Sugar Dating 101: Finding A Sugar Daddy and Asking The Right Questions by Alice Snow

Alice Snow

Now It’s Time To Get Started With Sugar Dating

So now that you are ready to take the dive into the world of sugar dating, let’s get started. You have probably done a bunch of research and have a confusing amount of information swimming around on the computer screen in front of you. This quick guide will give you a simple place to start, and how to jump right into finding a sugar daddy that is right for you. The first part of finding an arrangement is first finding interested daddies.


Where To Find A Sugar Date

With the advent of online dating, finding a man interested in talking to you is as easy as making a profile, uploading a few pictures, and just waiting for the messages to roll in. Getting a perspective daddy to message you can be just as simple. I personally am a fan of SeekingArrangement. Operating just like a dating site, you are able to setup your profile and possible daddies get to find you and message if you catch their eye. Knowing where to find a sugar date maybe the starting point you were looking for, it is definitely not the last step.


Don’t Give Up If You Don’t Find A Good Daddy Right Away

Becoming a sugar baby can be a ton of fun, and I personally have met some great sugar daddies over the years. I have also met several grade-A jerks, both in person and online while looking for new daddies. This brings about the first lesson in sugar dating. Don’t give up! Just like wading through your Tinder inbox you will be bombarded with various messages of all sorts, do not let these deter you. Your new daddy is out there and waiting for you. Once you find the daddy that has caught your eye, you have find out if he truly fits your needs in an arrangement.


Find Common Ground With Potential Sugar Daddies

The first couple of messages from a possible daddy are oftentimes used to get to know each other a bit. This is the time you would use to find some common ground and interests. If you and him actually get along and are able to have conversations about things that mutually interest both of you, you will have a far more successful relationship. My current daddy and I both share a love of horror novels, as well as common tastes in music. This has led to many encounters where we just sat and talked about books, and music. Finding that common thing you both enjoy will definitely go a long way to deciding if this relationship would be right.


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask The Hard Questions

Once you have started talking to a potential sugar date, you have to be ready to ask real questions. Sometimes this conversation takes place over coffee or online via messages on a site like SeekingArrangement. The initial conversations are usually pretty light hearted, and are oftentimes just getting to know each other a little bit. Once the pleasantries are exchanged you both are very aware of why you are talking, and what the end goal is, the real conversations start happening. It’s time to discuss expectations and allowance. Don’t be afraid to ask your possible sugar date serious questions.


Some Questions To Ask Potential Sugar Daddies:

  • Why do you want a sugarbaby opposed to a girlfriend?
  • Have you ever had a sugar baby before?
  • If so how long did it last? What ended it?
  • Would you want to be exclusive? As in date only him.
  • What do you expect from me as a sugar baby?
  • How often would you prefer to spend time together?


All of these questions will influence your allowance, as well as help you decide if this daddy is going to fit what you need out of this relationship.


Know Your Limits

Once you have established what the possible sugar date is looking for; both arrangement wise, and personality wise you have a decision to make. Can you live up to those expectations, and can he live up to yours? Do you have the time to see him as often as he wants? Are you okay with his budget for an allowance? Are you okay with being exclusive or not being exclusive based on what he is looking for? If all these desires fit within yours then this daddy may work for you.


Read The Full Guide On Getting Started With Sugar Dating


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