Money Making Games for Fan Clubs likeJustForFans, and LoyalFans!

Make More Money on Onlyfans, JustForFans, LoyalFans, and more by playing games with your fans!

Playing games with your fans can help encourage interaction on your fan club posts and help improve your relationship with your fans while helping improve your profits on the fan club platform of your choice! These games can be played on most fan club platforms:

Spot the difference

Take 2 pictures of yourself in the same place. Change a few things in the second photo like the color of your lipstick, a pillow removed, hair, etc. The goal of the game is to spot the difference in each of the photos.

Treasure Hunt

Send your fans on a virtual treasure hunt. Do the research, document site URLS from google searches, images in google search, and various other hunts like items on your wishlist, content on your site.


Create a word search with words you select.

Picture Puzzle

Turn your photos into a puzzle.

Word Scramble

Take one word and scramble it. Each fan has to DM you as many words as they can find in the scramble. As a bonus, pick a word from the entire list of words as the BONUS word and offer a special prize for picking that word.

Guess the sound or object

You film a video with various ASMR sounds such as kissing, licking your lips, playing with yourself, scratching your skin, putting your finger in an orange, or whatever sounds you want to make. DO IT BEHIND A BLACK CURTAIN or where they are unable to see what you are holding or doing. Have them guess the sound(s) and/or the object you are touching/using.

Red Light/Green Light

This can be done where the fan(s) can buy ACCESS to be in control or you can be in control of your fan. This is a game better played during fan clubs LIVE or on cams.

The person in control will say Green Light when they want you to touch yourself/or you commanding them to touch themselves. Then they will begin with green light and then say red light, the person touching must stop. The idea is to get the person touching stimulated and as they begin to enjoy masturbating have them stop. This is the edging game that will have them begging to cum!

Emoji Decoding

You create messages with emojis and have your fans guess what your message is. You can have them do the same thing and guess yourself or even have them guess eachother’s!

2 Truths and a Lie

You share 2 truths and 1 lie. Your fans have to guess which ones are the lies!

Guess that Song

You film yourself or go live and lip sync a song without having any music playing. Your fans have to read your lips and guess the song you are singing. A great way to step it up is to have them video them singing the song! It’s actually super cute and a fun way to stay interactive if they are willing.

Draw This

This can be done via video or live. You draw an object on an iPad or wipe off board or even a piece of paper. Your fans have to guess what the item is that you are drawing.


You put down lines for the letters of a certain word or phrase. Your fans have to guess the letters of the word or phrase.


Create a crossword puzzle with words associated with whatever you wish to give hints to. Your fans guess the words based on the hints provided and the letter spaces in the puzzle.


You can do this via video or LIVE. You perform an action that represents an item, object, or name. Your fans have to guess what you are trying to show them without using words.

Mad Libs

Create a story with mad libs, leaving certain spaces available for your fans to fill in. You can elect to reward simply for playing. I usually sell these and reward all who play.
Here’s a template you can use:

Crush’s name:
Favorite room in the house:
Plural noun:
Body part:
Piece of furniture:
Time (i.e. noon, 1:30 PM, 10:56 AM, 9:15 PM):
Plural body parts:
Name of musician:
Brand of shoes, plural (i.e. Nikes, Manolo Blahniks, Timberlands, etc):

Finished? Great! Now take these words and fill in the blanks!

You were suddenly feeling frisky so you asked _______ (1. Crush’s name) if he wanted to _______ (2. Verb) in the _______ (3. Favorite room in the house) with you. Normally, you use this room to store your vast collection of _______ (4. Plural noun), but this time you felt like switching things up.

You just knew he was ready to go when he propped his _______ (5. Body part) up on the _______ (6. Piece of furniture) and gave you his _______ (7. Adjective) bedroom eyes.

After _______ (8. Adverb) going at it for _______ (9. Number) minutes, you both climaxed at the exact same time: _______ (10. Time). But then you looked deep into each other’s _______ (11. Plural body parts) and knew exactly what the other one wanted: one more round. You put on _______’s (12. Name of musician) greatest hits, lit a few _______ (13. Food)-scented candles and knocked _______ (14. Brand of shoes, plural) for _______ (15. Number) more hours!

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