Geeky Sex Toys: Fantasy Toys For Camming Models


Geeky Sex Toys: Fantasy Toys for Camgirls

Are you looking to make your camming shows and clips more colorful and exciting? Do you want to have a collection of fantasy dildos that are perfect for roleplay and other fun content? Geeky Sex Toys is the perfect toy company for you! Camgirls and indie pornstars can take advantage of their wide variety of fantasy sex toys, ranking from Game of Thrones to Pokemon. These toys can add a fun new element to all your shows and content. Here’s some of the toys that Geeky Sex Toys has available.


Star Wars Lightsaber Dildo

Star Wars / Sci-Fi Themed Dildos

Are you a fan of Star Wars and science fiction? Geeky Sex Toys has a wide range of toys that you’ll love! Most of their sci-fi toys are parodying Star Wars. There’s multiple lightsaber dildos to choose from, a C3PO buttplug, a Yoda dildo and vibrators featuring R2-D2, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. Outside of Star Wars, Geeky Sex Toys also parodies Aliens with multiple dildos.


Game of Thrones Dildo

Game of Thrones / Fantasy Sex Toys

Medieval fantasy more your style? Geeky Sex Toys has a wide range of fantasy sex toys. Their biggest selection parodies Game of Thrones. Their Game of Moans line of toys features a wide range of dildos and toys. This includes sword dildos, a dragon egg ball-gag and a dragon’s dick dildo. Other medieval fantasy dildos include unicorn horns.


Pokemon Dildos

Pokemon Sex Toys

Last but definitely not least, is the Pokemon toy collection. Pokemon roleplay is very popular within the adult industry and is something commonly parodied. Now, you can take it to the next level. Geeky Sex Toys has a Pikachu buttplug, and dildos modeled after Squirtle. Bulbasaur and Charmander. Gotta catch them all? Save by purchasing the complete collection!


Geeky Sex Toys Dildos

More Fun / Fantasy Dildos

But everything we mentioned here in this post isn’t everything on the table. There’s tons of fun stuff you can find on Geeky Sex Toys. Want Thor’s Hammer? They’ve got that. What about a Deadpool ball gag? They’ve got that, too. There’s a wide selection of dildos, vibrators, BDSM gear and more. There’s also Fleshlight-style sleeves for males as well.


Check Out Geeky Sex Toys

To see everything available, check out Geeky Sex Toys and fulfill your nerd fantasies! Browsing the site is easy. You can browse by genres like Si-Fi, fantasy, super hero, ect. You can also browse by dildos, vibrators, BDSM gear, anal toys and swords. Yes, they’ve got an entire section just for swords. So stop by Geeky Sex Toys and see everything that they’ve got to offer!

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