Flirt Phone: Offering Phone Sex Services On Flirt4Free

Flirt Phone

Flirt Phone: Make Money As A Flirt4Free PSO

Popular camming site Flirt4Free also allowed models to make money from phone sex through their Flirt Phone platform. Flirt Phone is completely encrypted,  meaning you can use your normal cell phone and the customers will never see your real phone number. Models that have Flirt Phone enabled will have a Call Me button added to their profile, making it easy for customers to see that they offer phone sex services. Here’s all the details on Flirt Phone.


Main Flirt Phone Features

  • 100% private and secure – customers will NEVER see the model’s actual number
  • Charge anywhere from 10CPM to 40CPM.
  • Calls can accepted or declined – it’s always up to the model if they’re available.
  • The model’s Call Button will be available on bio, in room and private shows.
  • Models can have a public extension available to anyone.
  • Models can also create private extensions for specific customers.
  • Extensions can be activated or deactivated at anytime.
  • The phone number the model enters to receive calls at can be changed at anytime.
  • Credits spent on FlirtPhone will show in stats just like tips etc.


How To Get Started With Flirt Phone

Once your Flirt Phone account is set up, customers will be able to call you by finding the Call Button on your Bio/Profile, Chat Room, and in Private Shows. Models can utilize Flirt Phone while they are online or offline at any time. Credits work the same way as they do for private shows and will appear in your stats the way Tips/Gifts do.

You can customize your pay by minute rate for each of your customers. Currently, you can have it anywhere between 10 CPM (credits per minute) to 500 CPM.

To set up your Flirt Phone account, you will have to enter your personal phone number. You will be given a primary extension, which is displayed publicly after a customer chooses to click on the Flirt Phone: Call Me Now button. Your primary extension number will be displayed, as long as your primary extension is active.

To avoid confusion, it’s recommend that models save each of their customer’s extension numbers in their phone contacts. This way, when a customer calls, models will know who is calling instead of a general number displaying.


Flirt Phone Is Calling Only (Texting Not Supported)

Currently, Flirt Phone is calling only. Flirt4Free models aren’t able to get paid from texting. If you’re interested in making money from texting, check out our phone sex directory. The directory lists the various PSO networks, and indicates which ones support texting, calling or both.


Signup As A Flirt4Free Model

Ready to get started with Flirt4Free? You can register here or see all the network’s features by checking out the link below. Flirt4Free is primarily a camming site. Anyone (regardless of gender) can make money as a webcam model. In addition to camming, models can also make money from VOD, fanclubs and the phone sex platform we covered in this article.

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