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FlirtSMS: Sexting Services On Flirt4Free

Popular camming site Flirt4Free has announced FlirtSMS. A new sexting service built into the Flirt4Free platform. This new feature provides a quick, easy, and 100% secure way to flirt with any customer from anywhere and at any time. Flirt4Free has always offered phone sex through Flirt Phone, but that was only talking. Now Flirt4Free PSOs can make money from both talking and texting.


Project Being Rolled Out To Eligible Models Only

Flirt4Free will be rolling out this new feature gradually, so not all models will be eligible to sign up for FlirtSMS from the get-go. However, as they beta-test and identify any potential issues, the number of eligible models will increase and eventually it’ll be available for all Flirt4Free broadcasters.


Getting Started With FlirtSMS

Setting up FlirtSMS is quick and easy. All you need is a mobile phone. Note that this service is 100% secure. All text numbers are provided by Flirt4Free. Customers will never see your actual mobile phone number.

To set up this service, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the “Ways to Make Money” tab in the left-hand sidebar of your admin page
  • Click Flirt SMS
  • Select the check box to opt in
  • Choose your default per-text credit rate
  • Click “Submit Request”

Shortly after submitting your request, The Broadcasting Support team will email you with a unique username and password, and instructions for downloading the SMSCams app on to your mobile device.

Download the free SMSCams App, enter your username and password, and you’re ready to go


How Does FlirtSMS Work?

Once the Flirt SMS feature is active, customers can request to communicate with you through your bio page, or from a button added to the chat interface while visiting your room. They can send as many messages as they want, providing they have enough credits in their wallet to cover their pre-set cost. You will receive a percentage of the per-text charge based on your current commission structure.


Text Messages Are Encrypted

Texts will be transmitted to your mobile device via a secure U.S. number assigned to your account. Customers will never see your actual mobile phone number. While you can promote this feature to your fans, customers will not be able to access this service through another means, such as social media or fan club pages. Only incoming texts verified through Flirt4Free will be paid out. You will have the ability to accept or reject texts based on your availability.


New: Send Video Files through The App

With the latest version of the FlirtSMS app, broadcasters are now able to send video files to customers, directly through the mobile app. If you can’t access this feature, make sure you update to the latest app version.


What Does Flirt SMS Cost?

When you opt-in to FlirtSMS, you will be charged fifty (50) credits per month for the U.S. line assigned to your account
This fee is payable by the model and will be deducted from your account at the end of each calendar month

  • Customers will pay the dedicated per-text cost you have assigned them, which can range from 10 to 200 credits
  • Customers without an assigned per-text cost will pay the default per-text cost you have selected
  • A 3-credit service fee per text will be deducted from the customer’s per-text payment to cover operating costs (ie: if your per-text cost is 10 credits, you will see the transaction as 7 credits)
  • There is no charge when you reply to their texts, but you are limited to 1 response per incoming message


Signup For Flirt4Free and Start Sexting Today!

Interested in becoming a Flirt4Free model? You can either signup here or learn more about Flirt4Free by checking out the link below. Flirt4Free is a popular camming site with tons of great features. In addition to camming, also make money from VOD video sales, talking and with the new FlirtSMS app, sexting as well.

Learn More: Getting Started As A Flirt4Free Broadcaster

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