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Webmasters: Promote The Flirt4Free Affiliate Program

Flirt4Free is a popular camming site. Webmasters are able to make money promoting the camming site through the Flirt4Free affiliate program. The affiliate program offers a revshare, PPS, PPL and CPA. Plus tons of promotional tools, including a whitelabeled site builder. In addition to the customer referral, there’s a model referral as well. Here’s all the details.


Commission Programs: Revshare, PPS, PPL & CPA

The Flirt4Free affiliate program offers a wide range of different commission-structures. Here’s a breakdown of the different commissions-structures that the program offers:

Revshare – A reshare is when the affiliate gets a percentage of all spending from new customers referred to the network. The Flirt4Free affiliate program features a lifetime revshare. This means that webmasters will receive a percentage of the spendings for as long as the referral is part of the camming site.

Pay-Per-Signup (PPS) – Pay-Per-Signup (PPS) is where a commission is awarded after a referred customer makes their first purchase.

Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) – Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) is where the affiliate is awarded a very small commission on every free signup that they refer.

Cost-Per-Action (CPA) – A CPA program is where the commission is awarded after a specific action is performed. In this case, when a new customer submits credit card information.


Payout Information: Min Payouts and Cashout Methods

Flirt4Free payouts are made on a monthly basis. Affiliates receive payouts on the 15th of every month. The minimum payout is $100. The cashout methods and associated fees are listed below:

  • Checks via mail: Domestic – Free; International – Free
  • Checks via Fedex: Domestic – $50; International – $100
  • Firstchoice Pay: Domestic – $5; International – $5
  • Paxum: Domestic – $5; International – $5
  • Wire Transfer: $35


Promotional Tools Available For Affiliates

Flirt4Free offers a wide range of promotional ad types for affiliates. Here is the different promotional material available for affiliates:


A wide range of promotional banners to use to promote the program. Choose between different genders, finish-sizes and file types.

Text Links

Links send surfers to a landing page showing the type of performers you specify. The models on the page are automatically sorted to put the best converting performers above the fold.

Live Video Ads

When the ad loads it chooses one of our best live streams and shows the video for 30 seconds. All clicks on the video go directly to the performer’s live chat room! They are loaded on your page with a single line of JavaScript.


Use this tool below to create a single line of JavaScript you can place on your pages to generate a pop-under whenever the user clicks on your page. Pop unders are a popular way to drive traffic; especially from your free sites!

Instant Messaging Ads

Instant message popup ad that appears at the bottom of the screen letting the user know there’s a message from a model. Users will be directed straight into the models room that popped up!


iFrame ads display real time model head shots, can display specific categories and can be built around your brand and needs. With this tool, customers land directly on the model of their choice, increasing conversions and your ROI


Flirt4Free Whitelabeled Site Builder

Flirt4Free offers a widelabeled site-builder for affiliates. This allows webmasters to rebrand the camming site as their own. The webmasters earn a percentage of all revenue generated from the whitelabeled version of the site.

Flirt4Free Whitelabel

Use your own custom domain name, choose which genders get featured on the site and control the entire look and feel of the camming site. Flirt4Free handles all the technical aspects of running the site. Webmasters simply have to drive traffic and sales.


Flirt4Free Webcam Model Referral Program

Flirt4Free also offers a webcam model referral program. If you’ve got model traffic, this is a great new revenue stream. Flirt4Free will pay $100 for each qualified model referral. Here are the details / requirements in order to receive a commission:

  • 50,000 credits within six months of referral date.
  • After six months records will be marked as “Expired”
  • Only for individual performers, not studio referrals
  • No bounty paid for applicants from Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Philippines or Colombia

Learn More: Flirt4Free Webcam Model Referral Program


Signup For The Flirt4Free Affiliate Program

Ready to get started with the Flirt4Free affiliate program? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy, and you can get started in no time. Flirt4Free gives affiliates all the tools they need to succeed. Promote a number of different programs, such as the revshare, PPS and PPL. Plus, create your own rebranded camming site with the whitelabeled site builder.


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