different payout dates and minimum payouts as well. Some networks will offer a wide range of cashout methods, while some might only offer one or two. Check, direct deposit, wire transfers and adult-friendly e-wallets such as Paxum or FirstChoicePay are the most commonly used forms of payment. All of these are described below.



Most Commonly Used Ways Of Paying Out Models



Check Payouts

Check – Mailed Via Postal Service or FedEx

Good old fashioned check payouts. There might be country restrictions on these type of payments. Checks are usually sent via postal service, although sometimes they’ll arrive via FedEx or similar logistics companies. Check payouts generally don’t come with any fees, unless it’s being delivered by FedEx or similar businesses. A discrete business name is generally used for the payouts. You can see a list of networks supporting check payouts by checking out the link below.


Sites Supporting Check Payouts



ATM Machine

ACH / Direct Deposit Into A Bank Account

ACH / Direct deposit is another popular payout method. Once again, country restrictions might apply. Direct deposit payouts generally have zero or very minimal fees associated with them. A discrete company names is usually used for the payouts. A bank name, routing number and account number will have to be provided before payouts can be received. You can find a list of sites supporting direct deposit payouts below.


Sites Supporting ACH / Direct Deposit




FirstChoicePay – Adult-Friendly E-Wallet

FirstChoicePay is an adult-friendly e-wallet. Very similar to PayPal. FirstChoicePay is a commonly used form of paying out performers. Once funds are deposited into the FirstChoicePay account, the money can be spent / withdrawn via debit card. It is possible to transfer a FirstChoicePay balance to a bank account, but additional approval is required first and this only happens on an account-to-account basis.


Sites Supporting FirstChoicePay Payouts




Paxum (Warning: United States Accounts Not Supported!)

Paxum is another adult-friendly e-wallet. If you’re US-based, Paxum is not the solution for you! They don’t accept any personal accounts from the United States. They do accept business accounts from the country, however. Paxum funds can be spent or withdrawn via debit card or transferred to a bank via wire transfer.


Sites Supporting Paxum Payouts



Wire Transfer (Country Restrictions Might Apply)

Wire transfers are supported by many networks, although this option might not be available to US performers due to the cost of wire transfers in America. If you’re US-based, it’s suggested to use one of the alternative payout option. Wire transfers are generally reserved for international models.


Sites Supporting Wire Transfer Payouts




Indie Models: Accepting Payments Outside The Network




Paypal Alternatives

Why Adult Performers Should Never Use PayPal

PayPal might seem like the best option, but the platform does not support adult performers. In fact, there’s been horror stories of adult performers getting banned from the platform without even using it for accepting payments! Sure, you might be able to fly under the radar for a little while. But eventually, you will get caught and your account will get suspended. After that, it’s hard getting a new account again, and any funds in the account will be lost.




Accepting Payments Via Amazon Giftcards

Amazon giftcards are commonly used to accept payments outside of the network. This isn’t exactly “money”, but it spends just like money. At least on Amazon. There are some risks associated to Amazon gift cards though. It’s against Amazon’s terms to use gift cards for accepting payment for services. That being said, performers getting reported / caught is fairly non-existent.



Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies could be the ultimate solution for adult industry payments. For one, they’re discrete. Privacy is a huge issue in the adult industry. Bitcoin is also 100% chargeback-proof. Chargebacks is a major issue in the industry. Crypto is also adult-friendly. It’s 100% anonymous, so it’s not like anyone can even tell the payments being processed are for adult products and services. There’s also no insane fees for transferring funds. All of this makes crypto one of the best options for indie performers.

Camming / Clip Sites Supporting Cryptocurrency Payouts



Indie Bill

IndieBill: High Percentage Payment Processor For Adult Stars

IndieBill is a platform for adult performers with one of the highest paying percentages in the industry. IndieBill also protects against chargebacks, which is a major plus. IndieBill specializes in content sales, Skype shows and Snapchat subscriptions, but can be used for standard tributes as well. You can learn more about IndieBill by checking out the link below.

More Info: IndieBill – Charge Customers For Adult Products and Services



Always Check The TOS / Policies Of Payment Processors

If you’re evaluating any other way to accept payments, make sure to check out their TOS and content policy. Many will explicitly state that they don’t support payments for adult services. If the terms / policies don’t state that they support adult transactions, but don’t prohibit them, that puts it in a gray area. There’s still a chance that your account could get suspended.


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